This text will put you to sleep because it will be addressing the area of your awareness under hypnosis, against which all Federal conditioning by media empire is aligned to disallow.  You are also pressed for time.  Since narrative is linear and cannot ask priorities to collide in a wireframe of simultaneity I suggest reading a few early vignettes to decide if this is right for you.  Martha Gelhorn, to whom Ernest Hemingway dedicated:  For Whom the Bells Tolls, commended me, in a private letter, for “a great sense of urgency”.  I feel one for reasons.  If it isn’t right for you, this tract, please consider either returning it or giving it to someone who might care, since it is expensive to create a copy on my budget, so they are very scarce. 
     I am being put to death for telling anyone.  The death penalty testifies to what they are asking of you, that you laugh my civil story off.  I know how you feel because I was under hypnosis for years and fell asleep over and over and again in tears of exhaustion at the high mark of a good day when turning to the task of putting down the most important passages.  Clearly, this was not from boredom.  I know now that elixirs of ennebriation, the excitement of occidental movies, so called Hollywood, who run our news, and encourage what they now call Creative Non-Fiction in colleges, has a shadow darker in the tonic of assurances that carry sleeping powder.  I know I cannot wake you up, you already are wide awake, it isn’t that.  Faced with what happened, your head will sag anyway, not in anything like embarrassment, but in the simple bliss of negation and the chloroform of denial as a conditioned response, where the trumpets of sleep celebrate your courageous snooze.  I’m not scolding you.  I’m not disappointed.  I know how it is.
      There just isn’t any time.  The karma switch in things could go off any day now.  Don’t you want to get better, though?  Don’t you want the medicine of truth?  Is it even legal to disallow life-saving knowledge?   If you can, if at all possible, try to stay awake and I will explain as well as anyone can what has really happened.  It was worth it to me to have hope for you, that you might not have done this personally, that you might be, in some hidden, private way, emotionally opposed, is so important to me.  One of my friends, Owen Riley, reminds me a great deal of Tolkien’s Frodo.  Frodo was weak, and made bad decisions, but the whole world was riding on him.  He stood for everybody.
      Contrary to where this may find you, I do not mind beginning at the point.  While working at Falk Medical Library when the first glossy medical reports about AIDS came in during 1984, while employed by the Administration at PITT who authored the FEMA constitution, I took a fuzzbuster approach to the attack and nobody was more furious than the acid rock gaslighters in British show business who knew all about me due to my important father Ryland, and they went directly to war to stop me.  They are still acting through every school Administration to allow punishment for my investigation.  This becomes particularly serious when you factor in the selection (by choosing sides at work) for approval of the attack, advancing through the vicious and alarming ruse that they proved me wrong when I proved them liars.  The script about this whole travesty, left in Pittsburgh by Reagan’s farm, is a Texas schoolbook rifling our history right back to the dispute regarding who really took possession of our National estate and why after events in Dealey Plaza.
       Anyone who does not approve of the AIDS attack is well within reason to demand a high standard from me, but I am unpaid and have suffered terribly already.  The assassins made sure of this and it is a part of their sale.  When I was brutally attacked they said it was just police getting even.  There is evidence that several rock stars masqueraded as police detectives in order to secure hard alliance in media empire.  They gave their own other victims reason to side with them by masquerading that they were being framed.  They claim they knew in 1984 what they claim I could have known in 1974 and here, in 2017 they still won’t admit what I reported at once in 1993.   The mystery then is clear.  What would have happened if the child they tormented had come to too soon for them is perfectly obvious.  Faced with their own masquerade being flooded into action by friendly media empire throughout the whole system, a claim they were running emergency response, brokered by a pre-arranged orchestra they called in a very hard to find document:  The Publisher’s Project is also known in the Vienna Circle as the Texas Schoolbook.
       In East Liberty as the letters in memorial of Geli Raubal written by Adolf Hitler and Associates, reducted by Orsen Welles, for many years in their capacity of patient ronin plotting revenge, a legendary practice in Medieval Japan, while playing possum, the script itself was encrypted into the Hollywood studio system put together by D.W. Griffith and Raoul Walsh who invented the burning cross for the film:  Birth of a Nation, and made Reagan’s war time films.  It is in the script and setting of many famous movies, unnoticed as semiotics, many times referring to the plan to rescue Hitler, yes while these letters arrived, ladies and gentlemen, to the home of James MacRyland Crary, the Karls, across the street, put on a Saturday afternoon war game of hidden letters leading to a birdbath.  The mindset of the letters documenting the AIDS attack were presented as Karl’s narrative of a final accounting.  Working with Ringo Starr and an alliance of Black confederates, the assassins made sure of the refrain:  if you try to report us you are in for the surprise of your life.
       The theater of war element in the City of Pittsburgh was satirized by George Romero by the creation of a new movie genre now popular, the film:  Night of the Living Dead.  Less well known is that Romero, our neighbor, worked at one time for Alfred Hitchcock on North by Northwest.  He was also in touch with the Vienna Circle.  Our neighborhood occasionally had visits from Star Trek guru, Leonard Nimoy, whose guest star Melvin Belli was the attorney for Hermann Goering’s widow and Jack Ruby.   To find a script planning the AIDS attack in the milieu of Night of the Living Dead has a dreadful connotation, don’t you agree?  Yet the British wanted only to use the idea for a laugh from Carnegie Mellon.
      So what is Carnegie Mellon?  What is going on between CMU and East Liberty District?  This arrangement was going on in the 60’s.  It started coming to light on Mt. Desert Island in 1988.  So, it had about it the patience of the 47 Ronin and a Hidden Imam playing possum, indeed, knowing who are we are dealing with in Reagan, Ringo and Griffith, from the land of make believe and thermonuclear warfare, the idea of an Imperial Wizard, the famous leader under the mask of the Ku Klux Klan, as the Imperial Wizard of Oz was like a casual throwaway too good to pass up or be very impressed with among the Greco-Roman scriveners of this creepy séance society doing as much violence to the mind as they are to the planet.
        I have a reputation for having infiltrated Morgan Trust in the 90’s as a Pittsburgh inhabitant hanging around Carnegie Mellon asking questions and being alert.  The Libertarian Party is in a curious struggle when it comes to people like Edward Snowden, being sure they don’t like the Right to Know Laws, but being hard-boiled defenders of the First Amendment.  Politicians just sell herd mentalities.