It takes a lot to put together my wide spectrum essays which would require a team of resourceful post-doctorates to manage against the powerful dissertation lobby who assembled the criminal ordeal; but AIDS being confirmed an attack isn’t being discussed, so it is left to me to purpose a public digest so that persons outside the ring of deception can understand how they are being used. Lethality is sort of obvious, don’t you think? So, this essay of April 10, 2017 is going out to a small circle of people who I can manage to reach and into blogs that are available to the public despite the heavy load of hatred that construes my attempts to warn as unauthorized. They are wide spectrum essays, meaning they cover territory in a variety of ways, including general topics, material proved, linguistic trace marks and the impact of speculation, ridicule and punishment for lamplighting. Anything necessary to address, I try to provide guideposts for in my blogworks.


The way I personally have been used and poisoned is a testament to the power and deranged nature of the assassin civics team. Since the army intelligence culture and museum mafia involved is cut throat on the level of school representatives, I propose to show some of the pedagogical elements that professors bring forwards in their canon as a stormfront to justify the criminal actions of government and media throughout the abomination. Obviously, I wish I could humanize myself so that the horrible cruelty would end. I would like by the end of this essay to have you assured that there is information about what was done that you can depend on and come back to if you need to get some orientation into clarity.


Although I am in the Honors Department at my college, if I am offered a room by my old landlord in Tacoma it is my intention to forego the Honors Leadership and Medal of Honors Achievement in Fall of 2017 and return to the Seattle area. How my health became sufficient cause for concern is part of this melancholy narrative. I do not want to die in Pittsburgh. You have to understand the role I have been forced to play by this stupid government and the hidden explanation they chronically disgorge regarding their mean spirited tampering. Wound compare is the opposite of the Hippocratic Oath. These are organ barterers on high. Gail Burstyn writes, “take away, take away my eyes sometimes I’d rather be blind,” and those who know perfectly well that her apparatus deafened me waste no chance in screaming that I am not special, that I am lucky and that if I don’t mind my manners or say the wrong supernatural thing, my eyes will be next. My eyes are injured from beatings and at risk from inflicted diabetes. Satisfied? They never will be. I am their voodoo doll for race therapy. Worse, it was planned that way. Molefi Asante makes no secret of his scorn for homosexuals. Blacks are proven involved in the inside circle of religious extremists. There is no energy being expended on my behalf and no plans whatsoever to make amends. Our government probably claims they cannot protect me.


I was taken hostage to a language society crime. It was run by Dr. Wattenmaker and Jaime Carbonell on behalf of the Federal Emergency Management Agency of Ronald Reagan. The language society depredated on me as hostage child being set upon to cruelly use for an object lesson in the incineration. They also created the attending symbolic mosaic of Two Virgins Chivalry society. The script is perfectly clear on that subject and because it was not clear to me as a damaged child the murderers have set it up to suggest that it could have been understood and therefore I am to blame for their actions. Pursuant to blaming me they argued that the idea of sustainable and equitable distribution of resources was a liberal fantasy, and that only white liberal privilege can explain the sexual psychology of how I was trafficked, a rigged operation about which they wrote sneering, “the persona is subjected to successive degradations of the X-motive,” and so on. Native Americans shrugged speaking of overpopulation and carrying capacity, etc. The presence of McVeigh and Theresa at Mercy testify to the fact that the Sisters of Mercy saw scamming me for serial abortions as moral hooliganism directed at a white liberal in their cause. They made secret tapes of me to poison my name by lying about what these tapes meant, following a race doctrine of terrorism against a hostage white hate object earmarked for the plan. Greg Karl who admitted all this in his prose is an ally of the Clintons. This concept of symbolic execution of a thie was also surrounded by the names in play to illustrate their maniacal planning.


