The Federal Government has opted to allow the queerbait to speak openly on the topic of British sonar.   Just as the murder of JFK was very conspicuous, hidden in broad daylight and just the beginning, the British spoke openly in downtown New York of the rape of a human mind.  Most Seattleites abhor the word enemy which testifies to our good nature.  Sadly there is one.  This essay is self-organizing and readable which the enemy never wants, having invented what they take to be a pretzel of hydra-headed scripts, gnashing to music in a bewildering myriad want you to believe there is now way out but trust in them.   This allows them to declare the worst case scenario that we now have arrives as a manifest destiny, in reality a holy war fait accompli accomplished by deceit, to which they say we are now betrothed in a shotgun marriage.  Overlooked by Palace arms is that had they taken prompt action on my lead many years ago there would be reason today to be grateful.  British admitted openly that they were unconcerned and unaffected by the attack, negating that potential for relief was waved off as undesirable intervention and lauding their doublecross for its cerebral ingenuity as a capital gain farce, always on behalf of the brothers, they assured us with a lisp, who can hardly be blamed for not wanting to die on a sidewalk.  They can hardly mask that it was all structured to elicit a great guffaw.

       Hatred of schools is fear of them.  I was educated by veterans of World War Two in the Kennedy days who loved our schools and filled them with our faith, before the great school massacres began with the Texas Schoolbook slaughter of JFK, cheapened by learning it was Reagan calling his War Department “Caspar” in sly regard for Adolf Hitler who offered Eichmann to Israel in the AIDS plan.  Anthony Rhodes has a chapter in an article about the Vatican called the Nazi Experimental Church published in 1973 but the chapter is strangely empty.  What could it be but purposeful omission?

         The SSQ, commonly known as Act-Up, while calling confederacy agitation protected themselves from full disclosure by constructing a persona through dictation of a false but lethal paradigm.  They attacked our school with a grand production supposedly as an act of crucifixion for charity.  Crary had been found holding secret papers of Ringo Starr.  Like the truth about JFK it is an open secret that the facts will never be accepted or believed.   It is the importance of the the issue that leads people to look away and although the light is very strong the overt Nazification of America is hardly gradual for being denied.   The retort from New York and their kneejerk posse comitatus in Seattle, the SSQ (Seattle’s Stupid Queers) is that if Lapham thinks it’s a joke then it is one.

        Look briefly at the facts:

  1.  Mt. Desert Island detective investigation found Zell holding absolute proof of prior knowledge in the AIDS attack.
  2. Penis Gabriel of Genesis wrote his alibi in the name of Black Psychology.  Okok.  There’s a pickle.  He called his derision the act of a bleeder engaging in the production fo empathy, a new popular sadism.   Categorically out-educated, we watched helplessly as Hitler’s new intelligensia embarked on their bewildering myriad at accelerated pace, and of course the women of Japan thanked Reagan graciously with gratitude for their avengers and a burnt offering was summoned up and identified caustically in Obama semiotics.

        I would like to mention briefly who I really am and what I offered to King Crimson when I mistook them for a sociological approach to the West’s confusion.   My father represented a powerful educational institution.  I had studied at Pennsylvania Governor’s School with Peter Balakian.   Instead of listening they used me for a walrus, summoning contract assassins, building a roster of abortions, killing my offspring religiously, denying me the fruits of my labor, deafening me, lying about a boiling plasm poured on me like Medieval oil, and sacrificially murdering bystanders against my right to have a girlfriend.   Obviously there is no danger from the hysterical hatred of Ringo Starr, after all, it matched the goals of the Black Panther Party in Pittsburgh.  Fripp gained a good deal of insight into what was going on with me in my neuro-hypnotized state when I replied to a scold about using someone’s guitar, “if I felt that way about everything how could I breathe?”  This gave him a wry look into the hold of the old in-out on the boiling plasm, and the leer of a petty theft presumption blackmail.

         Martin Luther King saw this coming.  He reached out to Ho Chi Minh.  He understood that foreclosing on human rights in favored of the civil rights of a walled city would lead to a death sentence on civil rights as well.   Martha Gellhorn had seen the liberation of Dachau and yet made clear in a private letter that she couldn’t believe this was real.   Yet the British spoke openly of a contingency where they could hear thoughts, what if, they laughed on a song called That Voice Again.  The art of the brainwave invasion is insidious, fearfully egological to the Beatles Biblicalism, and minimalistic.  Occasionally I write down an odious reminder of the foul hearted spews that punk ogre Richard Starkey blackballs into my head, calling it schizoidmania, but the truth announces two more items: 

  1.  They are deceiving our faith.
  2.  There are hidden potentials at Pentagon Disney.

        The Key Concept here is that it testifies to the Beatles Biblicalism as prophets of doom.   

        It’s hard to find safety in a secure soul when dogged by the perplex of Jewish Special Detail that haunted the memories in the Holocaust Survivor Neighborhood where I was raised.   They are the Jews who saw God Almighty caught with his pants down.  Where is there to go in faith after surviving by gassing other Jews?   It leads, at best, to the peace of paper.   JFK tried to make peace with this devil through Good Neighbor Policy.   In answer Reagan summoned up a Les Majeste from the rabbit hole of Oswald.   The British then caustically called upon the curse of Jakarta in Dune, spitting at the killers who cut the captive throat with the words, “this is what I think of my water when taken by the likes of you,” the last contempt yielded by helpless rage.  In evoking the anthropology of spitting at rejection of suicide SSQ’s arrived at the leech of their pain, the Gospel according to Hitler.