There’s a new rule in the United States that I am told is long unwritten and nothing new:  that British rock stars are entitled to torture, rape and murder innocent fans, publicly gloat and call it their therapy and entertainment.   Heinz Museum is in on it. You may have seen the film titled: Kids about casual transmission of AIDS when children are sleeping. If you study Facebook culture you know there is an anti-hazing and anti-bully movement in America.   If you believe the British, the face promoting the notion that bullies are the victims of sissies are familiar names like Roberto Clemente, Matthew Sheppard, anyone they can drum up to announce that real children do not get hyper, they get even.   Fear, in a child, they say is evil and evidence of guilt, proof in fact that the bullies were right all along. You really cannot get around that logic, now. It’s not just the new way. It’s the law.

       What I have decided to do about it is that I am going to make sure everyone I know knows what I think and said and why.  If they want to their peace with Nazism they can call it a delusion. That’s the only deal. The British however are finally afraid of publishing freedoms in the United States.  They have established by crime, murder and fraud a shadow jurisdiction of blackout over the press. Failure to warn was made an issue of casino sharking, instead. Their sons and daughters of hate and cruelty gnashed that it would be more fun that way, even speaking openly of being unconcerned and unaffected by the tragic weapon.   So, when the voices of King Crimson physically died, I didn’t say kaddish. To them, forked of tongue relentless, Gail Burstyn is Jim Dandy.

       People will remember the sneer of Britain in the history of AIDS the way they remember the rants of that crazy man Adolf Hitler over the Jewish holocaust.   The British led the way that all tyrannies have of suppressing freedom of speech, they made it too dangerous. I’m interested in the fact that the truth is so impregnable, that by telling the truth you cruelly reinforce their power by the insidious doctrine that it is too implausible, proving that Oxxam’s Razor is the easiest method of reasoning to delude.   The new law renders their victim a form of Sisyphus, but in that tragedy arises not a plan for redemption, but the only hope left, rejection of these cruel madmen, even if you don’t believe it happened they way I do, but on the facts of mass murder, torture and crime waves from their Headquarters, supposedly so in the name of victims, a burden, we are led to believe, by their concert for the Weathermen, but what it is really is United We Stand under the stiletto back knife of Dia at the World Trade Centers.  That is why patriots always turn off that image on the screen and say let’s pretend we didn’t see that, shall we?

       There are two ways to resolve a contradiction that disturbing:  by answering what happened or by refusing to address it. Their taunting is meant to encourage you not to address it.   The rabid have had big money professionals on this caper right from the beginning and before, so they have no trouble biding their time, with the next challenge from their media authority.   They have won so big by claiming that those who released AIDS were waging war against the United States in the name of the victims that they think defying them is hilarious, useful to point at and laugh as a game of self-delusion.   People who don’t believe me have reason to want them stopped as well. They’ve shot up more than one school with their incited fans, hoping to gain solidarity for their blackout. One thing we know about the British is that, maybe not you, do understand that I know what they did.   They thought it was failsafe. Their backup plan is to announce that maybe it was true about Hitler and Reagan but surely you don’t think Lennon, myuh.

       Ringo Starr and Colin Powell have specialized in creating a worldwide prison gang secret treaty, solidarity of the sort hammered out in Texas penitentiaries where the inmates know where the Warden’s children go to school.  That’s Ringo’s mark. They’ve turned news into suicide exposes, but the root problem isn’t the cowardice of newsmen, they are just the usual brainwashed fans, but the cowardice of lawyers. They are the ones who built New York media’s case on ridicule of sex caused by severe trauma, the crying shame of a hostage used by adult women in the darkness.   When defeated in prose, they just radar that the assassins won and induce ahedonia and cata-trauma.

      Their falsehood holds reign because critique of it leads to a dead end, the foundation built on the murder of Kennedy, which they construed as a just measure of pain, announcing ripper mayhem for insulting their sleaze as Amnesty International, the shrill unquenchable malediction they counted on when huddling in gleeful anticipation at secret meetings of prior event sociology, which any listener odysee.