Holocaust, Illustrated

     At Tacoma Community College we were recently shown a film about North Korea in which the reporters visiting asked a typical family if their Dear Leader could do anything wrong?  They seemed to not understand the question and it was said that there seemed to be no place in their language for reckoning with such a concept.   We live in the digital age when many new things are happening that we never knew were possible before and have had to take cognizance of new types of crime.  New type in fact was the Japanese term for atom bombs at first assessment.   Many authorities are intelligent, learned and well-meaning people.   Accordingly, when they are unable to grasp what I say in exhibiting the nerve injury in my face from a military agent that gravely wounded my life as a child, they seem to have difficulty hearing when clearly spoken to, and there is this blank look, a sort of comprehension problem when the words manage to penetrate.   This serves ironically and appropriately for an emblem about the fact that I also asked to be excused from a request that I take Honors Leadership at my old school in Pittsburgh and matriculated to TCC where I enrolled in a Diversity Seminar series trying to find the words to explain to my old school why I left.  At the session today all the specific areas of critique I feel are needed came up again and I was faced again with the same old problem as before.  I don’t know how to explain something both self-evident and incomprehensible to someone else.

      Whether you take Ptolemy’s attempts to allow for an earth-centered universe and the Ptolemaic attempts to explain discrepancies revised entirely by the Copernican Revolution or something like The Berlin Wall as a comparison, you have the same idea, that something is barring comprehension and a revision is needed to address it.  One thing I am sure of, and I know the causes, is that Black leadership has positioned themselves to make critique of what they have done inadmissible, the first words of my experience are met like terrible schreeching of chalk upon the blackboard and this is understandable in the sense that they were faced with very special expectations in an inescapable situation and offered all the answers, which they understood perfectly well, in return they ignored that it was prescribed, that it was a set-up, and their answer to this quandary has been to say that unless you were in their shoes you will never understand.  As a result of being faced with the partnership of Arthur Ashe and Victor Frankl in Pittsburgh I bowed out and here it comes again in Tacoma.

       I worked at a Medical Library in 1984.  I am absolutely certain of my research.  I also corresponded with Martha Gellhorn, a famous reporter who has been faulted for refusal to allow for under concern about Palestinian rights any review of Israeli behavior.   She witnessed the liberation of Dachau and would not allow appeal when it came to Jews, for her they could do as they pleased.  In America, there is for some an idea of what they call a historic Black-Jewish Alliance, and this sounds very romantic, support for civil rights advances and recognition of minorities, what gets left out, which is equally real, is that they beat up Puerto Ricans together in the days of Mayor LaGuardia and the Harlem Riots, where quite rightly custom asks us to see them as victims, which frequently they were.   Does that excuse the belligerent aspects?   Not for everyone.  Further nothing can possibly excuse what the Reagan Administration did.

      In other words in order to represent the historic research that I conducted after resigning as a Medical Library Clerk to see what Reagan was really doing from below, I have to expose the manner in which holocaust survivors thought through the grave complexities of the condition that was being planned to wound the human spirit which was written down by them in a script that came as a Reagan plan.   Authority is what authority is.  I returned to school in the first place, and made Honors, because no one would listen to me as a homeless victim of violent crime.  When I review Arthur Ashe I am perfectly aware that he was civilized about his inescapable condition, but ironically it is exactly at my information that magnanimity is jettisoned.  I am also told that if I don’t have AIDS I will never understand and the answer to the idea of being a white manchild who was crippled in the attack is their final solution to the dispute, if you want to be heard they say, then die.  Many people at my old school have conceded that weird punishment is in evidence depicted as special and ruthless hazing for a cause, but they refused to address the evidence that the punishment is really for talking out loud and early in attempts to warn that the teachers are behind the plague, and that the hazing is a disguise open to much more severe analysis.

     Seattle Community College banned me.  Community College of Allegheny County admitted their concern about what happened, noting with sorrow my long disappearance into homelessness about which they heard scary things.   I came to Tacoma Community College because I felt that CCAC was, in offering me a course in Honors Leadership, actually asking me to forfeit in return for honors.  Obviously I cannot do that.  Whether the NAACP like it or not, I understand what happened.

