As anyone who has uncovered the truth about the cradle to grave sex tour of Two Virgins pussyball clocked to the AIDS attack in Beatles Royalist bid for global and international hegemony in the electronic age knows, there is a hidden mystery meaning to impending World War Three.   The reason why intelligent people, beginning in ancient Africa, adopted freedom as their philosophical foundation is because it simplifies things to let people think for themselves, and although Bush’s America did a great deal of lip service to this concept, they didn’t really like it and were using it in an Orwellian sense from oppo-world.   During Obama’s reign of office, Yoko Ono corporation and Gail Burstyn’s Israelis kept America in the media darkness while arming North Korea, who agreed to sucker their own people in a hegemonic bid to overthrow America with the help of Trump, The Green Party, Russia and China.


     Targeting me was a closet symbol of total war humiliation.  They stopped at nothing.  It was incredibly horrible.   I was chosen for being a Kennedy kid, among other things, a symbol of the inconsequential white American.   Blacks are not exactly the most interested in allowing the freedom of others.  Try taking out a black girl and you will see that freedom for others doesn’t sit very well in the ethics of black men.  Further, as the manner in which Bush and Obama created a fake identity structure and evaluation mission, in cradle to grave control subject study, they mean to punish failure to cement relations through physically violent demands for tribute.  Rosa’s story line of “escape from James Crary,” was caustically fabricated to prevent escape from King Crimson and Donald Trump.   She did, like Leslie, go free unhindered.