It was nice of the AIDS attack group to explain it all and spell the whole thing out so police can get wise and prosecute them, damn we’re grateful, so grateful spect we’re just bout bound to apology for telling on them distinguished people wrong, huhn?   The spigit of despicable things to find just flows. The film evidence produced conclusive findings that Errol Flynn, a long suspected Nazi, worked with D.W. Griffith and Reagan on Hitler’s escape, which led to the Kennedy assassination photo shoot and the AIDS attack Texas Schoolbook, accompliced by an African American Illuminati group about which new evidence and historical foundation surfaces by the hour.   Not only was the signifier Flynn used in the Billy Club (Billy Flynn, Billy Beck and Billy Rodd) who bragged of being faster than Carmen Colucci at Fulton School on Hampton in Pittsburgh, but Flynn, who was the fastest of all, was used by Wen and Mt. Lebanon moneybags at the Kelly School where blacks for Obama (good kind) ran circles around the Blacks for King (bad kind). We find the immediate language of Burstyn and Strub in John Edgar Wideman’s referral to strobe bursts in 1990, the hegemonic pull of storytellers in the Reagan African Secret Society of Wizards, deployed by acid rock for the occasion.   We also now know that the plan to MAKE IT LOOK GOOD called Double Fantasy had its stealth in Double Indemnity where Flynn’s loyalist Fred MacMurray announces the whole plan as something that just crept up on them as they saw how perfect it was and how easily they could do it.

      The Aristocracy of Color from the turn of the 19th to 20th century always had royalist Blacks angry at the poor mobs in poverty, kicking them.  W.E.B. Dubois set the tune of aloof superiority with his theme of the talented tenth. When presented with a plan to make all men equal and grant them full rights, the aristocracy of white power said okay we’ll do it, but not with so many, you hear?   That mockery Robert Fripp has a lookalike of Gail Burstyn right on his cover. Leslie Katz was a rabbit from the warlock’s hat to get sophomores cheering abuse of a deaf man plagued with horrible internal burning from being fried with an invisible nerve agent. His parochial squall is certainly two-faced enough, scolding while he contracts for espionage abortions, but you have to give him credit for dexterity, his left hand is closer to the backblade.

       Of course there’s another anecdote, this one Michael Tive of SONY, working with Reagan and Mz. Goto from USC.   The night before he introduced me to Gov. Shapp he complained to his mother that someone put semen in his toilet.  Since it wasn’t semen and it wasn’t me, I assumed it was just fat Tive plying his favorite trade of lies, but I never really realized that the only person he could have been implying did it was me, still prepubescent when he told me his yarn that visit about what he called, “The devirginization of Sarah.”

       The semiotics of my birthday are in DIVA and a reference to my hitchhiking adventure before AIDS happened, but the lookalike is of the Lucar boy from Fox in my house they refer to in saying, “it’s in the kid’s mailbag.”   It wasn’t Supporta, though, it was Lennon. The Diva is black and the boy is white so we know from the distribution of cards what the Tarot Tartuffe is after, the symbol of Japan, castrating the white, dressing up for the purple man of the installation art.  How droll.