Epic Poem

     Everybody, I mean ... everybody ... knows that I was suspiciously framed; so, this poem isn't about that; instead this is about how everyone also went about conning themselves into believing it was still safe to assume that those who were doing the frame up were not the original perpetrators of the offense that everyone knows I was being accused of and this accusation took the form of admitting about me the fact of my having known nothing about it.  The frame up, in other words, took the form of saying that the Secret Service had the right to frame me suspiciously for absurd crimes as a way of punishing me for knowing nothing about what they were punishing me for, saying only that I could have known, known what?  Never allowing those who watched to admit they may have been the authors of what I knew nothing about.  The murderers, in other words, have jurisdiction.  To weasel out of this, they claim it was all a joke, or better that they were just humoring Adolf Hitler by allowing him to have his way, therefore they are not to blame, only I am, who knew nothing about it, and the message is:  we are all Adolf Hitler.   It is about what I consider any honest person would admit was a very unsafe assumption.  I will mention that you have all made this very unsafe, scary and sad mistake because of how high the stakes are.  You would rather bet all and be wrong and lose everything that way than take a chance on addressing the obviously very serious problem in how this works.

       Due to a foible in my squarespace blog this is mis-dated May 2, 2017.  The actual date is August 1, 2017


     What would you call an album that was intended to de-fraud the United States, secure High Apology to Tojo ronin for the victory at sea, reverse our fortunes internationally and from the disaster bring the claw of British dominion back?  Double Fantasy.  By this terrible crime, foreign English used slander to erase the AIDS attack from our history books entirely.

Boxed into an Inferno

     A few days ago this week an attractive, unique teenage white girl in my area, with the smile of irony that brings sagacity to a crippled world, was boxed into an inferno and died an unacceptable death.  On that day a sympathetic feeling black girl with a crescent on the back of her hat came into the clubhouse of Mercy, probably in perfect innocence.  What made this juxtaposition interesting was that a man in the sort of chat that suffers Occupy by Amanda Harcourt media brought it up without prompting as a consideration for arson.   The subject of Tupac Shakur had been bandied a great deal in the lead up to this pigskin formation.  The issues aren't related is the first thing you will insist, it's a racist and paranoid message to even give them shape.  Instinctively I will agree with you, but for reasons that will be clear I decided not to shut them out.  Our Commonwealth cannot even try to stop something that we don't understand, especially when left to those who do understand and couldn't care less.  She was a twang bar princess, offered up it would seem for the Papal infallibility of the twang bar association and their syphilitic king.  What matters isn't that they were unrelated or if they were, although I shall go into that, but only that having gone into it, she will be adopted as if they were related, and I will explain why.
       The reason police couldn't care less is that if this ironic girl with her appearance of having braces died as a symbol it is a symbol they hate, the symbol of a child beloved to a man who was a Peace Corps leader, a devil communist to the likes of Donald Trump.  We sympathized, they cream, until we found out why others do.  They allowed Amanda Harcourt by astral conveyance to scream to a hate filled world full of ravenous beatlemaniacs that on the day such a one's County white boy muse is slain then Lennon will be gratified and there will be, ye all who live promised by Sir McCartney, no end of world peace, amen, then fuming she restores to the witch's mirror, asking her Governors, well, then?  Well, then?   Harcourt knows how to box someone in to an inferno.  She leers with delight at reports of how I was tortured and battered brutally for cudda saved John Lennon while he was still by all accounts alive, and by this method, she croons the assassins are redeemed.  So we have covered couldn't care less, let's move on to the relatedness, and the reason adoption is inevitable.  
        Discrediting me is no mean trick, despite exhausting waves of evidence that I am being used as a political war toy.  I went from believing John Lennon died to the difficult conclusion that he faked his own death as part of a just war theory brought to Pitt by James W. Child for Reagan during the AIDS attack, a crime endorsed and enforced by King Crimson in defence of the Iran-Contra tripartite of secret military religious powers:  Iran, Israel and the CIA.  Before you shudder and shut me off for mentioning them, accept an analogy,  People in schools regard mention of the CIA the way they might regard a light switch that superstitutiously they fear touching out of the horror that they might get shocked.  Indeed sparks fly at the mere mention of the light switch, despite being central to the building's illumination, they prefer to grope in darkness, and demand the same of you.  To mention them is proof of diagnosis, nuf sed.  Hysteria explodes to have this contested.  Kowtow.  Smirking and snorting and strutting their position in the hierarchy, we bumble along, laughing at the disgrace of anyone who questions, a natural order at the slaughterhouse.
        In a big abstract way, forgetting that your thoughts can be retrieved by microsoft, or read in the delicate play of ciphers in your face, you muse, perhaps good Paul of the Fab Four simply faked John Lennon's sympathies to get in good with Reagan, to protect me, you will cry softly, little old you.  So soft, so tender, so beloved to Mr. McCartney's machine of cooing and silly jingles.  Forgetting as you dream that the first shot to John Fitzgerald Kennedy was to his voice box.  Forgetting that the assassins of the script implanted a talking coma, say what you think we are saying little Jimmy, into the parrot of Ow.  Then they named me the Navigator.  Do you understand what that means?  A toy for Bush and Harcourt to steer by, a magic trust of Reagan and Ringo.  It no longer matters what the truth is.  A woman named Ferguson gave me her new cell phone in my Understanding Violence class just before the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson.  They poisoned my stomach and put two packs and a pack of gunsmoke in my mailbox before and after shooting Tupac.  It doesn't matter what I think or what I say, it is that I have commented, therefore it will be used to Navigate.  They've already decided.  Dr. Proctor fears for the children in his family.  Sometimes an invocation of dread before these forces can protect.  I sincerely hope so.
       By what logical feat of syphilis was the twang bar princess guilty, guilty, guilty in a County where it has been proclaimed that no one is innocent?  She killed Tupac!   Actually there is something to the problem presented by this pigskin formation.  James Green is black and associated with local undercover police for Major League Sports, and Pussyball is the most Major League Sport of all.  British labor has worked a tribune of hostility between the races to keep people believing that race war is in operation.  Black heavy hitters like Nelson Harrison full knowing that the AIDS attackers are an Ark, the Green Party, a survivalist rainbow abolishing the United States, keep silent and promote a doctrine of compensatory coding, allowing the Green Party to whack Tupac, box a girl appearing as if to have braces into an inferno, help Neva Corporation capture Jimmy with the symbols of X-termination that opponents from Oppo-World deem good, of sound mind, raping deaf Jeannie, slashering Shannon, hala lala la 'Llah for Richard Starkey, because it keeps the mirror spinning, look at yourself!
       The Fourth Estate hisses of trust in the fifth element of love while pulling a Fourth reich attack on the traitorous Fifth Amendment. Slyly they use lampoon to mask premeditation.  21, Roberto's number, now symbolizes that the 2nd Amendment Trumps the 1st Amendment.  The nature of reality is your inner censor.  
      Aaron Dixon, Amanda Harcourt, Obama and the white power of SWAPO behind these hirelings do not betray and attack strong whites of the sort who brag openly of the stage play from this drama school out in Westmoreland County.  They attack the weak whites.  They forge a hammer between Wilma Coon at CCAC and her prying letters about Rosa to the Unidentified Registered Nurse at Harborview who force fed me atenolol, the great syphilitic harmony of the Bush choir and their exquisite magic, underwritten by sacred trust in Louis Farrakhan, whose sin of omission in the AIDS attack is a mighty barrier that you, the deaf suck boring cudda hadir, must trust for the soothsay of Crimson Isis.
      It is now a State Secret that in 1979 I hitchhiked to St. Louis just to hear this twisted coward play his simpering guitar.  His sister Patricia hit it off with Durrenmatt Mark Us and all has been artful for the British pedophiles on high, saying Abdul and living thusly.

