We don’t say the fire of Grenfell London. We say Brian Eno’s missing finger, for that is the logic and what it would be if he were not a coward using others.


There’s been a union agreement about what I’ve found concerning the role I was birthed to that hails from pragmatic military struggle in the V.A. among veterans that is deeply empowered by the ambiguity of questions about my father’s role and death. There are contrary indications. This fact settles the matter in favor of collaborators who may have killed him to give him a greater air of innocence just as Lennon staged his disappearance to inspire blind faith. Ringo’s man in Havana in JFK research claims pre-emptively that JFK staged his death, too. That this is just another routine is clear from the evidence. The public broadcast of reality is strictly forbidden and any mention of it at all infuriated the British. The contemplation of these issues now has been the exclusive province of the criminals. For some reason I can’t explain most American intellectuals and leader prefer being defeated to knowing what happened.


Very simply, Eno cut off his finger to protect the coming King in a mad logic from the implacable syphilis he has authored from the beginning. The arrested writer was poisoned. Knowing the history of Eno’s endless war can gratify those perplexed with confusion. The truth allows a sad, “ah, so.”


If you don’t know who Brian Eno is, or even if you think you do, the case study can profit from a small review. Eno likes to jump down hold pee pee with maniacal glee. He is a pathetic wiz kid of many self-marvels. When told Oliver North is conspiring he gloats well-luh I think I’ll call Ollie up, like Woody Allen bringing Marshall McLuhan to bear on a pseudo-intellectual. He wanted Simon Kirke to play bongos for Bobby Fripp. He got Flipp’s sister Patri/cia a gig on 60 Minutes with Colin Powell, cover desk Sargeant for the My Lai Massacre. If Eno knew where Hitler was he would have called him up on the Bat phone!


Eno likes to gibber that his case workers don’t speak English which is another way of saying they lie in tongues.