It is a known fact long mistaken for an irony that a man named Charles Bronson was in Dealey Plaza making close-up films of Kennedy and the Grassy Knoll when he was shot.  In the other Charles Bronson’s film The Mechanic (an eidetic control factor in the hostage Jimmy Crary’s traumatized childhood) the killer of the mechanic, who he trained and then manages to blow up post-mortem, tells him, “you couldn’t cut it on your own.”  Dramaturge fever awaits anyone who tries to connect with the nest of assassination researchers ensnaring new prey.

     Bronson took his bride from another man by announcing, “I am going to marry your wife.”  The role of Anthony Quinn in HitlerReagan semiotics (and The National Police Gazette) suggests very strongly a similar game in the captures of Jacqueline and then Maria Shriver.   The klukkers birthed me through a regular littl’ Wichita Andrea Yates, who said my gramps was “the same racial stock as Harry Truman.”  She was trained by John G. Neihardt.   Our new allies in Japan didn’t really prick up their ears when lectured on racial equity, they just stoically waited it out.  The new game, because Blacks were in on it, of sexually leering at prey has huge numerical superiority through the Church of England and their conceptual control tower in British Prog-Rock experiments, from the fascist chic of Orwell and Orson Welles combined; the burning cross of Adolf Hitler cloaked as Aleister Crowley.

      The fascists in Britain were pulling strings to have books like The Killers of the Dream in print by 1961.  Illusion-makers clucked that Oswald Mosley was stoned in Liverpool to hide the meaning of Crowley on the cover of their fave rave’s with the bloody glove of murder and that the Old Confederacy south of the Mason-Dixon (supposedly) arose in Liverpool as the high foreign seat favored by the Knights of the Golden Cross Circle under Jefferson Davis.   The wave of the future is inclusive by Virtue of being excluding of a horse of a different color than the Jews.

      “No one takes you seriously,” Mike Exler (X-slur) derided, while he served as aide-de-camp for Miles Labia in the character assassination stage production assembled by British ridiculers scoffing at their own conduct while fascinated with control of the collective subconscious from on high, but really it is women who cannot be taken seriously on the level that matters.   If you tell them you were tortured they start saying, “you represent a threat to me!” and of course the foreign English knew this and had it ready among former Seventeen Magazine readers now in menarche to start clucking

      Black Studies at PITT downplayed the horror of the nerve agent I was given because it served their purposes too well.   The Beatles came through in partnership with WQED to collect on their investment in little Jimmy and through CMU’s Akrim Midani, Machine Intelligence, Brian Kaup, Brian Milnes, Jamie Carbonell and Alternative Conflict Resolution where they set up the oscilloscope for the electric eel show.  They had an American weird’n wired up center stage, invisible-like, to destroy Pink Floyd as settlance planned for during the post-Onslaught adjustment hysteria.

      This was set-up to serve the Warrior Myth of Black Secret Societies like The Elders Project while conferring on the world’s worst white people honorary membership in the sacred museum mafia in grateful recipience of their monetary offerings and hand-off of old stolen treasures, always assuring their partners that LBJ was better than JFK, who was just about Picasso making off with the sacred African legacy of Spike ole Lee in his pale white hypocrisy weeping, weeping for Lumumba.

      Nancy Moore is a perceptive ninny when it serves her who came home from a neighbor’s house right after Von Ryan was gunned down in the back when I was eleven saying, “Jimmy will be crying now.”   She also denies screaming at me that she had a dream someone was trying to kill me.  I like Black people but the racially charged atmospherics of their cover operation is mentally ill.   They allowed Abira Ali conspicuously to work Zell’s master plan on Mt. Desert Island with the Neva Corporation’s pornography entrapment testing war game, an apple of love one associates with the terrifying film banned in China Xiu Xiu the Sent Down Girl straight outta Pittsburgh.

      Who killed Garcia Lorca?  Probably Colin Cross.