Two Virgins

      This site is mostly visual information, found in the chapters named Crimopolis, Raw Materials, and other galleries of the show Hollywood put on with Axis Cinema for control of the AIDS attack. It is meant as an elementary research tool for those who have the courage to understand the AIDS attack. There is also a script planted on my house when I was battered into a semi-coma, with a neuroplastic head injury authorities inflicted to make me pliable and to give me appearance that would be used to discredit me, while they lied about what they had done and misrepresented the injury, largely for media production purposes.  The AIDS criminals are in the process of securing cinema rights by holding me hostage to a persona as identity crime, by which they orchestrated home invasion.

      New York City media worked in a home invasion operation with members of Pittsburgh gangs who tortured me into terrible condition who have Seattle back-up, being promised spoils by a script written by Lennon's associates who then faked his own death.  I don't believe the diagnosis of schizophrenia given by the authorities who tortured me.  This crime by the US Government has gone on many years.  It reached a frenzy during the lead up to 911 when the Obama/Clinton government were working with Midori Goto on this revenge plan.  The material evidence in this site shows that this was a long planned semiotic meant for total war victory.

        Two Virgins Pussyball was clocked to the AIDS attack.  It was a military entertainment package by the AIDS attackers rigged by the British and Geffen Corporation in which I play the role of sacrificial victim to amuse Queer Seattle.  The idea originated with Lennon who has an album called Two Virgins.  It was a Shinto War Game to avenge the victory by America in World War Two on behalf of the fascists.  Lennon forced drugs onto the peace movement to make us into lemmings to slam into the AIDS attack wall and then accept his spiritual leadership, an alliance of Colin Powell (of the My Lai Massacre) with King Crimson at the Dakota, for whom this museum mafia have murdered as shown in this report.

