Learning sign language allowed me to return to college and I finally passed Algebra as a senior citizen in Tacoma Community College after a General Studies Associates earned with Business Math in Pittsburgh where my teachers warned me, these students are millenials, they don’t remember or know about many things that you do.   To avoid the appearance of students being hustled by mountebanks in academia there are a few points on which I would argue all students should be informed. I will name some examples and develop the tragic circumstances that surround them, with a brief mention of the fact that I returned only very hesitantly after over a decade of trauma care in heavy circumstances of constraint and resistance.  Students learn about the Civil Rights Movement and the Sit-Ins so it’s not a high priority issue for me, even though it is one thing we should certainly count on. The Civil Rights Movement perversely was used as a huge blackout syndicate to prevent public warning about AIDS, all of the Civil Rights Movement’s leadership headed for the hills, hang dog, and ducked for cover. Not one of them stood up for anything or amounted to more than the inscrutable grimace of collaboration.  All that pomp and circumstance surrounding their laurels is a petrifying ruse from the behemoth of Axis America that now stands triumphant after making Kennedyism too dangerous to credit and fulfilling the text entire of the Texas Schoolbook, a monumental hidden history as savage to the mind and treacherous in its origin as any backstab in human history known or unknown from the beginning of time. In this way the Civil Rights Movement are the new blackface minstrels prancing on the stage alongside their betters.

         If I were to begin the case against evil in redemption of American History at school, I would start by teaching about George Wallace, because his issues in our history, very significant in the 60’s, set the stage for open combat and assassination of our way of life.  Our First Amendment is in danger of extinction from abuse by those above. Wallace would bore anyone but a novice. Everyone old enough to remember his announcement in the Capitol rotunda of Alabama, “Segregation Now! Segregation Forever!” has already consigned him to a epitome of bigotry they’d love to forget.   His Confederate Flag was the Skull and Crossbones of ancient hooligan buccaneer. In Pittsburgh, in 1968, tens of thousands of window-breaking, head-smashing rowdies showed up for his racist ranting riot at the Civic Arena. Seattle and Tacoma may remember Pittsburgh, the Steelers whooped the Seahawks in the Superbowl and our town, on the Seattle Evening News, was treated with eventful images from back home Pennsylvania, crashing rioters burning garbage cans, turning automobiles over, and running through the streets and that was in the 21st century.  It is a disgrace to even mention the weasel words of Obama towards these lopers.

         Throughout this, and even now, I have been being used to make our history into a tabloid Nazi fiction told by Great Britain for Axis Japan in conquest by media.   So the second fact I would teach is about the East Asian Co-Prosperity Zone of the Army Command behind the attack on Pearl Harbor, which was reckless, because they have accomplished so much taking Tiger Mountain by strategy.   Because even the strongest men have limitations, they have learned to hide like Bushmen in an ambush. There were always a few people in various high minded offices who thought well of Japan’s East Asian Co-Prosperity Zone. Japan occupied Vietnam with the Vichy French and America stepped in to defend their honor after they fell at Dien Bien Phu, fudging up a deranged Gulf of Tonkin Incident to advance Kennedy’s assassins while The Beatles deluded the masses into special shelters of intoxication.   (It wouldn’t hurt to study the Opium Wars). Among those who liked the Japanese was the father of a friend of commercial Republican Mitch McConnell, Gen. Aung San, whose daughter was awarded the Nobel Prize by the publishers house she married into for the Great Backstab of the AIDS attack. Gen. Aung San was an ally and apologist for the Japanese who promised Burma some independence. In the days of Yoko Ono we are to understand that the Rape of Nanking was the consequence of the pale white male ego patriarchal domination of the West who incinerated Nagasaki.  It’s not supposed to make sense. None of this will.

        What makes it important to understand Wallace is that we have moved beyond Wallace through adoption of his most tiresome and principle tactics, which he announced for the slogan:  Send ‘em a Message. Who isn’t doing that these days? The science of sending them a message has become very extreme because of overly precious foreign English weasels in acid rock favoring Obama.    It isn’t easy to retain readers from those who would rather cut to the chase and know a lot about the current situation when you need to start at the beginning with new blood education. That’s a rule of the thumb that the new generations of teachers told me over and over in acquainting me with the exciting new generation of pupils.    I’m not just the odd man out, I have been kept the odd man out and a few teachers wanted to include me instead. The dissonance, very predictably, came from spoiled sports who had earned the reputation deriding me after I was brutally tortured and deafened, law school attorneys, Harvard Graduates, ugly rivals from King Crimson, and street dacoits on the margins of the Pittsburgh Catholic situation.   Blacks weren’t very helpful, at least not until they were finished with their stageplay on the queerbait’s manners and expense.

