The place and nature of what sarcasm about our society is stands at the root of the war footing adopted by King Crimson to justify their terrible violent crimes against the son of Dr. Ryland Wesley Crary, someone James MacRyland Crary, my person, who once appealed to them.   Further, the dispute involves what was appropriate defense of a generation when the AIDS attack took place, primarily in 1984. King Crimson has the New York Times on their side. The best I can do is evidence and legitimate first person testimony. The U.S. Government has repeated forged and tried to destroy the evidence promoting a pseudo-research doctrine by Hollywood and Peter Gabriel which was never on the level operating out of Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, Community College of Allegheny County, University of Washington and Cities of Pittsburgh and Seattle, meaning union activity.  It is possible to focus on this because the crimes of state follow the specific and disturbing line of attack which void civil rights. How this could be construed as defense of the victims is transparently a ruse. The violence of the doctrine between King Crimson and Pitt shows that faculty are involved in proto-academic activity to the point of murdering students. The smoking gun, failure to arrest Gail Burstyn, makes a lot of other things that seem impossible much more likely. We must distinguish here between legitimate and illegitimate sarcasm, as well as noting the special change in analysis precipitated by the plan to confuse this issue academically through the office of Jaime Carbonell’s language machine translation division, working with organized child traffickers, easily proven by the presence of Andrea Swimmer, pair bondBonded by a swimmer's deceit.  A poem of sorts had been beaten into the coma-traumatized mind of the designated queerbait and extruded. Then the machine was in place to lie about, detonate, explode and destroy legitimate investigation promoting scandal-mongering, false witness, unprovoked war and Adrian Belew.

     King Crimson, throughout this horrifying tragedy, were on the side of the Secret Service in the Government of Ronald Reagan, and yet deployed such actresses as originally appearing the Broadway Musical HAIR, a major heads up regarding manipulation of the 60’s in their premises.  It is possible to chart, and prove, the Two Virgins Pussyball War Game clocked to the AIDS attack by the lunatic fringe of the U.S. Military, with the help of old confederates of Adolf Hitler, in Hollywood. This is factually what Peter J. Sinfield was up to all along. Backed by Eco-Pedos like Al Gore, the English, admitting to be unconcerned and unaffected, yammered that playing the game out was the principle of thing, rather than warn.   Like the Vietnam War, I argued rightly, you can tell by the dynamics of what it brought out in our society what it was. I walked into the trap to show it was there and a preset. The Bush-Carter-Clinton South presented the better idea that they had an idea better than any President, so they could just rid themselves of Kennedy, and announce that my heart is in the wrong place. Talk about to kill a mockingbird.

      The script is perfectly decipherable from the letters by Gail Burstyn and her partner Peter Gabriel’s lyrics.  Watching me they chimed, “have I come to too soon for you,” making sure I didn’t. The English “wipes his gun he’s forgotten what he did,” in fact having shot JFK then gassed me, Burstyn commented on a wall between past and present, “there was you before and you now and nothing in between,” she wryly witted for Manson Cinema (Mancine:  Oswald OS/bunny ~ "tied her up and "porked" her with a carat").   

    An intellectual regime was in place.  The American Psychiatric Association presents a Praetorian Guard, complete with neuro-broadcast, to provide conscription into fear of theory.  Because the queerbait must prove specifically pure before the violin of Allah, no extraneous considerations, please, yet the cameos, the appearance on the margins by those like Jim Donio, Todd Clark, Shapiro, Paul Tierni, DeNiro, Deluca and Liz Berlin, the ones in play for auction rights on Robert’s Astori, like the Hendrix doos of Fripp and Tive, are likely signatures from the Crown.   Blood libel is a concept that goes deep into historic meaning and by English method it conveys by double meaning with the mirror of flip-switch, built in denial, like the name Riback (lie back). They fritsched the narrative of history, snipped the truth and hotwired in the unsayable for the Encyclopedia, fusing their plastic reality into the permanent record. If, for example, and it is shown so, In the K of the Krimson K. was used on Jimi Creary for a leit motif, then the paper bag of being gassed hyphen-James, and D.T. may be the eerie tear of Dean Tierno, and D.T. then some, the klus of Starless and Bible Black.

      Meanwhile, the vanguard who claimed they wanted Reconstruction, wanted nothing more than a white to dismember as cowhooves chewing satisfy, leering that the hire of Pinkerton sex freed them from the academic rulebook.  What in the world does working in the Guatemala syphilis experiments really have over covering for the AIDS attack as the Pittsburgh NAACP did? They mastered the wheel of abuse, neuroplastic hostage, honor codes of admitting you had to accept peer rejection gracefully, sniping at the hidden neuroplastic element viciously poisoned input by the slurs of the Enemy outsiders gaining Cathedral, White House and Oz.