I have heard from all of you....for years, while you ruined my boyfriend's life and his health as his time flew away and know all of your refrains about why you say no one respects him.  Not only do I understand perfectly I have never been so unimaginably ashamed...of all, of you.   You ask me why he is awkward, emotionally unsteady, clingy as a lover, it is because it burns him and don't think that I am fooled by his mother or that I believe in the least that you didn't know; every last one of you knew that he had been poisoned, you had seen the evidence and the consequences, and you knew it was done for a jest.  You did this to him -contemptibly- and it wasn't just what you did to him as a child, but what you did again when he sought help in full view of the school, the horror of that abortion poster you made of his fetal son and plastered everywhere in mockery - the entire slaughterhouse of your crackpot Pennsylvania junta "wearing your horns proudly" as you so like to brag: with successful lies, caught in cold blooded manufacture and you tell me to be ashamed of him!

       What could be more evil?

       Your foul-hearted tongues have slurred my ear seeking to devastate me and asking me to help you, to use him and turn on him, I can't even believe you would think of it, much less ask it of me.  Do you think I'm stupid?   He hasn't lied once.  I know what this means.

       You are murderers who would turn blowtorches on your own neighbors to get ahead by one penny.  Since I have no comprehension of how you could be so deranged and so weird and so cruel and so braggart of sadism I will leave it with the words you hate most:  I love him.  Nothing you have done will ever change that.

With nothing left to say to you,