How can a proven slasher and rapist claim civil ownership of a mutilated victim of Manson Family style kidnapping and serial abuse?   Clearly it allows a surreal serendipity to the Brass. People are looking for meaning as a new branch of entertainment, and the jester-hatters behind this bizarre mission are gifted in profundicating beyond mere sense and science to our society’s zest for shamanism.   This folksy syphilis they regard for soothsay.

      If you believe the war in Vietnam was wrong and sided with the leadership of Martin Luther King in 1967, the word counter-culture would sound like Orwellian doublespeak, just as calling the Civil Rights Movement’s insistence on the laws being obeyed allowing them to vote by the term “civil disobedience” is semantically false.   However, the removal of the Kennedy Brothers and King gave an unscrupulous opening to lewd drug traffickers laying in wait that made the Penthouse pin up opening of Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde something of a strangler’s poster girl for a social era that seems to gain expression in acts of the Manson Family making, “Hell No We Won’t Go,” an anthem of junkies rather than those concerned for protecting global welfare.  Even the protest candidate Shirley Chisholm admitted in Unbought and Unbossed that money, not ethics, was the basis of her dissent.  With lewdness and drugs the movement’s norm, rather than education, courage and meaning, abortion became the voodoo child for the backlash crowned in a Jesus loyalty oath and the intersectionalities of the hoodwinkers.

    My story is old, famous, but kept under lock and key.

    Parentage of the breadbasket Midwest, understood they the need for a separate reality behind our walls inclusive of Black patriots, born of Dallas City, Iowa and Topeka, taken to Pitt for a lark, Crary was contrapuntal thematically.   Heckled in seizures (Rosa did not love me, she was a pig contracted to detonate the Watten-plasm) with “you gonna eat that?” the clingy, weepy Jimmy, Hillary’s supposedly pastiche villain of contrast for the new groove Obama, was the foetus incarnate railing against rejection with the demonic dictates crying against suffrage by connectivity of monstrous screams in the womb.  The white devil was righteously played into by a psychological observatory hoarding their pedophile hostage movies for the slovens of the Crown, observations by the gobbler and this phobic intensive mass mindset was at the flip of a Pentagon Disney switch. Spies are very perceptive people. The British understood America’s yearning to believe the staged and phony intercept was a discovery burning with tears, ignoring the blackmail and defense of the truly guilty implicit.  They didn’t have to explain the contradictions that floodlit the doublecross that rubbed our blindness in our faces. The British laughed that they could rig a Moebius slander for the bullies to ruin their Sisyphus by stonewall.

    If the Law hasn’t spoken by now it never will and there is no law.  The brilliants of the Lennon-Reagan-Hitler Axis put together by King Edward and the CIA do know the details of semiotics.  I have observed them and found them with painstaking consistency, but explaining to armchair readers takes work, because they involve such matters as Jung and Fluxus language conveyances, as well as elements of a script Penis Gabriel seized and tried to destroy entire.  Necessary and sufficient material survived, much to his homicidal fury. In these matters, Dec. 8th is the Japanese Anniversary of Pearl Harbor and for those who never wanted America to win or side with Democracy, it is a day that will not live in infamy, but rather in fame.   Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested at the film Cry of Battle in a theater once owned by Howard Hughes.   In the opening scene the date Dec. 8th fills the screen.  12 and 8 also appear mysteriously in High Noon and in the Texas Schoolbook, featured as the date that Dia announced to me on the phone that Lennon Houdini’d, as in how he won the war, all in kilter with the mystery of King Edward.  Yoko Ono, a Japanese revenge attacker from Unit 731, notorious for horrendous acts of poison, torture, ripper murder, and child rape in places like Pittsburgh and Seattle, working with Dia deluding queers about AIDS, she has set the terms right down the murder of John John Kennedy, Jr.   Dec. 7th, appears on two of Oswald’s secret service identifications, one of which is initialled AH. The only way any of it makes any sense is a Unified Field Conspiracy Theory about Pentagon-Disney. To miss the truth of all that, just surrenders to Hitler’s revenge and moves on, which is what most people have done.    