         I don't believe that schizophrenia can explain this huge government sponsored human trafficking organization.  Nor is there any reason for the horrible violence and depraved, inhuman sadism exhibited towards me by Yoko Ono.  Instead, I symbolized America's Victory at Sea, and so they used me, a little boy from the fleet who used the atom bomb called "Little Boy" for the dirty war AIDS attack code named "Little Girl".

        Police, the Bar Association and a child molester syndicate owned by The Beatles brutally impacted a coma into which I was held in terror and semi-conscious while forcing me through this terror and hostage to conform to minimal delinquencies in return for my life.  My closest family forbid me to call the police or seek help even when a neighbor found me in the snow by following a trail of blood that led to me holding a gaping wound in my mouth, in my pajamas, that caused him to take me to the hospital where I received fourteen stitches.

        The murderers, conceptualizing themselves as a secret union continue to advocate for the child molester who inflicted the wound.   Additional material evidence and digest can be sought by contacting me, Mac Crary at james.m.crary@gmail.com or by writing to me at home:  3 St. Johns Place. #1, Pittsburgh, PA 15201.

The Interview

      This Interview was conducted by myself at the request of John Pesa who told me that he felt I understood the questions involved in this situation better than he did (at the time he made the request in response to answers I gave him to questions he had asked me).   I sincerely believe that Mr. Pesa understands the situation more than nearly anyone else I have talked to.  I have tremendous respect for him, and his time-consuming labors trying to make information available to concerned readers.  We live in a country in terrible shape as far as mainstream access for important information and also as far as reading habits are concerned.  I can do absolutely nothing to remedy the despair a reader may feel being faced with divulgences that are hard for them to accept knowing that these letters have no power to change anything.

Interview:  You are considered a notorious paranoid schizophrenic by many people in positions of Authority for writing and publishing that AIDS was an attack, an allegation you made when it first appeared and you were a Medical Library clerk, which was also addressed by Martha Gellhorn in a private letter to you in 1991.  Are you a paranoid schizophrenic?

Mac:  I'd like to sidestep that question because there are too many missing factors in the way you formulated this.  AIDS was an attack and I can prove it very easily having risked my life and suffered severe injury, much of it permanent and internal, in frightening down and dirty research and investigation.  The perpetrators are at large and being given cover fire by The New York Times, a primary player in the atrocity, authors of a generation of fake news to cover for it, but AIDS, as an attack, isn't the only issue.  In addition to AIDS they created a firestorm of cover operations to give the appearance of staging revenge attacks on behalf of the victims, a shrewd and ugly bit of trickery, acceptance of which Seattle's Green Party is to blame, a Veteran's Administration political network uploaded in tandem with the attack.  Further, the assassins were an organized crime cartel within the Federal system who shot JFK and King.  They did not shoot Lennon and Reagan.  That was Fake News.

Interview:  Martha Gellhorn, who saw the liberation of Dachau and covered war for fifty years as a journalist who lived on the field of battle as a very charmed life, said, among other things, "you can't mean that."  Yet you obviously do.  Why in the world would anyone do this?

Mac:  When Hitler's troops took naked people, shot them, and pushed them half-dead into a pit of worms then bulldozed dirt over them, he gave birth to a generation of Jews, just as gleamy eyed as he was, who have deeply contemplated God beyond horror.  During the Red Scare, from Reagan's Hollywood, these individuals joined up with reconstituted fascism behind the scenes of the American Empire, gained control of powerful newspapers and museums, shot American liberalism to hell by hails of public gunfire, and wrote a disturbing script that is now the screenplay of our reality.  That fact is hard enough to accept without trying to answer why.

Interview:  How could they get away with this in broad daylight?

Mac:  They did it with the British.  The British made a copyright claim that privatized classified information, swiveling in to secure the right to broadcast fraudulent information for profit on behalf of the assassins, an act as loathsome as the pharmaceutical companies who were primed and ready to make lots of cash on various experimental treatments.  Through this trickery the British gave our Fourth Estate their excuse to be silent, as well as evil, about the whole thing, while letting the Invisible Empire, a planet-wide highly mobile squad of trillionaires, clean us out while pretending our silliness about courts and fair play held water.

Interview:  Where is this script and material evidence?

