It is extremely deranged that a disabled individual has to run a private Presidential Campaign all their own simply to secure the admissibility of scientific evidence proving onset glaucoma from severe childhood beatings.    The fact that this necessity has unfolded demonstrates that American society is criminally insane and that the safety net is a syndicate of organized crime, a punishing, brutalizing fact that I will go into further beyond. Yet there is a sordid, syphilitic form of demented mindset at work that can be identified, ripper hatter mayhem and murder by Police complicity based in Seattle operating in the extremism of Queer society.  The Queers accepted the AIDS attack, full-knowing of its intent, and kept our society in darkness about it by the presumptive gyration of sympathizing with the attackers. This, they announce, is magical achievement and social progress. Sympathy with the devil, fulfillment of the outrageous, but holy benevolence of the 60’s, almost as good as Jews gassing Jews while singing love songs. They did this, they know they did this, in Seattle, for real.  The evidence of onset glaucoma due to childhood beatings is so intimately wound up around this fact that the Police will not allow, and will take hostages to prevent, open recognition of the onset glaucoma due to terrible trauma in childhood. The answer, for Seattle, is to profess that there were no beatings in childhood. This allows the other game. Without the beatings, they can blame the victim more easily, which is their secret key opening the door of perception to the insidious concept of sadism and teamwork with the attackers being holy beyond all normal grasp.

       For a long time it was illegal, in the sense of igniting reprisal and brutality, to even discuss this sad yarn.   There was a lot of sniveling about dangerous intelligence falling into the wrong hands. Police and the safety net of organized crime mobilized to make sure of the idea that the wrong types were on hand to misuse public outcry.   The campus violence of powerful war gamers in the society uploaded into place to attend this ransacking of our news have coded their concepts into allegations sufficiently actionable that many other innocent people are now dead in berserker home movie style as an outgrowth to the personal tuitions tended to the material committed by persons calling themselves plague mass executives working for the CIA from out of Seattle Museum and the Warhol in Pittsburgh, led by Ringo Starr, a putrid sadist and ringleader covering for Gail Burstyn, the writer of the Texas Schoolbook script describing the agenda of the AIDS attack group and giving a drama club expression to Queer complicity as a glee club rallying cry behind the syphilitic Chief Executives of the Warhol.  Friends, gangs and financers have all rallied from New York into Pittsburgh and Seattle, challenging anyone with sufficient guts to look into it to eat what they serve.

        Not only have their atrocious lies been heard as gospel but meanwhile our culture have voluntarily forbidden ourselves the right to know, abdicating the cause of understanding things to others who mean to enslave us.   Songs written by the betrayers provide the explanations we have adopted. They bend towards idiosyncracies and festish catering in their details. They need to be put under investigation. If it was not that they have put riflemen on rooftops shooting at innocent policemen and women, the catering to fetish might not be so draining, you could stop at the absurd, but syphilitic Ringo wants his behind scratched all over even in the corners.    These disgusto, bigoted, disgraceful, selfish, vicious and degrading people have been proven capable of using vivisection on a human child to forge a mob scene by hostile slander, destroying lives means nothing to these Simon Legrees. Adrian Belew of King Crimson evidently saw himself as a plastic reality Malcolm X blow-up toy selling childish hatred to his rubber duckies on Sesame Street, prancing around declaring his cowardliness and sickening misrepresentation divine.   The terrorism he has unleashed is hardly rational debate.

        Queer sympathy for the AIDS attackers begins and ends with slanders about me that they consider unquestionable copy for their soothsay.   It is their production right, they cream. They convinced themselves of these things to invent a pretext to enmire the situation in evil as a pestilential stinkhole that is the real personality of the Lennon enigma and its loyalists.   If they were not psychopaths they wouldn’t exist on a hyper level that justifies their crime with endless dementia crowing of double identity: service to the attackers in the name of the victims. Their mode of operation is a snuff movie dare.  All that magnanimity that was at work in the 80’s when the onslaught began and people seemed to rally was a Trojan Horse for the killers to regroup inciting the victims in mayhem. The beastiality of cowardice is what is most in evidence.

