The Beatles just happen to come to our rescue after events stemming from Love Field.  They were uploaded from the control tower to garble our national narrative.  The evidence coming together from this research shows that the foreign rabid led by Ringo Starr after their AIDS attack poisonously manipulated appearances to guarantee portfolio and power to the authors of the Texas Schoolbook, in mutual pact of protection, while humiliating the  United States of America further as unimaginably bitterly as they knew how, propounding the asinine rhetoric that the "spirit" of our country was a sacred ghost of Tojo ronin.

      Two members of the Warren Commission were personal friends of Adolf Hitler:  Allen Dulles met with him for Schroeder Bank in 1933 to forgive his campaign debts and ease his entrance into Chancellorship.  John McCoy sat in Hitler's personal booth with him at the Munich Olympics.  Gen. Walker, who framed Oswald in Dallas, led the uprising at Mississippi State over James Meredith and met with the men who killed Medgar Evers.   The rifle they say belonged to Oswald was in the garage of Michael Paine whose uncles worked with Dulles on the  Board of Directors of United Fruit, and whose mother was best friends with Mary Bancroft, Dulles' lover, both contemporaries of Clare Booth Luce, behind LIFE Magazine.   The driver of the limousine which stopped and waited for the shot to hit home, Wm. Greer, worked for United Fruit.  So you have this East India Company confederacy surrounding and looming over JFK which includes in fact the chain of evidence.  So when the evidence came out, thanks to Donald Trump's insouciance, we now can prove many things we suspected:  Oswald worked for the CIA who in turn KNEW and had proof Trump allowed release, which can be shown here, just click "Kasper", but this had already proven by other means, that Hitler was in Argentina.  I already knew because I investigated AIDS, but that is so impacted with horrible lies, that whole nuclear ultimatum situation, that you can't even get the Original Broadway cast of HAIR to admit what happened, and how they set us up.

       The Texas Schoolbook:  "I am the Walrus" and a flavor of the semiotic material can be found here.  The point is that what they did was so crummy, Pentagon Disney, behind the sacred cow of the Beatles, that the disaster and remorselessness of Hitler's revenge (CASPAR) is foolproof.  You can prove it to your hearts content and get nowhere.  Hitler's revenge won, thanks to John Lennon.  He had a plan of genius and this is how he won the war for King Edward.