Mac:  I have made what I could preserve of it while under attack, which is the necessary and sufficient material, available online in places like http://storychecksout.org Very few people are psychologically prepared to allow themselves to comprehend what is obvious from the letters.  For law-abiding people to fear Authority that much is mind slavery, and this thinking impediment is very widespread and very real.

Interview:  Why didn't the American Civil Rights Movement old guard speak out?

Mac:  Black people, once slaves, were offered, among other things, the post of Imperial Wizard in return for their silence.  One of the sickening jests of this Gangster Federal is that torture became commonplace and acceptable in the USA under the big trophy of the Movement:  the era of Obama.  Blacks gleefully enriched themselves, making all sorts of self-righteous claims, tolerating and acting spitefully about a truly gloomy atrocity.  The black community coddled the assassins, and one of the reasons is that the pimping cartels of pornography were in the Army of the attacker group, they have hookers, and spoils, not all of them are garbage bag girls.  They have trophy horse spoils.  Women are weapons these days.

Interview:  I understand that attempts you made to get help severely backfired.

Mac:  Tactically, the success of Yoko Ono, whose corporate partners wrote the script, Elizabeth Taylor, who worked with Reagan and Elton John bringing Seattle Queers into line, and Nancy Reagan, who had all these creepy alliances like Robert Fripp and George Takei gunning for the blackout, slandered me with a terrifying and immense squall whipped up by a little gang of sickos and sadists in Pittsburgh operating out of WQED-TV and Carnegie Mellon.  It was a School Lynch Program.  They set on my name so effectively and intimately as far as invasion of privacy that Obama left a sticker at my former place of employment reading:  The Joke's on You.  Not a very responsible attitude about mass murder.

Interview:  There are stories within stories.

Mac:  That's right.  Britain and Israel came up with a real dance macabre.  They used me for an injection threat sacrifice in narrative extrusion.   For example, They impacted a neuroplastic head trauma and then claimed that the seizures they induced were REM evidence of withholding incriminating information, for which they poisoned me in the heart and stomach, raped my deaf advocate, slashered a woman and so on.  No contradiction was effective.  If I pointed out that Police ruffians showed me a picture of Ronnie Z. when arresting me on a Trumped up armed robbery charge, they claimed it was me in the picture, and when I gave this testimony, my tormentors responded, well if you didn't commit armed robbery tell us something you did do.  If I told them I had hidden in the top shelf of our towel closet in shattering play dead terror as a pre-pubescent child behind subject to near lethal beatings and kidnapping torture of the chloroform genre.  In answer they lisp that I blinked.

Interview:   Where were the Police?

Mac:  The Queers worked it out with Police through the V.A. and Green Party to claim that I was framing Authority and that I should be held to AIDS injection as a hemlock for philosophical proof that I am not lying.  I don't understand why the school system in Pittsburgh allowed for this to be done, which is was done very openly.  Crooked money like Yoko Ono seems to hold them in such thrall they'd do anything for it. To underscore this process, the U.S. Government had Shannon Harps ripper murdered outside the clubhouse where I was promised asylum, an empty promise, as all such promises are when made by American Authority.

Interview:  John Pesa believes deeply in democratic processes.

Mac:  I live by them, but not with the same faith he does.  I live by them because I like the fact that the First Amendment trumps the Second Amendment.  I'm an unarmed, non-violent man to the very limit of my power.

Had to Move to Avoid Peabody High School


           Deaf and neurotrauma from child mutilation, used in lifelong vivisection serial crime.  Honors student in college.  Severely traumatized.  Kidnappings, slander and home invasion.  Deadly threats.  Rape of deaf advocate reprisal for seeking help.  Abuse by authorities.  Brutal beatings, seizures, formerly homeless for years.  Media slander in mass publications by Peter Gabriel directed to intimidate all thought of rescue.  Slasher murder in Seattle in warning by cult.

       New York media wired up a war game of home invasion based on the idea that they have a right to counter-attack the self-definition of a victim of serial mutilation held answerable to any lie dreamed up during their advocacy for assassins.   These are the politics of fallacy.