       Smother the whole thing in psychiatry they laughed, again, vicious testimony to the organized crime at work in our safety net.   The linguistics of Hitler’s revenge are neither noted nor copied, but they pour from the minds of the Texas Schoolbook. All of the perpetrators, my mother and the Beatles, need to be put under Federal investigation and the schools need to be warned.   We are under attack by felons who have used our theaters for their mind control program. But the schools have been reached first by their wormtongue. They said my investigation and hard work, researching and infiltrating the AIDS attack group to expose them and capture them was proof that I am irresponsible, not using the correct channels, and this held sway, already that alone is a lot of tumblers.   Abdicating the will to understand, they ignored the message from Obama on the escalator of our school reading, “The joke’s on you.” The joke? The disrepute caused by organized crime and slander to cover for severe childhood beatings leading to traumatic brain injury, well, if that’s really a joke. What makes it a joke is capture in the muse of their seance master who wrote threatening lyrics for Celine Dion, like, “you better think twice before you walk out on me.”  In his craftier days as a feline, he sputtered, “Cheesecake mousetrap grippe-pipe-thynne.” That means they put out the sniff sniff, clang off the heads of the mice who clutch the copulations of their cock of destiny. It’s code for a parochial snivel of the sort they used on Mt. Desert Island in their AIDS testing war game.

        Unsurprisingly, given how brazen Queen Elizabeth is, we find the entire set up illustrated and premeditated in Japanese pornographic companies available now in the web, also found, by name, in the Texas Schoolbook.   Fuming over the rights of others, a few overly precious AIDS victims, some of them suicide bombers who volunteered, went to the front to deceive the victims, force the spread, and create a market force for Beatles Empire psychology.   This was the game on Penis Gabriel’s SO when he leered that he was the priest, judge and jury, the doctor who would handle the shocks, like 911, the murder of John Kennedy, Jr. and so on, to satisfy his Isis pals.

        Gabriel covered for Mt. Desert Island by calling it a Seizured Straight Program, meaning they tampered with the bait, triggered punitive seizures for trying to get help, called attempts to escape fugitive from the gas chamber, braying with laughter that their target was caught between a rock and a hard place.   Backed by murderers from Pittsburgh who openly preach hate against their own white students, they cackled that the peculiar and unhappy dependency on public school classmates developed by deaf students clinging to some sort of society in the bewildering world around them was sharing brain cells with the murderers who had brutalized me.   And they deny the brutalization, the evidence cannot be admitted. This is part of the Beatles’ policy of having their cake and eating it, too, while bellowing that not wanting to be infected by them is telling the infected let them eat cake!

         Pittsburgh never taught me sign language and brutally raped the girl who did.   Since the question isn’t whether it was them, they bragged of it openly from the New York Times, the real issue is whether they are on the level in their snide explanations, which they are not.   The Vichy at Harpers Magazine have announced a program of forgive or die, fully aware that the K involved in their symbolism stands for Britain, acting as slash and burn drama queens whenever found out for the dark art of misrepresentation science.   Three characters are telltale and tandem: Adam Eisenstat, Wilma Coon and Dr. Julia Singer. Eisenstat went on the air claiming to be Abdul the Palestinian terrorist, in reality, a Jewish mayhem devil stoking hate fever for Palestinians. Wilma Coon represented an NAACP fully aware of Gail Burstyn and the hostage taking I endured who contracted for undercover sexual conjobs in manufacture of an abortion rap sheet masquerading in false face as friends in their war on liberal whites and hand slapping with the K.   Dr. Julia Singer listened politely to me after I was attacked at Sound Mental Health, abandoned by my so-called friends there, incarcerated for requesting anger management and proceeded to deliver the most scurrilous and libelous assessment of my character that I have seen in cold blood, defending a mental health team who targeted an impacted neuroplasm they knew was there and put there to steal my fiance and castrate me for her new lover.

         Secret by denial of allegation:  allowing pressure point extrusion of text under the rubes:  cudda saved John Lennon. The woman who seems to have been followed and abused in Yoko Ono’s film:  RAPE was turned into a supporter when she got John Lennon’s autograph. Similarly, the NYPD lined up for autographs behind the people who authored 911.   Frank Zappa pondered this his whole life, and cackled in his show business, “yeah it’s some real Pittsburgh style torture tonight, but you all love it, don’t you?”