Eugenic Yojimbo is just a murder sport, anybody can play it, and anybody can try to outsmart it by pleading that the bullet is worth more than the Jew, doesn’t mean it will work, like they say in Green Slime, it will crawl into your bed, you’ll believe it when you’re dead.   Ultimately, there is a living will to make sense of things, and understanding how it works and where it came from may contribute to the prevention of the burning of the next Library of Alexandria.   

    What the black psychology wise owls hawk as street law, etc. is more the age old chauvinism of New York City, Inc.   Hip Hop really isn’t all that much about race as it pretends.  I took courses in the Nature of Reality at Murder University long enough to know a few things about their precisely mentality.   I don’t mind explaining, although I don’t particularly enjoy the blowback that comes from watching the Papal Nostra of Black Literaii react to being upstaged.  Penis Farrakhan has his own plans for explaining on high why it isn’t kosher to scapegoat Pitiless Yakub.

       Watching Donald Trump deal in three-way confidences with North Korea and Dennis Rodman is a lot like watching Bebe Rebozo trying to figure out what to do about the MOVE in Philadelphia.   You figure you have the basic chance of the priest reading the Bible against the Martians in the original Day the Earth Stood Still, but ultimately you don’t know whether to blame the priest or the Bible, since what Goode would it do to blame the MOVE or the Martians, who just were born that way, and genetically destined to occupy?

       The obvious points are on the table everywhere.  Chronic victimization destabilizes our society’s fringes.  That’s basic and irrefutable.   Although you have to expect that the idea of outsmarting others is rigged to ensnare the intellect, rather than set you free in a stupid and ill society where winning is billed as though everything, there is something to be said for knowing what happened over being brainwashed.   The idea that nice guys finish last in fact originates with the intelligensia of spoils and mega-money in New York City that informs the successful in the classless extravaganza of bad music and nauseating poetry that comes over as a sign of racial vitality in the bid for party power and approval from ruthless chicks.   Even if you like that garbage justifying shootings and rape that’s a far cry from understanding its cultural nuances.  The fact that Eugenic Yojimbo passed for decades as legitimate race war is very disturbing, covering, as it in fact did, courtesy Obama Corporation, for the AIDS attack, but that sort of mania for dogma is slippery as a foreign eel.

        You have to take the Panopticon approach to all that, as though you personally were Warden of the record books.   I certainly do not know what I am doing, but I do happen to know what they are.  In the name of freedom of expression they are trying to bully and negate freedom of taste.   The idea of bringing the madness of the streets into schools has a certain amount of daring to it, but I’ll excuse myself from Murder University as the outcome, sorry and thank you.

        The deplorable raid on college rules has already been found out head to toe as soon as you reject Neely Fuller’s compensatory coding and the terrorism of Black Lives Matters for the historic reality of Eugenic Yojimbo.  There are a lot of black soldiers of fortune out there, Colin Powell’s exercises of authority in Vietnam were not really dancing with Martin Luther King, but it did end up with the ear of his family bank and fortune attorneys.   Wilma Coon played out and proved the vicious racism of Mr. Douglas, who regarded my efforts to support divestment with the laugh, “if you try to help black people they will only turn on you,” and he perceptively mocked my interest in Robert Fripp’s school with the absolute glee, “he got you to pay him to do his farm work for him?”   Douglas and Black Lives Matter really hit it off, in more ways than one.

       Walking on thin ice has been found out for so long ago as a Roman syphilitic that justifying it with a deplorable raid on college rules is like supporting the poisonous substances of Bayer and MK-Ultra because they create goblins bringing into fashion the shrunken heads and cannibalism of Cameroon.  Chaplain Slayer can bark of African Kings until R2Wu2 takes over the Dean’s Office, but it still makes Ice Plays the Harp look like Pudd’nhead Wilson.