Soseki Natsume is a literary figure so prominent in Japan that his name appears on their currency and he points out in his theory of literature that the focal point of the reader is on one issue at a time.  Those who want control of our society and politics, rather than informed participation, use an issue collider mentality to compact a number of dubious propositions all at once and forge them through the focus of awareness by way of songs, for example, meant to trigger belief in spellbinding ideas for people whose concept of knowledge amounts to whatever makes them laugh when frozen into a bumper sticker slogan.  Lennon’s tonsil titillated the clit when he said the word: Peace, so therefore he had political credibility. The cylindrical system of issues is pushed through a generator online to create impenetrable media given to testing tweets in a sound bite moment of airspace that fails to qualify as participation or meaningful feedback, it is much more Orwellian, a feel-good practice of civics by anonymous shouting matches.

       Many things worth knowing are overlooked.

       The first processes of our civics are at stake.  The presumption of innocence exists to protect people from the fact that it is often very hard to know what the truth is and that gives people an incentive to promote witch hunts, and our society has come to see this situation as to our advantage.   It is not just a person’s name that is at stake in these cults and para-civil enterprises, the rotary cults involved have been proven to be very violent and deadly criminals, some operating through Hollywood in protection of underworld estate. They have kept King Crimson’s critical and central role in the AIDS attack out of discussion and this program will describe how this is so easily known.   The evidence however is so extensive that it cannot be meaningfully overlooked even by silence and averted eyes. Therefore their explanation has to be put under review.

       It is far, far easier to expose and understand these domestic terrorists than it is to get around their violence and illegal death row operating from the Reagan military with the blessings of the Clinton machine.   AIDS was a bipartisan action, with solidarity within the Unions. Both the AFL-CIO and SEIU gladly participated in promoting the plan and the cover up as a military masterstroke from Pentagon Disney. King Crimson are hard at work in a race against time calculating control of all future presentations.   Obama was elected on an inside fascist war deal, a type of Black Faust. The goobledegook of black letters that prevents address of this program is a poisonous web of hostility for truth, justice and the American way bordering on cannibal notions of judicial action. Although their claim to spiritual guidance summons down the ancestors from the Elders Project in the name of secret societies of tribes and their ideas of law, a generic brand of Taliban that rhymes Osama/Obama baloney we know from the hegemony in London that it is more the tragic airspace traffic control of a Lennon obsessed acid head working with Brian Eno who caught the AIDS virus.   They enjoyed from the beginning such drama queens as Vaclav Havel, whose relevance was a one-hit wonder back in the 80’s. He was found a deadly child rapist working good cop/bad cop cover-ups for a Zappa/Reagan alliance. The more we have learned about King Edward’s Hollywood the more mysterious the protection of the AIDS attackers by Lennon’s estate has become, and unless you choose to resolve this Mr. Re game by the shortcut of the truth it will remain very mysterious, but not impossible to identify.

    Suspense has its place but is also wearying for a political essay.   Instead, to simplify against the complexifications of which the assassin lobby are so gifted, I will direct immediately to the issue of the money involved.   I had an experience on the streets of hawk turd Seattle yesterday where the murderers poisoned me and agreed to string me along by medicine if I agreed to help them put on their show.   Librarians have various names for such crimes: Catch-22, prisoner’s dilemma, the Green Party, STASI, they vary. The genius of Hollywood was to call dibs on my name in the way that Huey Long was killed and then exhibited for a utility in historical fiction by Robert Penn Warren and Robert Rossen, the film-maker who followed.  The killers have taught children to jeer kill him already, kill him already, we want to see the movie. The situation in Seattle had a clubhouse wonderboy named Clinton asking me for a dollar, forcing me to say no twice and was followed by an office official who made the head snap gesture at me for refusal to let them loot my pockets.  The image being cultivated by the murderers in the pornography corporation who funded Christine Gregoire is of a deaf man trying to take the money and run, because they realize that a huge injury has been inflicted, but it was done experimentally to push the idea that victims are a relative issue in a lottery winnings culture.