     John Wayne's film The Green Berets is chock stock full of semiotic evidence that he was behind the assassination of JFK in collaboration with Adolf Hitler and sent the Texas Schoolbook to me, a little boy from Bush's ship who he referred to as "chosen". For example, just as a man reaches the end of his tour of duty, about to go, at the very end of the tour, just about to escape, he gets shot dead, and Wayne says about he near exit, "all the way" the slogan for LBJ. There's tons of it. A man called SGT says LSD is just an aspirin compared to the trip they are on. It's all in there, detail for detail. George Takei, predictably, wasn't Melvin Belli on Star Trek? Jack Ruby's attorney for Hermann Goering's estate? And why the big fuss about the name Arthur? It's all there, you should get wise.

       A person who has been severely tortured with paranormal brutality, a nerve agent, home invasion and other sordid acts of criminal statecraft is bound to suffer from mental illness, especially as a target by acid rock gaslighters as I have been. I was in trauma recovery for 12 years and suffer from neuroplastic injuries that are extremely painful. I am also in Phi Theta Kappa and a straight A student in college. Did you read my paper or are you just another hate criminal who targets the mentally ill to pleasure extermination rock stars?  Pap was radio room on Bush's navy ship. They planted me in Pittsburgh, used nerve agents for mind control and used me for a secret world broadcast as their parrot. The humiliation is so shattering that my friends scattered and almost no one will look into it. Peter Gabriel is uncontrollably sick in the head. He and Oliver Stone worked with 20th Century Fox and Disney when their sound technician David Lucarelli and the voice of Mulan Ming Na Wen were given a signal to grab these letters that John Wayne's faction planted on me when they tortured me as a child. Gabriel is behind soooo many murders.

      Quart and Auster, film historians state, “The Vietnam War created a fourth army:  one of filmmakers.” If Orwell made us wary of dissembling, the unspoken asserts itself:  an army of filmmakers created the Vietnam War. Isn’t such a doublecross glaringly in evidence in the intersectionalities of myth and reality found casting a pretentious, pseudo-solemn, spiteful, part-time social worker (Martin Sheen) as the Zarathustra who straightforth into Dante’s seventh circle?   Quart and Auster are at their best when dissembling. They describe the unrecognizable letdown of “portentious babbling” by the Karloffian mummy at the heart of darkness, his insipid vestige anecdotal to the horrific tears of an ancient people’s decimation so that some grabby jocks from a war jungle animal house can take the bimbos on the main stage by force.  This film is the graphic carousel club of Disney World at the charnelhouse of head rush, mescaline, and too bad about Agent Orange, the aspirin opiate of the enlisted masses, courtesy Bayer, Inc.

      Before the atomic age America was arguably a lot less fearful.  FDR had cautioned in a state address, “the only thing to fear is fear itself,” yet when after the war the worst form of fear set in with the Red Scare, in all its flim flam, the paranoid edge was real.   A tyrannical figure emerged on the wings of the age, Joe McCarthy, “he hurled innumerable charges of communism at upstanding citizens and created a climate of persecution that his critics compared to a witch hunt.”  (Carroll/Horowitz, p. 291) As though stellar cosmonauts in a science fiction yarn of high seriousness, demanding account for UFO’s from mere earthlings, a panel was created that announced their agency as an inquest for Un-Americans.   Ignoring American affairs like the Ku Klux Klan, vigilantes and slander, they went after the weak with the lower jaw of piranha. The Committee announced a grave threat in our midst, the communist terror, hiding everywhere, maybe even your own home, staring at your with hidden red eyes at the supper table.  HUAC swooped down like superman to carry them off to the voices of Mulan, a kiddie clock and theft off Broadway by bank machine union cabal.

     In the collective consciousness projected from the super-id of Penis Gabriel, Reagan was really shot therefore the rape penny belongs to King Edward’s favor.

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