      The epi-center of the AIDS attack was so close to me that the perpetrators effectively masqueraded (with police covering for the holes in their story) as rivals on campus.  Nevermind what they did to a hostage and traumatized child, in other words, to advance their sexual mystique as the scent of preference.  The narrative of what really happened has been for dead souls, and I don’t mean victims of the attack who went to the party full-knowing, but the sort of stooges on the sidelines of life, ready to commit suicide anyway, goblins here and there who like me, but who are not sure if it makes sense to them because they are sick, or doesn’t make sense to anyone else because society is sick.  The victims of the attack amounted to nothing more than the hollow demise of applause machine lemmings who followed the music and found as they fell over the cliff there was no piper, only a laughing box.  As you would expect lies vomited from syndicated media.   The perpetrators rubbed it in our faces, then said they didn’t.  They claimed they had only done this to me, and nobody cared.  The fact that they didn’t give me AIDS as planned worked.  It got the victims behind the people behind the attack.  In fact, the assassins were counting on it not working out entirely, which proved cost effective.

        In the early era of psychedelic rock music (a vanguard who developed into the last gasp of the 60’s so-called Youth Movement when they ripper back-knifed the AIDS generation) there was an LSD on campus more powerful than Pink Floyd called windowpane.  I didn’t take it, but the assassins forced on me as a child a cousin of its necrosis that was part of the poison séance.  I never recovered from the shock and horror.  Behind the self-regarding secret society of the AIDS attack were the sort of maniac minds found in the moneybags of the so-called One Percent who hold ruthless power in the world of realists.  There the occult hallucinations of a superpower played out in a siege from Pentagon-Disney.  Mass deception was considered a war game.  Arriving at who was behind it, what happened, and how the gray mice, school administrators, the NAACP, and government hoodwinkers went about kicking away the evidence of the dirty brings you to an incredible pause that is nearly dissociation.  “It cannot be,” is the only sane response and yet it is, it very is really.

       The world no longer remembers where they were when Kennedy died.  Blurring the line between fact and opinion has gotten so serious that facts have disappeared entirely behind the blur.  With the blurring of the facts so disappeared the sensibilities that bound us to our own historic place.   We have been rendered relative to our own best interest and with it our grasp on that interest has vanished under the crowing of our so-called friends, which is the new word for enemy, lie upon our earlobe, slandering us between kisses.  In cold blood.  In broad daylight.

        There are idiots around me who never demanded the arrest of Gail Burstyn, and by this lapse proved that they don’t understand anything at all.  Why then should an idiot who doesn’t understand anything at all even presume, much less be allowed, to pronounce any sort of opinion at all about such a sad and scary situation?  As a jest, our society allowed a precedent shattering macabre to take place.  Our ladies were asked to participate in the castration of their very best man, parroting as feminazi robots the lewd intonements of one-upmanship dictated to them by seasoned veterans who knew from long experience in the trade that if you start a rumor, no matter how vicious and patently libelous, the spineless will scatter from the mark, fearing for their own advancement.  They will lisp an echo, validate infamy in an era of doggerel voices, and by this unbecoming act of deceit-as-fashion Pittsburgh women allied themselves to a revenge created for Hitler personally by the minions of his close friend King Edward VII by monsters with bejowled (disguised as bejeweled) lion loins like Mick Jagger.  The sickness of American women, crowned by monstrous, horrid lies, left them barking with hostility, ape-womening a fallacy that ended all hope of redemption from society-wide humiliation.  Not surprisingly they took the last mad leap and kicked their victim in the face by raping a deaf retarded girl who was the only person with sense enough to help me.

       From this we understand perfectly clearly the esteem that FDR was really held in by the Churchill lout and Special Forces Jewry.  (Wanna maker her? Myuh!)

       Getting into court to tell the truth about the voices from Ultrahigh and exiting safely without a psychiatric injunction would be a tremendous step forward for those who see our defeat shadowing by klieglight the name of Paul Revere.

The Diamond Black's Reign

     While we are waiting for Donald Trump to make an eccentric shambles of everything, I want to pursue with you the now trivial truth that AIDS was a complicated attack enjoying the mercenary hucksterism of Black food fight Christians in a sordid but heavily guarded union alliance.

      To begin to explain it is helpful to know about the film El Norte. A poor but talented man has an opportunity to escape grinding poverty on the strength of his talents. The audience is left heartbro/ken when he decides he can't leave his family. The film ends with him in hard labor on a farm gang.

      The idea of a black diamond on high was conceived by Reagan and the South African regime during the struggle against apartheid during which time very notably SO(/?) by Peter Gabriel was published, a moment in time that would have been public warning, timely public warning about AIDS, if I had been fully informed. Instead Gabriel worked with South Africa on a plan tracing to King Edward VII and Tom Rodd, through a "Billy Club" in Highland Park.

      Jimmy Creary was labeled Coded Symbolic Compensation.