       Unsurprisingly, throughout this I have never lived above the poverty line so the logic isn’t really that cognate.   However, the hostility for charity does not authentically originate with me. It originates with the Beatles who absolutely hated Concert for Bangladesh and said it proved the lie that rich and famous people could do anything.  During the lead up to Mt. Desert Island Britain sent their specialist Derek Parfit to Pitt to lecture me in person that the rich can only help themselves, trying to help others won’t help anyone it will just destroy the rich. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr drafted my father under the advice of George Bush, his virtual bunkmate in the war at sea, because old Ryland was from the boonies of Iowa and believed in the Huey Long ethic of helping the poor through public schools.   They created a straw man argument to illustrate their idea and give the horrible hounds of bedlam something that looked like them to chew as a ragdoll. They even called it cowhoove therapy on Mt. Desert Island for Duduraq the dog who had to chew at annoyed cows or he would bite someone. Ringo Starr gets away today with calling this Pedophile Island, to which I will return.

      The violent pedophile machine behind the way I was earmarked manipulated government with the help of Gregoire to make it appear that they were making a mockery of me for supposedly being like them.  They openly discussed the art of lying about me for Hollywood purposes in a paper by Gregory Karl about constructing a persona. Although they denied I could have been following up on pre-laid entrapment in the AIDS attack, they can hardly deny what I found in Gregory/Gregoire, such refrains as “the persona is subjected to successive degradations of the X-motive and then subsumed into a larger structure dominated by its adversary,” meaning the Neva Corporation and DeNiro cinema, who wrote the script that King Crimson coyly plays like they found, asserting egological control from the Lennon estate, another fact to which I will return.  So, in other words, there was reason to follow the leer, and they are lying, but what are they saying in their false witness program and how did it proceed? And for whom?

      According to this absolute War on Sex, in which the gentleman who claimed to be teaching us about our freedoms was then used to create a new system of home invasion as a backlash against those freedoms to control us in a pornographic empire, the first principle is that I must prove I was behaving Honorably.  In other words, even in victory I must admit that all of the libertinage of Lennon and the Playboy generation was wrong and that I was unfit psychologically to participate in the groovy scene, and they were right to detonate an impacted neuroplastic head trauma they inflicted, claiming it was the will of Lennon, in crude and ruthless home invasion, a stink bomb attended by a litany of issues that Gregory refers to as a “bewildering myriad of surface details,” while admitting “the fundamental theme”.   His partner, Gregoire, just lies, since they aren’t about to address the civil realities in hawk turd Seattle.

         Naturally, because he is a liar covering for the AIDS attack by weaponizing AIDS into a instrument of celebrity terrorism, Penis Sinfield has a leer, a blackmail, a lewd and vicious cat call from Yoko Ono and the Neva Corporation to offer up and it is seconded by the Pittsburgh NAACP.   Her name is Andrea Swimmer, she made the carrot day tape internationally for Friends Meeting House (Rusted Root/Liane Ellison Norman), Thomas Merton Center, and Jaime Carbonell/Brians Milnes and Eno that gave Adrian Belew a lasting partnership with Aaron Dixon and Rosa Clemente, a twist of Lennon that allowed their franchise to use the names of other victims to promote exactly the opposite of what they stood for shamelessly, notoriously for example raping a Korean deaf girl and calling it the will of Roberto Clemente, a signal of Obama’s gyrations as an installation by Reagan.

       Although there is no one who actually wants to hear everything there is to hear about Andrea Swimmer, the murderers have repeatedly demanded bragging rights over airplay, threatening to kill the children in my family, if I do not allow Colin Powell and Michael Reagan to public jeer me and laugh about being bukkaked in my sleep probably on pirate film, as a nine year old victim of their hostage-taking.    So long as they can evoke Andrea Swimmer as something I am hiding, they can get away with castrating a man they deafened and held in bondage as a slave to the AIDS attack. That’s how their witch hunt works and was designed by them to work. Having put up a poster of The Shadow Knows in our cellar, Lucarelli whose son worked with the characteristically Pittsburgh soul-free hate band Rusted Root and 20th Century Fox used to like quoting Mencken, “no one ever went broke underestimating the tastes of the American people.”  He also gave me a copy of Mr. Blue, the Christian novel about carelessly giving away one’s possessions to anyone who asked for them.

