The trickery of Carnegie Mellon and the Federal Bureau of Investigation led by a New York multi-millionaire powerhouse society of publishers and banks authored a nightmarish bloodbath during the AIDS fiasco in which I continue to be mutilated and used.  No one stood up for the truth even though it was perfectly obvious.  All of the juvenile delinquencies for which I was tortured and interrogated illegally and by deranged means for decades were part of a slaughtering attack coerced by hostage taking, brutality, and a personality change chemical so savage that my face is bloated and disfigured from it even now over 40 years later.   Even with that I resisted and was/am being tortured for resisting them.


      A partnership emerged between Peter Gabriel and Graham E. Fuller announcing an Ivy League and effete sensibility going by script and saying I was icky.  Gabriel went so far as to broadcast libels about me over an international system that set the stage for cover up mayhem announcing that Reagan was the true familiar and voice of Lennon's spirit.  Jimmy Crary, they bellowed, must be ignored and punished for interfering.


      Logically, if the HAIR cast had found a script showing AIDS was manmade and Lennon's death a key function of the strategy they would have immediately warned us to save lives and mobilized attorney to prosecute.  Their star hitter Amanda Harcourt arrived making clear that Paul McCartney had no intention of doing anything of the kind.  The Beatles engaged in a close working confederacy with the assassins in a vicious and deranged game of sex bait.  They disarmed us to prove our peace like the cavalry setting up Sitting Bull's tribe for the gattling guns.  They called Martin Luther King's preachings the road to heaven and set up a little gas chamber in Highland Park they called King's Estate.


      The British had a little sport going called How Sick Can We Get Away With Being?  In their syphilis they dream of squeezing their future King through the needle's eye of Death Row acceptance like the joke of giving Jimmy Creary diabetes against the HIV injection needle.  All of this is true because it is how Peter Gabriel thinks.  Never has a society so catered to a Trojan syphilitic.  It is a unique and appalling, absolutely singular situation in every detail of ravenous ripper hatter mentalism that was uploaded by the attackers to enthrall the victims by inner council.  Rock music is a Tolkienesque world utterly devoid of good wizards and gangly with rabid ones.


       Shannon Harps was ripper murdered in cold blood by Harcourt's confederacy built with Shawn Brooks from Highland Park all the way in faraway Seattle where I fled as a statement about a penny of profiteer that McCartney's gang symbolized by a C in a Star of David, part of the company script, as though to say that trying to warn Queers about the danger, or those the Queers have deceived, and about it's true authorship and origin was seeking to profiteer from their tragedy and in their violent Islamo-worship of Peter Gabriel they bought this line for blackout in trust, blood oath and death vow to Gabriel's infallibility as the architect of a maniacal fraud, producing in Seattle a Trojan wall of deluded sickos.


      The effrontery of Pentagon Disney was shown in how Michael Mullin introduced me to Ming Na Wen, the voice of Mulan, in the lead up to their company reckless driving show at Kelly School.  Thusly O-sama (Structuralist Approach to Musical Analysis, sama means super-polite in Japanese, or as Jagger's script reads, "the goody goodies are twice as bad"); bin (has been) laid-sin radio.  NASAphrenia (that voice again) as my fiancé was taken from me for a lifetime to SERVE Reagan's revenge as a Fundamentalist divine retribution while I was left in futility to document my protests for their laughs.


      The assassination of JFK was scripted with an Apology to Japan that Hillary secured through seizures and neurohypnosis by the fluxus of beatlemaniac baristas, "I'm sorry?  I'm sorry?"   The doorman at the Dakota was frankly disturbed and appalled.  It's all on script at