Throughout, the leaders of Act Up and AIDS victims were always the perpetrators. Seattle was in no way guiltless and rampaged all over me, too. Meanwhile at CMU they had Akrim Midani in the Dean of Fine Arts. This name signified A Crim (King Crimson cult figure, who were the driving force of the plan in music society) Midori, the sorceress and honorific agent of the lesson plan. A crueler person will never be found. A long planned operation to avenge the atom bomb designed by King Edward of Great Britain. Had there been smartphones at Nuremberg he would have been in constant contact of support with the defendants. In light of the brazen way name signifiers were used, the men who tortured me as a child being named Ronnie and Caspar, like Reagan and Weinberger for example, (Ronnie zz-sin-ski) and calling up Cindy Rudy (sin D rue D) to defend them with lies when the NAACP were sent in as reinforcements, it is nothing paranoid to notice that Ringo Starkey when rendered Key-Star sounds most like Carrie Gister, or Crary kissed her/gassed her. Lennon always claimed he was a genius. Many of these are his acid rock word games. The fact that Burstyn conjoins with Starburst in the candy that has a tang flavor is relevant because of the map that places the cargo cult at East/West Circuit Road for it’s first assembly.


Carrie is relevant as a film, too. Militarily there is a mindset at work in Africology that crystalizes down to a passage from Zora Neale Hurston where she is in passion from jazz, imagines herself primal, killing someone, and her white, we are to believe souless, guest barely taps his foot. The idea that a white has no soul and that the Africa primalist needs retribution appealed far and wide, despite being a klan idea, in so far as the Ku Klux Klan set upon me to give spiteful satisfaction to the black people they involved in the Ark of the Beatles, they called it cowhooves therapy for Duduraq the dog on Mt. Desert Island where Weinberger lived, who they said was a dog who had to chew holves or he would bite someone. In this riddle play of sexual sorcery they began operations of bombing and mayhem leading to the ripper murder of Shannon Harps in a blood oath and death vow between Seattle Queers and those who released AIDS that Obama brokered while his luger jammed. The simultaneity of egging on the sexual revolution while plotting to light it ablaze is found openly in their symbolism, movies and political rhetoric.


Many of the crimes revolve around the symbol of the hollow vagina. King was killed on D D’s birthday who had already given her virginity away when seducing me as a child, or as Greg Karl wrote, “the initial encounter of the X-motive was tainted by the shadow of the adversary”. Cervi, who poisoned me with a nerve agent for Midori and Wattenmaker, lured me to Coal Hollow Road. He said Kennedy was killed with a hollow tip bullet. The road to Hollowood Music Story passes the Kennedy shooting gallery (I think) at least there is a Shooting Gallery at Kennedy Road on the way to Coroapolis. In any event they squoze the impacted neuroplasm for language in Carbonell’s headquarters and called it demonic possession. Meanwhile, they claimed that I was frustrated with an unrequited virgin and offered me alternative status symbols like the cover girl of a Feminist Philosophy Journal, run by Peg Simons a friend of Dr. Eskridge at CCAC. When I took Eskirdige to court, the courthouse laughed at my carrying my grandmother’s bible. A boy named David from East Liberty Presbyterian and apparently Branch Davidian, crashed my home and scribbled in the book of Timothy, causing me in seizures to throw it away, hypnotized to the idea that anything impure of Lennon and Midori was defiled (I was in pre-seizure hypnosis) while Pink Floyd Ayn Rand society at CMU, claiming to be avenging super-ego HIV positives had me in seizures from the joint rejection by Rosa and Midori (Two Virgins) when I ate food from a source other than those allied to her wavelength.


Paul McCartney, the power source behind this filthy ravenousness (and 911, which was the HIV attackers masquerading as the bereaved) claimed publicly that God inspired one of his stupider songs, but when telling lie after lie after lie from his Liars Club, he jibbered that Sufis like him he are in this world but not of this world. What better way to purify than to ruin the soul by intimate betrayal?


No one said a word while I still had a chance, and that is the nature of illegal religious government, to consign you to death and oblivion as your claim to recognition of innocence. Crime in progress.