For most people words that teach and inform are not entertaining and an educator’s life is often in a feud with the need to impress importance on those who they bore.   In Oliver Stone’s film Platoon we arrive at an understanding of the message his immediacy of drama from a confusing conflict only by knowing in hindsight what the film really contains.   Stone was on the team of Reagan in Hollywood war studio command and knew precisely how the time capsule system of semiotics worked. He also had hippy collaborationists, meaning extreme and psychedelic code makers, just as John Wayne did, talking openly of LSD in The Green Berets.  Both Stone and Wayne knew in 1975 that Anthony Cervi had given me a nerve agent designed by Dr. Cyril Wecht of Grave Secrets killing machine publications.

       The frankenstein torn face of the Sergeant in Platoon was a simultaneous reference to his mystical approach to neurology.   In the hippy extremism of The Walrus Platoon, all men were even Adolf Hitler and the most radical love forgives them.   Anyone who doesn’t comply with the forgiveness machine must hang as a betrayer of the sacred trust demonstrated by musical cherubs in the Rolling Stones sex loop.   The party and forgiveness machine pinched the script at the time Stone made Platoon which is at best an ugly paeon of Semper Fi to the My Lai killers, but it has important semiotic information.  The face-carving mysticism neurology was central to the spiritual argument behind the AIDS attack to which release of Platoon was timed as a cultural diversion.   

       Stone makes a cameo at the end and goes up like the Wizard of AIDS in a small mushroom cloud while talking to a man who makes a series of appearances, an actor resembling Oliver North, who was not yet introduced to media in the news.   Similar faces is part of the mentalism of the Walrus War, the closest continuer psychological explanation of John Rawls, author of Anarchy, State and Utopia which preceded Robert Fripp’s re-appearance in the marketplace of social address.  Fripp provided a recycle agency to Warner Brothers while Cyril Wecht was casing me for the Katz game, also known as Trump, the warlock ultimatum.  Stone met with Putin several times before the Kim primal screams that told us again time to move on.

         I was born with elements of national narrative because my father was a human rights author from Bush’s ship in the Navy and my grandfather a well known newspaper editor.   Platoon had an actor being called “Bunny” because in the face carving Oliver Stone’s agent from the Carnegie, Donald OS-tro provided control for the Morgans at Carnegie Mellon of the carrot tape implant they used to set me up for neurological investigation in a stonewall selling the semiotic transcript, demanding perfections of reporting against their stonewall of confiscation and slander that are not a norm in the media, while demanding airplay of cowardly fraud in the name of forgiving Kasper.   They even laughed, go ahead and try and warn people.

         1986 was 32 years ago, only 23 years by contrast after the death of JFK which for many people didn’t even happen until his film in 1992.  Stone worked with Ming Na Wen, introduced to me by Michael Mullin, covering for Will Zell, denying prior planning with Hollywood black mercs on call despite a street stage named years in advance Wenzell.   They were hijackers named Bijack and Drake with a studio library card catalog marked CRA-CRIM by a man from Iowa. They forcefed me nitroglycerin as a child, and X-rayed my heart before kidnapping and gassing me in Kings Estate, writing me their script for Jennifer Rubin, whose name comes out in the JFK file dump, “looks just like Rubin,” after I complained the Neva actress looks just like Rubin in a video of the Neva Corporation named in the script writers who pedo-tortured me, which Stone gassed to life with his extrusion of neurological mysterian secondary torture punishment for squawking.  The Pitt Platoon had a man named Platt working the drug traffic at the elementary school while dating George Romero’s daughter Kyra Schon.

       Meanwhile a bootleg of the films one of the Oswalds was seeing in the arrest sequence arrived with its credits including Edward Knight.