As NW Asian knows from their files of such stories as "Hammer Man" (also the name of the Seattle Art Museum's large public exhibit) when my next door neighbor made a terrifying scene bringing in SWAT (aiming rifles at me when I came out of my room unaware of what was going on), and a long series of similar outrages surrounding Museum mafia acting involving a convoluted cast of characters who a deaf Korean girl named Jeannie was raped for trying teaching me sign language to help me escape, the situation is one of parochial largesse and macabre support for the assassins of several men in the name of their own victims, a weird banking investment cartel who took control of their property for their families after killing them, working with the King Family concern from out of CMU after killing Dr. King and then snapping out that I am an unworthy who must be fiendishly mutilated and humiliated for not keeping quiet about abominable child trafficking and horrible torture and hostage taking that befell me when I was very little.  They are defending and have defended the murderers who brutally, brutally kidnapped and tortured me, lying about the evidence, seeking to have it smothered.  Gregory Chin corroborated the evidence of beating medically.   They are advocates for the murderers who did it to make a mockery of rehabilitation while sneering why not since they are more like Lennon than we are and he is the only one and true enlightened fellow.

In  today you will find the following letter:  Why the Pervert Invented a Non-Existent Threat, largely caused by  harassment by their team in an online chat last night called The Village, whose international agents have been reported for prior statements in several mass killings.  It is supposedly a support chat for people in recovery.  Since I have asked for news lines to be open for my testimony so the public knows how they have been deceived, while also kept in troubling isolation as a deaf man in great suffering from a nerve injury, I have held chats, even though the museum mafia is collecting them as profit from crime.

This entire situation is one designed around the principle of:  WEARING YOUR HORNS PROUDLY.   The Blacks at Pitt were involved in the AIDS attack, by setting me up through seduction by a woman from India who withheld that she was married until afterwards, the good kind get to WEAR THEIR HORNS PROUDLY in the name of Midori Goto's Two Virgins Pussyball justification for Mt. Desert Island, forcing me to go to school under the tutelage of the monsters behind the prank announcing after lying to my face to humiliate me by an attack prostitute, well-luh, they have been married all their lives to the same woman!   Even though the suspicious men who put two packs and gunsmoke in my mailbox at the death of Tupac Shakur included a black man in their team who had been shot in gang wars himself named James Green, Mike Seatte GETS TO WEAR HIS HORNS PROUDLY for Gail Burstyn's team behind the AIDS attack script that New York Times claimed lets them GET TO RAPE DEAF JEANNIE, when Black Lives Matters no less avenges testifying against them by the ripper murder of Alina Sheykhet.

        FIGHT ME they laugh publicly online after getting Seattle to CHEER the men who shot up Miami.

        Penis Gabriel laughed like a motherfucker.