The Origins of World War III

Mac Crary

Nov. 28, 2017


       The idea of an inverted pyramid in journalism states the important information should come first in an article because busy people may not read more than the first few sentences, so here goes, even if the article is all important and would read better another way:   The AIDS attack was justified by a military honor code stating that sexual morality is the essence of virtue, a marital law as martial law ideal.  This is proven by the script they wrote about their misdeed.  Have you ever heard of equal pay for equal worth?  Or the legendary refusal of Allied High Command to allow black soldiers to attend the victory march in Paris?   This fairness problem is what recruited black generals into the plan.  The good blacks would live and the bad whites would die.  That seemed perfectly sincere as an arrangement.   The idea that something else in a crowded world would be more fair asserts that you must believe that honor code is wrong and that deviance is a paradoxical higher authority in virtue, which goes against everything in criminology.  AIDS was therefore holy war and worthy of man, end of conscription.  Yet throughout this terrible atrocity they have denied it.  Further the denial covers for what they admit is secret awareness and a method of resolution, improperly enough, one imposed upon us by the authors of the ordeal working their denial for position.  So, there it is, the important part.  If you feel comfortable with that, just stop reading.


       In the inverted pyramid notion the second most important part comes first, but since it is my view that this full article is important enough to write well, I am foregoing that doctrine from this point on.   If you think of irrational hatred as a social science you might very well strike upon the motherlode of doctrine underwriting the serial offenses visited upon me as a person made into a hate object by Barack Obama.   It cannot be unwritten and because it is underwritten it has become a force of nature, it’s own justification.   It is felt therefore it is justified, according to Pittsburgh and Seattle’s bully tag team.   The fact that I am prone to exonerating myself proves that I am not the secret agent man of choice.   Putting myself first when less important is they contend proof of disgrace.   This is relevant.   The destruction of human and civil rights is at the heart of this affair.  What was done to me as an example is pitched to be compared to the plight of those who actually died.  This summons was in the script and performs the doctrine for the collaborationists in the NAACP.   Like the Kennedy assassination it presents a problem in mass psychology, a field in which the accomplice syndicate are expert.   All of the lenses are fitted to the prefered distortions in power.   This summation of emergency by uploading of an effective deceit also allowed them the bray that the extremely cruel method of torturing and then getting rid of me was an act of mercy since the purposeful disease was withheld, much to the fury of suicide agents leading from the front.   


     The suicide agency of the leadership cordone is not theory.   Nor is the fearsome tactic of scaring our society into line.   Each of these self-exampled extremists thought of themselves as idealists for whom the spirituality of the human race was greater than the importance of their own lives, and they thought of themselves as teachers.  They came from a variety of backgrounds:  there were children of the Jewish Holocaust, doing it for lost kindred, there were Paris Left Bank intellectuals, doing it because it was there; and there were the sort of fringe zealots seeking special recognition through saintly service, and this brought together Michel Foucault, Gail Burstyn, Sean Strub, Mark David Chapman, Dolly Meieren and Yoko Ono under the false flag of claiming victim status, none more prolific and strident than Diamonda Galas, pronouncing infallibility to themselves under the clock of Laurel Canyon and the Zappa brain trust.   The infamous art of King Crimson was the leitmotif for the entire show.  Further, because of their friendship with Peter Gabriel and his African troop of royalist artists, Black Lives Matters have covered for Obama by acts they claim are symbolically avenging Emmet Till, sacrificing innocent whites, from which position they allow no investigation of black involvement in the original attack.   Black rage, in other words, is an effective smokescreen for collaborationism.   How I learned of all this is very surprising.   What is particularly interesting is that denial is being said to disprove the allegation, as though the destruction of evidence is meaningless and the remains without merit, when, in reality, necessary and sufficient to convict.   The final pervert twist is called the voice of John Lennon:  a reporter should have to die to prove it.


        Being victimized this severely for this long is dangerously unhealthy.  I am in very bad condition, diabetic, deaf, impoverished, with splints on my wrists and neurotrauma in my facial nerve, testifying to the cold blood of the government mission.   I can just imagine Duterte’s view, “We must stop this reporter for the safety of the earth!”   There was a fight in Pittsburgh whether the campus had a place in college for what has been construed for a radical historian.   Unfortunately, the perpetrators put my name on the secret treaty and I am disinclined to endorse such an offense against my peers and humanity.   The difference is very significant in terms of our criminology code as a society.  For me, it is a crime to solve.  For them, blame of the innocent is the solution.   A lot has already gone on that creates a feeling of mission accomplished for the attackers, and they are not the type to rest on their laurels.  They have a message in their success for history, which goes beyond the anthem:  what’s done is done.   


     Why people are found to be said:  sticking up for a victim of Mansonesque mutilation torture is a subcultural theme of our immediate political age.   The dark and treacherous nonsense finds its zeitgeist in the atomic peril of Al Franken’s fondling in office.   This is of course all very Pink Floyd.   The change or die message, like the film The Day the Earth Stood Still, seems to come from ancient religions, get used to and accept each other, while very true, also is problematic because it comes from Hollywood engineering who regard that idea spitefully as a sale of hope in crusade hiding a jest.   Distrust, in other words, is widespread for a reason.  Saying that opening the minds of the public through right to know laws is an announcement of the final apocalypse and a death wish is no way to run the fourth estate, but shows you the New York Times was an instrument of the attack.  I don’t  want to belabor the point, because once you see it, you understand.   On the level of character assassination it still makes a difference  however, since the  epic enjoys a scapegoat forced into a model representing abortion as the inherent absence of conscience.  In other words, abortion proves the attack group had a higher morality since they oppose abortion, except when forcing it upon their example, a vivisection guinea pig, chosen from the liberal category, taken hostage as a child, a continuing saga of the very disturbing.   Obviously helping you understand all this is a big goal.  The next two paragraphs will help.


     The next two paragraphs:


  1. How the plan of action is so consistent with strategies used in the past.

  2. Why the British explanation is incontrovertibly unreconcilable with the evidence.


     In World War Two the Germans burned down the Reichstag and blamed someone else to initiate a purge; they claimed Polish troops fired on them to justify the invasion of Poland.   Oliver North used this tactic in Nicaragua.   Since it is proven effective and is present in this case load, it seems a safe bet that the idea was planned.  I first learned this style from a kid named in the script named David Cohen.  He would slap his hands bring one to his face and yowl, “ah, ya hit me!”   Accordingly it is interesting that Reagan’s attorneys who worked with the Beatles on the FEMA plan they colorized as emergency response on Mt. Desert Island, working with Pentagon Disney, both had me in D.C. the night before Reagan claims he was shot, he waved to me, and set up the execution of planting of evidence on me for the staged and phony find concerning the supposed real death of John Lennon, making very interesting the prospect that old Paul is Dead rumors were a dress rehearsal in a fraud.


     Documents proving that I was earmarked and that the murderers planned to play upon emotional solidarity using music were taken from me by force and impounded when the Beatles claimed that a proven long plan war game on Mt. Desert Island was emergency response.  The crime of AIDS was almost literally dubbed Operation:  Pretty Song.  Meanwhile, depicting me as guilty for having a slave mentality as proven, they said, by my unwillingness to date rape their starlet Leslie Katz when she taunted me nude, panting and prone, but otherwise coy, the murderers had me chemically castrated, announcing that was mercy to prevent them from a compulsion to afflict me with HIV.