Here is the problem I tried to solve:
1. James Crary was hideously tortured.
2. The assassins SAY that John Lennon was killed.
3. Their Japanese leader says that further torturing James Crary was and is therapy for AIDS for victims.
4. They admit AIDS was an attack.
5. They admit that they are partners with and defending those who started AIDS.
6. Therefore they claim there is no answer but to do as they say.
7. They murderously defended freedom of speech until the time was ripe to begin twisting any disagreement with them into disgraceful acts of viciousness.
8. By saying I was not tortured, which is an obvious lie, but John Lennon was killed they organized to align those who have AIDS with those who started AIDS.
9. This they called 911 while raping, murdering and arresting innocent people.
10. Oswald was the also the name of the leader of the British Union of Fascists, a leader during the rise of the Axis with a large chapter in Liverpool. His association with Gen. Edwin Walker who lived in Dallas in 1963 is established.
11. The Kennedys are too afraid of Reagan to question this administration of terror.
12. From a long series of outrages against my person, my health is in irreversible decline. For me, help never came.