       South Africa got mean about the US support for the ANC. They knew that Blacks are hostile and suspicious. They are practiced at incitement. One of their agents said to me, "If you try to help Blacks they will only turn on you."  Like a shark he had a wormtongue pressed snickering to Dr. Proctor's ear at WQED in those days. They reasoned that the U.S. should pay the price for inciting their Blacks in Africa with a revenge attack inciting Blacks on white liberals. So, as the "Mt. Beatty" mis-spell in the Post Gazette shows, they created the pussyball war game that gave various ministers a platform of Black grudge and high ground seething with accomplice in the AIDS attack.

      Obama put a sticker, "The joke's on you," outside the school library. What did he mean?

       I found a ghoulish batch of letters from a murderer working with Pittsburgh Police and PITT's Nam coalition, code named Burst-IN, who used me as a voodoo doll in the King Crimson Krugerand coalition that waged AIDS as African Art including 911 in the siege from MIdori Goto. This sickening script still being kept so-called secret, despite many copies being circulated online was prized by the vomitbag fascists like Ringo Starr whose attorney Amanda Harcourt even wrote to me, in the punk thrill kill society of the South African 1%. Obama was their Diamond Black, the El Norte hustler who said, "fuck the family, I'm'a git me some of the git'n's." Beat Kitano made the film: BROTHER in his honor.

       This script, how would you like to find it? It is about a gang watching from childhood an individual struggling to live, actually watching the clocks over an evil, calculated time span, while murdering others on the sidelines to make clear they don't play, targeting my career, making me deaf, humiliating me in the marriage bed, with a scripted plan to kill me dead at the appointed hour. Oah, well.

       Yinzer mania from Maniac 1% at Carnegie Mellon who subjected me to mutilationism in broad daylight without so much as a whimper in my defense.

      Behind this is the perfect alibi of the perfect crime. The assassin himself, from Hollywood island, hidden hand, claims the script is invisible power of the rightful owner of the USA ~ Great Britain, and that I failed to save his life, cackling in the museum mafia with his Tojo Bride.

       What better way to play God than to stage your own death?

What This Preliminary Research Tool is About

      When AIDS started the FEMA lobby had me strategically positioned to see the early returns as a Medical Library Clerk. Fundamentalism started raging and my father, a humanist, was put on trial, after his death, by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette as a Red Witch in a caustic interview they arranged with me. Then, the murderers in the Administration lured me to Mt. Desert island, stalking me with the violence of child traffickers who tortured me as a child, while spreading rumors about me among teenagers and young adults close to my age. The result of this was that the monsters at Amnesty International in whom I had confided and put trust set me up with an agent Rosa Monteleone so she could tamper with the neuroplasm they had impacted and detonate it to humiliate me. Then, after she eloped to them, they brutally attacked and raped my deaf advocate and had me chemically castrated. It speaks to the felonious and deranged mind of Clinton.

      Mt. Desert Island was a long pre-meditated AIDS testing war game launched by Reagan's Hollywood with the help of Neva Corporation, Japan's pornography giant.

      Basically the British just smothered it in skinflicks. It has variously been known as Lesliegate, Sogate and infidelgate.

     Leslie was their first hired complainer. She was still a virgin after we broke up, which was the neuro-neurotic narrative they planned and wanted.

      Yoko Ono had me viciously and repeatedly poisoned in a masquerade about John Lennon's death about which she is a partner of the AIDS assassins.

      All this is very easily proven and most basic information about the attack.

     The University and their British allies did this to me to demonstrate why they felt that AIDS was justified and necessary. They did not give me AIDS, but that fact has allowed them to poison me in the heart, rape my advocate, slasher a bystander, torture me, poison me in the stomach and ruthlessly castrate me for investigating too productively when earmarked as a scapegoat.

Coming Soon: Torture and Mayhem by Sound Mental Health Seattle

Testimony and documentation regarding mind-shattering cults of psychiatric violence in supposedly liberal Seattle.  Unbelievably droll maniacal accomplice in the AIDS attack by the people you would expect it from least.  I did writings in Seattle in various blogs like JimmyCraryMustEmigrate, Civil Stories and this link http://thechinatowngazetteer.wordpress.com  The Chinatown Gazetteer and others can be found by intensive web searching.  Comments about me are also around in various spaces.  I am often banned.  David Icke is among those who has censored my civil comments.

Manipulation by Foreign English Attorney

The aggressor in this horrible case chided my blog title:  Story Checks Out as "protesting too much and thus exhibiting lies."  I translated their sentiment into a pitch to avoid a longer mess of summary and attribution.  I doubt they would deny it, the central issue, despite many mangy slitherings.

