The few people who actually do care about me lost in the cruel phenomenon of operators who make it a point to advertise the idea that they humiliated me should not feel humiliated by what happened.  Sad, true, and very tragic.   What they are promoting however as humiliation was in reality a planned slander.  The idea derives from the notion that my letters in high school were psychologically consistent with the Warhol script they planted and took back.  People who do not read into it their biases realize that it was an impacted syndrome, a neuroplastic and inculcated role they forcibly assigned me to give a pretext for experimental escalation and the truth about what they are capable of in terms of experimental technology in turn proves my allegation that it was deception to its core.  This will do little to halt their planned slander, or reverse the injuries they have inflicted, not only on myself, in their obsessive malice, nor will it halt their sowing of their hidden transcript, but it might remind you who I have always really been, even in enemy hands:  a person.