         There are those who know all about it, and they are vicious individuals, toxic with hate crime, and terribly relevant, powerful in their mission.   They like the invisibility of their situation. Invisibility is the essence of Wallace calling card methods. They call the KKK the Invisible Empire because of the way they brag of not existing while littering the realm with bodies in the night.    Throughout this long ordeal, Ringo Starr of the Beatles has used pro-child trafficking arguments and shattered window drive-by methods to underwrite his squads of rioters in places like UW Sociology. Tragically for our school some of this Invisible Empire, which has been managed by creating a rotten strategy uploaded with the AIDS attack inclusive of cooperating black power circuits, this Invisible conscription includes private so-called research communities calling themselves real power engaged in power-sharing.   They have a braindead rhetoric that was grafted from the Civil Rights Movement that they call Wings Doctrine. The Imperial Wizard, as they like to call the High Seat of their Confederacy, put on a magic show. All we need to hear is that extra-curricular fraternities put on a thrill kill execution symposium, too, which they did, and it was hard-wired into the super-structural arrangements of big money and big media in New York City who largely own the campus environment in Pittsburgh, which trivializes what life support we have.    We have heard of deadly fraternities, but we really need to know where this Eagle Crime from sadistic private research felons is coming from, and get police after names like Clint Bradford, Martin Sheen and Cyril Wecht, all of whom left signatures.

       1984-2018 is a very long time.   Throughout this our schools have been loyal to folly.   The power of acid rock fantasy collided with Pittsburgh social work in the most vicious tribune ever assembled, a cruel flood of total blackout into which the cybernet age was uploaded to the tune of the Bards behind slander.   To admit what really happened would be for every last stinker in Seattle Civics to admit to themselves: I love evil people. John Stockwell once pronounced on what he said is the Left’s “horror of self-examination.” Barbara Tuchman in the New York Times spoke down on our society’s “inability to take serious things seriously.”  These materials add up and go much deeper than many of our most earnest minds are willing to follow, especially when the guiding example is a paradigm heaped upon as an example of disgrace. Compassion fatigue sets in real fast when closet slashers incite the maniacal to laugh at true bloodthirst the way Seattle has done. When I say go deep, I mean into the bowels of Auschwitz and Treblinka, because that is where the psychological farm hails from.  I grew up in a Jewish Holocaust survivor community where the CC in Community College very literally meant Concentration Camp, they used me for two holocaust simulation experiments and have rode high getting away with it. I want to help you examine true horror in your premises and in your midst. The blackout won’t let you, it means questioning the Israelis and the NAACP beyond the correctness that makes their Wallace style above reproach.

        Dr. Ralph Proctor, who means business for the black power movement, describes crying during the television broadcast of Roots when a slave is tortured into accepting his slave name.  He knows that means the slave was broken, a vicious science for the killers. We see this in an interview in Claude Lanzmann’s investigation of Special Detail, the Jews who gassed other Jews, he asks with fury, “Why are you laughing,” and without morph the old man collapses in tears, asking, “Whatever am I supposed to do?”  This is the fiendish angling the ripper hatters in Seattle went for from the beginning. Their whole disgusting generation who refused to lift a finger that might compromise their grades went for the throat of someone who tried to warn with the horrible cruelty of breaking a slave. They wanted the genetic instinct of personal survival put on trial as their answer to their own confederacy.  It is extremely hot material to the touch and doesn’t yield gracefully to attempt to communicate how sadistic, depraved and evil the torture franchise found in Seattle really was. They weren’t dressing up in costumes.

         The British conferred what they said was the benefit of awareness while withholding recognition, and steamed up the artists who would have liked to get letters from Penis Gabriel themselves.   Because I was chosen in advance for an indexicality to human rights, about which my father, from the WW2 Navy wrote, the gnarling humiliation was a tabloid fact, which Miles Kirshner of Reagan’s FEMA law team called, “the too good principle,” in allusions from his special war game edition of Cosmic Wimpout (the full rulebook of which is as telltale as the writings of the Guttersnipes gang).   The gnarling humiliation was already there when men made light of dragging me through glass and lied about kidnapping and pedophile miscarriage. The British had categorically demanded the nullification of my right to exist, rendering it provisional on slave labors and this blood curdling code was underwritten by the black power army in Pittsburgh. Again, words fail.