In answer to this:  Peter J. Sinfield and Amanda Harcourt lied ferociously and invented a media fiction that they rammed into profound impacted neuroplastic head trauma.  The idea that one can protest murder and assassination, the rape of children, the torture of a witness to force them to commit apostasy against their belief in human dignity, too much is too much and profoundly English in gyration.

The rabid insisted on the right to lionize poison crime through the spread of drug culture music and then authored a twisted backlash.  If the protests seem incontinent, it is because of the level of trauma they are toying with.

Operation Induce Acceptance (Medicine Man)

     The truth about the AIDS attack was not even really kept very secret, but the victims were misled and betrayed effectively enough that the flashing strobe lights of blackout came from within our communities themselves:  whenever it came up, people would look, bat their eyelashes and say quietly, "better put that away."  I will provide in this website a repository of material evidence as well as suitable digest and links to tomes in which some work is afforded that can explain to the interested how the AIDS attack came to pass and how the Middle East war was started to aggravate global warming as a scorched earth ultimatum from the British.  One thing is very clear about the AIDS attack, it is extremely disturbing reading, written as tales within tales by the mysterians abroad, making it both fascinating and at turns incomprehensible.  The trick was that the fashion elite, British prog rockers who went from feigned opposition to Nixon into deep and gainful partnership with Reagan, pretended they were supportive, making soothing noises, that they represented resistance, to sell to the youth, while forging through this masquerade a terrible No Exit deal.

       My goal in this introductory writing is to capture the situation that now existed on Sunday, October 23, 2016, wherever that may be with respect to you, from my vantage point in Pittsburgh where I am a victim of a terrifying thrill kill operation that unmans the State of Pennsylvania andproves the Manson style of the United States Government.   The government here knew of the evidenceproving AIDS manmade in 1984 when they doctored the situation to make it appear thatthose who authored the text of the mission were discoverers of the script charged with making it a dream into reality.  They put my name James MacRyland Crary, which was assigned to me even before I was birthed for the mission in a strange gesture of planned parenthood by a family of military background, to make me into the object lesson for fixation in their cause, a savage anomaly, awar toy, yoked to the slaughterhouse.  Help never came.

         There are so many byways where the confederacy of the Old South with new African America disciples led by theBeatles and Geffen Corporation are concerned.  In fact, Pentagon Disney was chosen in collusion with China and Lucas Films precisely because it is so enchanting even in atrocity it cannot help but be exciting to the new generation of children.  Black America cleverly waited for a new generation to whom the case would be already finalized as a fait accompli and where personal preferences could easily be manipulated and recruited from among people with no experience in the times where this happened, nor in the nature of the cowardly backstab by the British.  From there, predator wolfpacks would be easily found, all gearheaded with thetapestries of arcana from the Beatles, who were once known as the Quarry men, a singular fact, since my last name was historically Quarry, as they circled me from the pit of Pitt with Pitmen who tortured and gassed me, leering that Lennon would have loved them, since they were bad boys like him.

        The essence of the crime is in thepotentialities of the work of British Museum with NASA.  Peter Gabriel historically put me anonymously on a song called, "That Voice Again," to render their war crime an open secret, sneering that they could sell thatit was just desserts for my personal behavioral after they used knock out gas, in a chloroform genre mission of child molester pornography with the help of Pittsburgh Police Department and the NAACP.  Again, we hit the wall of multiplicity in their stupendous rendering of the many faces of Hitler, droll with the cooperation of Lennon'sname.  There is simply no suitable starting point in a kaleidoscope of trivial pursuits, all with one message:  You all love it, don't you?

       Nevertheless an attempt here will be made to express the inexpressible.  The purpose isn'tthe same as theU.S. Government.  My goal is to warn you, make you aware of and help you define the fact that enemies in our midst have subjected our nation and heritage to a ripper attack from the back.  What I have found and evidence for which is my possession, is a White House war game by the Kennedy assassins in occupation.  This war game is equipped with a cloaking device that allows them to counter-attack from above suspicion:  for who will name the guilty when it is a Federal offense policed by slasher murder?

       While the British get rich scheme is the easiest facet to prove, itself a diversion hiding their refusal to warn, and the easiest to comprehend, it has been my experience that the goal of the British is to limit review precisely because they have so many hidden hands. 

Added: 8.18.19 Louise Bourgeois - confirms to Frankl Theory item: NWAsianWeekly assassination of Saoirse Kennedy.