         By study of what Rosa Clemente and Andrea Swimmer did at Carnegie Mellon we will arrive not only at a very clear representation of the insider alliance and premeditated confederacy of the NAACP in the AIDS attack but also how perfectly the eugenic pussyball operation just happened to fit together for their whorehouse sit-in promoting Midori Goto as the Big Victim from their Liars Club.   Starting with Andrea Swimmer because as everyone knows Jimmy Creary was a copycat. Since everyone who knew her saw her for a sleep with anyone type and every man who ever came near me about her would call her names, the very mention of her name in connection with me brings down the presumption on my head of saying the same sort of things about her which automatically triggers the vipers behind the pedophile racket in police culture, seething and sneaking that they have caught a fish.  Unfortunately for them it does not at all accurately represent my deposition towards her when I was young. While it is clearly very easy for the Warren reporters like Thos. Gordon to create parallelograhams sniffing that some quote/unquote heard her name and called her one, which makes everybody think automatically Jimmy Creary it did not in reality work that way. True, she chased me up a tree. True I did not enjoy her stories calling the pulp protein and braying of her IUD. True I didn’t want to sleep with her and heard the fluxus of Gail Burstyn in her Erasmus style fake praise (Indian slander) but I felt terrible pity for her, her father had her living in the most filthy environment I have ever seen, and when she posed at me accusatorily I asked her why, I had offered to take her into my mother’s home where she had friends, staying as she did with Mary Ellen Tunney.   I could see that Braunstein had hired her and that she was backing his lewd innuendos directed at me, and I noticed with a very tall, Dia Galas type individual showed up with her at CMU wearing a tee shirt billboarded: PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY, but the truth is that she was the one forcing herself on me and I was trying to figure out how to protect her from herself.

         She was like that car with no brakes that picked me up hitchhiking and they were playing a game of you are supposed to try and stop her.   I had terrible trouble accepting what she was doing even then. My mother had complained of my attempts to help the women of that area before.  Diane Draxinger said her father would kill me if he knew but I invited her mother who Diane said was abused, over to our house to discuss it, and mother tried to but it was largely futile.  Her brother showed up and subjected me to some draconian Catholicism and then went away. The pornography government of Pennsylvania is very violent, that’s the point. DeNiro has made them internationally famous with his famous words about Pittsburgh, “Just one bullet.”

       My father Ryland was a radio room lieutenant for George Bush in WW2.  The British recently threatened nuclear war against the United States if I am allowed on or off Nasa tyranny to have a child by lovemaking within a lawful marriage or even date anyone.  They have used their brutal pedophilia to justify castrating me and raping Jeannie. This the U.N. regards as a sacred settlement of Fundamentalist pussyball over Midori which just happened to create a paradoxical alliance of those who started AIDS with the victims in the name of liberation theology.   The Asian Sociology Department at UW of course is head over heels with the Black Panthers, marketing their terrible stories of exploitation by THE WHITE that allows them to claim a revenge jurisprudence in targeting innocent white people in the United States, while Andrea Swimmer ends up with a Chinese circle of friends working with Ming Na Wen and Gail Burstyn for the promotion of Yoko Ono.  This gives chivalry and the iron fist of the prude dominance in the AIDS war game for entertainment sports purposes and shall we dance teaching skills.

        Andrea Swimmer was a sexual predator.  Her advocates do not even bother to hide the signifiers they were hired for:  Van Sickle is a good example. The name Hank Van Sickle evokes Rip Van Winkle, and the inscribed, “this is a very old letter,” on the parchment of Gail Burstyn.   The semi-coma, paralyzed mind of the hostage humanist white of the exampling was put out and then brought back: wake up, time to die style. What Honor Code they could possibly be promoting in Clean Up Time by advancing so many sick crimes against a multiply disabled victim of torture is obscure, but amounts to the old cigar and ice trick of alternating molestation with raw pleasures.