        It is no exaggeration to say that this was done by the iron fist of Adolf Hitler, Inc.   Sir Paul McCartney translated a blindside attack on a defenseless 98 lb. schoolchild by armed adults into his concept of a duel.   He depicted himself as drawing a pistol in Chinatown in defense of what he claims is the true spirit of John Lennon which he announces to be defense of Ronald Reagan’s stake in General Electric propaganda from Pentagon Disney which may never be questioned.  He leered that I was a Manchurian hotwire and counterfeit, purring benevolently, just die of HIV self-poison and we will know that we were wrong. Their research community was interested in a martial character function of non-violence, study of nerve agents on the survival instinct, gaslighting, humiliation, conquest of one’s love, rape of one’s advocates, the breaking point in the non-violent Samurai, and this was openly allowed by the Police State, calling it the caprice of the culprit Midori Goto, and her rodeo roundabout in the spirit of Westerns.  Penis Gabriel the ripper did nothing but pile on a battered child as the most ruthless jackal in Reagan’s wardrobe. McCartney’s weird invention of a duel in which Reagan was dubbed The Sacred Walrus shows that the wreath left by Mr. President at Bitberg-Belsen was to John Lennon, too, and his Tojo war bride. Not for nothing did Lennon leave out America when saying the English Army won the war. How magnanimous to offer a theoretical victim, a thousand cranes lad to die by HIV as a point of pride in self-sacrifice. Fantasy about earning their prestige illuminates the narrative of identity science using an object lesson as a property through the insurance of Pentagon Disney voice overs but the fake duel of blindside attack shows that all of it is an unpardonable act that lives in infamy.  They nailed it down and there is no chance of the Irish dream of running riot over the finks in Pink Floyd. The Pink finks have it made.

         What UW genius realized early is that when you start granting equality you begin to own up to the tragedy of genocide committed by past generations and this promise of equality comes welded to demands for restitution.  The Axis took camouflage among the grievants, finding welcome snickers in Native America, Latin America, Asian America and black power circuits. Victim retribution could play to the new anthem against the enemies of Hitler with ease.  The British knew all this, naturally, and forever scheming in Liverpool, decided to use America for their shock absorber. You didn’t see the foreign English lining up to sign flowery registers in sympathy when they did in JFK, jr. That is why I am an unpaid historian, because the actual history is said not to exist.

       The Invisible Hand is all generational solidarity and shit they loves to just snicker.   Understanding what happened may be the best wisdom, but if there is any hope for advice I would say that it should come from understanding.   Any hint of psychology will trigger a backlash because of the psychosis involved. In other words, to name the fact of Our Commonwealth’s interest is to be identified with the Police State.   This is a broken windows situation in the realm of transparency. From Hitler’s Table Talks and the University of Pittsburgh doctrine of cynicism we know that evil is quite direct, it lionizes its mission and laughs, “who is going to stop me?” while promenading as Charles Atlas on the beach gripping the little queerbait by its scrawny arm.   In history we have seen the muse of evil put to the ordeal of an act of mercy at a concentration camp where the guards were told that Europe had run out of medieval bells to melt down and now a bullet was worth more than a Jew. Generosity in such constraints can get you killed if you know what I mean? Talking your way out of it has a noble history in Arabian Nights, and the English are gifted at turning the huns on easier prey, campaigning to convince that the greater victory is an inside jest, insinuating with a hidden backblade to their pupils, follow us for insight.   We have a tragic situation on the streets where Wallace tactics have been upgraded. Broken Windows Theory gets around the hood and no one tolerates even the perception of a wrong, meaning that wormtongues only have to lisp that someone called you a name and you or a bystander will pay. Culture itself is still a matter of omerta, killers on the corner you are too afraid to report either because they work for police or because the darkness projected from the shadows is too salient. As your friends fall dead, your tongue falls silent. The shadowland is turf. This is old school which has nothing to do with national greatness except in the brays of brownshirt law.

        Occasionally, when the arguments get too close to home, the private researchers, as they call themselves, drum up a paradoxical situation hoping to collapse being found out for hoodwinkers, killing a comrade to convince the enemy you are really with them, until their back is turned.  It’s called “subverting the dominant paradigm” in military academics. Facelies, paradoxically, are a brash, loud-mouthed sounding board about which Pittsburghers are incredibly proud. They do it on a dare, daring you, who they back ripper, but call their friend, to be the first to break friendship in name.

        Tom O’Connor used to wrestle me to floor yelling in my ear, “You like Peter Gabriel?  HE DON’T LIKE YOU! Hahahahaha.” King Crimson used to sneer down the aquiline nostrils of their guitar, “Don’t make no difference what you think about me, make a whole lotta difference what I think about you,” hahahahahaha.    Genesis always had a hidden ideology of power, snarling vocalizations like the Ku Klux Klan serves hot soul food while the band plays in the mood, and the NAACP like that, when the deaf white suck cried that they were all picking on it they called AAA and said let us know every single time he tries to get help.   The violent German symbolism of the crime were directly hotwired to Ringo Starr’s control tower. Meanwhile, the set up Primal Scream militarianism in the name of Salmun Rushdie and Jazz From Hell. Mainstream writers should have smelled a rat by how easy it was for Penis Gabriel to play into the entire affair.  The framework for controlling the rebellion, like the one in the novel Moxyland, was used to persuade the kids they were rebelling, which they bought even when the Agnew-jowled ringleader was found with prior pictures of Gail Burstyn in his medicine bag and took to the streets with the National Review crowd, saying it is finished, love.