It’s not that I blame anyone for not being able to read my writing, I long ago lost the power to define my own reality, but in being used for slave labors in the partnership of Gail Burstyn and Paul McCartney, it isn’t just my shortcomings as a poet that make the penury hard labor even to read, no one enjoys the discovery that a self-regarding, sniggering carpet chewer on high is the fool into whose hand our fates have been entrusted, as he plays out the destiny of millions of people as his psychodrama over the proceeds to being sibling to syphilitic totalitarian whose voice sent his lemmings to the gallows of AIDS, clawing at the people they left behind, screaming die with us, die with us or you will die, too.  For the British this huge mania of destruction was presented as a conjob of found art centering in 1988 on the event in Mt. Desert Island, Maine. Nevermind, they say, that a lookalike of the writer, Gail Burstyn, appears on the cover of Robert Fripp’s God Save the Queen record, whose minions wrote the alibi, a record photo which followed his nationwide tour promoting found art music, or that the Trump JFK file dump has the exact phrase, “looks just like Rubin,” that I have been using in reporting Jennifer Rubin’s lookalike on a Roman Pink Japanese film company that Ichiro brought with him to Seattle in a place called Video Hop. Rubin not only was a close friend of Gail Burstyn, who describes the entire enterprise in a script from Neva Japanese Pornography Corporation about the utility of framing and sacrificing me, which was adopted by The White House to promote Obama, but explains the tragedies of JFK, Martin Luther King and Roberto Clemente as well.  Meanwhile, syphilis addled Paul McCartney, used Clemente’s name to rape a Korean deaf girl while pouting about his moneybag through the Green Party in Corrections Society, for which they used our campus for serial ripper homicides, because, because, because man, Reagan and Lennon were Ayn Rand hustlers who the autograph hunters are exploiting man.

         It worked beautifully Ringo.  They believe you.