The reason we know that the so-called Plague Mass society who photographed themselves menacingly outside the World Trade Center with an open stiletto were advance planners in the AIDS attack is that while I was living with Obama’s military fraternity at Temple University a woman named Dia who, like Gail Burstyn pen name of the script’s ghost writers, used to say I would be famous someday, called me to tell me about Lennon’s shocking disappearance on the eve of Double Fantasy and Reagan’s swearing in.   If Ringo Starr is to believed, Lennon really died and so therefore we must support the AIDS attackers in their plans for it just doesn’t matter, and this means money for anyone who effectively supports Fenton Bresler’s theme that Reagan and Lennon were both shot by lesser, jealous men. The factors surrounding me, who was present in name and form at these hoodwinking jobs tally up to a real strange humiliation.

      The foreign assassin is punishing America for something HE did; they withheld vital information so they could plead solidarity in degradation and death.   Using kangaroo justice the rabid authored politically motivated disenfranchisement in experimental restorative justice for King Duke (Edward)’s favorites from the Axis Powers.   Penis Gabriel used to bray of buying a castle on the hill just to knock it down, while lisping observe as the inferior appeals to him next, as he wielded bare naked evil, for Ultrahigh and SO are total war offenses against human liberty and Civil Rights by the attackers exercising jurisdiction by the aggressor and for the aggressor, from foreign bonanza in trickery.

       Progress has been made in establishing how the pimps who killed JFK operated from the Crown of England.   For one, they worked in Pittsburgh from WQED which is an initialism signifying: When Queen Elizabeth Dies, in other words a plan for Kingdom Come, equipped with the trump of a nuclear cats game.   Ringo Starr appears to have killed Princess Diana, the men who were taunting me about it in advance were his minutemen, dacoits from Prince Charles and Midori Goto’s plot with Joel Caplan to rape me of life through pawn shop slanders, and he did it in order to con his troops (“chunchy underfoot”) into saying I did it, as though I made him twist his ankle, so he could have free smacks on JFK, jr.  Nothing is too low for the British. Ringo Starr threw himself into this game lie after lie after cowardly, cowardly, cowardly lie.

       Oliver Stone evidently helped come up with the perfect crime.   Israelis and Lennon liked nothing better than to burp in America’s face and talk down their noses at us.   Mysterious Miles Kirshner of the WQED vicinity talked through my traumatized brain into the wavelength of naive idealism Lennon played the fool for promoting of to jeer the peace movement and then move to represent the Lennon Estate through Warhol Museum and Reagan.  America’s terror of Israel and speaking up was underwritten by a name signifier called Lederer. If you speak they’ll be deadly and if you wash they’ll be offended. The entire liars club lay in wait, plotting to call the truth void over a penny and slashering to underwrite that Seattle judgment.    The legacy of the Kennedys long ago was converted to a program directed at idealists targeting their potential income with the message you ain’t gonna help anybody that went through the head of RFK, too. The Society for Military Engineers and architects all across the nation worked together checkerboarding our environment with signifiers of their extermination plan.   They stole wives for kicks. They castrated our liberals as pathetics who wouldn’t even stand up for one another, so fearful they are of Oliver Stone’s loutish woo woo at the showers of clean up time. Midori Goto and Laura Crary worked together on a pact of sneering at an injury caused by their favorites with a nerve poison, cheering the real men who proved that vile. The Dead Kennedys arrived in popular culture with Megadeath, people who think Oliver Stone cares a hoot about the legacy of the Kennedys are bananas.

         For Stone, this is a remake of And the Children Shall Lead, whose star villain was another Israeli, Jack Ruby’s attorney working for the Goering Estate, in a landslide new arrangement brokered by London Johnson who wanted Adolf Hitler and J. Edgar Hoover inside the tent pissing out, and that is just where they are, on the inside, pissing outside, what do they see?  Many quislings, playing good guys, thinking they all big.

        Oliver Stone and Ringo Starr came rampaging for Gail Burstyn, announcing that Lennon and Reagan together was beloved to biker kingdom and Midori Goto always gets her way.   You couldn’t offer friendly reproach to black anyones because of the Black O’Brahmin installationed for Nicky’s plan with Edward’s Teddies.