Turn briefly to indexicalities for your records:  DF ~ Donald Finnegan Index to Donald D-below average F-Failure DF~sonar deaf ~ Rhyme to Donaldo Gulligan, DG ~ D.W. Griffith’s emblem neighbor of Donald/son Thomp/son~ R. Walsh sa Kurt Lang. DG Diamonda Galas, Donaldo Gulligan both female baritones, DF ~ Double Fantasy sa Pattern Recognition ~ Donald Finnegan (Fin again, you’ll have to kill me again) was the first person to threaten me into a state of terror, recall Burstyn’s first call, “Hi, remember me?” when I had never met her before and Kasperowski’s, “I heard you called me an asshole,” sound behind me before blow blindside that was like being shot, landing on the steps of the American Legion, looking up to a hun I had never seen before.

Index also to Donald Gruber DG, Schlicklgruber (Hitler’s real name %50) who said I “shoved clay in my prick,” before the hole lancing by Mendel Silverman’s orders leaving me with forked prong, forked spray, “there’s a fork in the road,” subcultural platform of Donald Krugerrand Trump of the South African Secret Service who promoted Obama with Spike Lee, his friendly Brooklyn bought boy, yammering of a picture on the wall in Sal’s to drown out the screams from Mt. Desert Island, where they pussyballed by ARK/ARTEK Pitt, a woman named Alpana for South African Secret Service (Dennis Brutus) and WQED promoting the Cornell West/Gail Burstyn moral equity arrangement of the Reagan takeover, targeting Midori Goto of Thornton Music, playing at victim for McCartney’s Liars Club (see Matthew Thornton’s father’s horse thief tale in the lead up to the Student Union attack for Rosa Rosa at CCAC).  Two Virgins pussyball sanctifying the AIDS attack with Lennon’s Holy Ghost War name for King Crimson, who published a script about their reasons for killing Martin Luther King as promotion for the good kind of blacks like Colin Powell.

The fans of King Crimson are the poison crime artillery turning our schools into a war zone.  One of them offered up the easily indexed book: Shadows Tender Fury, put together in 1995 by John-Frank-and-Leslie, Reagan’s key term name signifiers that Frank Zappa was promoting the AIDS Attackers in the names of Leslie saying that she was thereby adopted for Ian Wattenmaker’s protection in the nerve agent that they used to leave me in a state for Rosa to humiliate sneering that it was John Lennon’s holy contribution to American society that Human Trafficking is extremely brutal and weird in the fascist wey.     

I am going to utter something that may trigger you.  It could cause you to salivate with brutality and the gleam of the predator or squelch and go seething into backbite mode.  I want to say something civil and timely about The United States of America.

What happened to America?   Our Declaration of Independence speaks of the Safety, Happiness and Prudence of our people, while the salivaters come loping with wagging fingers and tonsil to jabber at our norms for the ravages of Christopher Columbus.   The backblade is honed by UW in the name of Mexico, where major strides forward are occuring due to education. They want nothing of a sense of proportion. They do not defend those who promote education about and in Latin America.  They sneer with hostility towards the educators speaking of the hard work of tireless liberalism in the United States, they whip the children who stand with them. They ripper rape the people who show them faith. We speak of Safety, Happiness and Prudence, fighting for ideals from the philosophical tradition to aspire to and work towards in Our Commonwealth, by after the 911 Salmacis attack by the AIDS attackers promoted by the Zappas in the name of the Zapistas (pattern recognition, index to Daniel Ortega’s silence and Papistry during the AIDS attack promoting Dennis Brutus of the African Secret Service’s venture with Peter Shell of Swimmer NEVA Corporation, German Revenge Martha Harty Schienes, Jaime Carbonell (Clinton, Eno) Granger Morgan Alternative Conflict Resolution behind 911) after which the Irish blowhard Bono pronounced with ugly contempt that it would be wise that America reflect upon why the whole world hates us (not by the way, John Lennon, whose name was promoting the South African Secret Service blackout that HAS DESTROYED OUR FOURTH ESTATE, as a deal for the good kind of Black advancement during the AIDS attack.

A whole exposition of vitality of mind and letters has been closed by the enemy within.  King Crimson are a plan from Liverpool where the Confederate Secret Service would meet, for the triumph of Robert E. Lee in the KKK which is signified by their first album Kourt of the Krimson King (King William) sonor using D.T. on their album with the Burstyn jab “figure that one out” index to Cart/eeire Dean Tierno, Norma Jean Depoffi.   Operation DEATH SEED which “kinder and caring” Bush covered for with Operation Desert Shield from Kennebunkport DDD Kennedy Debunk Deport. In which 444 DDD played a signatory symbolic role 44DD.

What happened to America?  The songs and dances going on no longer originate in the spirit of our souls.  We are told if we are white to applaud being bogeymonstered to cover for Black death threats from black attaches of the planning committee in the AIDS attack on which blacks sat in gargoyle profiteer, anointed with approval by Pittsburgh Catholic, always assuring them they are wanted at WQED.

The fourth estate was lost to a deal brokered with the South African Secret Service who cleverly mocked us for loyalty to Ringo Starr in their book Moxyland.  Have you ever heard of anyone entering into democratic exchange with a Nazi pig like Roger Waters? You never have and never will. Their idiom is to incite rabid fans to turn on their own country.   The Fourth Reich’s Estate in American newspapers (recall that Melvin Belli, Jack Ruby’s attorney, was the attorney for the Goering Estate) and that Ruby was a close personal confederate of a popular gonzo journalist in Texas, are taking no chances in their service to Big Brother’s grip on acceptable speech (did you notice how political correctness was uploaded with skinhead terror during the AIDS attack promoting Obama?) South African Secret Service SASS also operated out of Westmoreland County where Mel Gibson’s father was operational with the FEMA and Martin Sheen’s Catholic Worker deception (Milyssa Sassos), turning our campus into cheerleader squads for Trump network control in the post-Apartheid land grab (the murders of the Kennedys was part of the land grab) by Ringo Starr’s foreign cartel in a deal in which they forged my name by a ghost writer after using knock out gas and Administrative assurances, seething that a traumatized 13 year old child cudda unnerstood the combined might of King Edward and Kespeare the friendly ghost!  That is the double life they uploaded by shadowplay from Pentagon Disney. Are we entertained yet?

Dealing with the hoodwinkers is exotic.  They set it up to make a fortune on the spectacle of watching me sort it out.   The psychiatric association have OUTLAWED PATTERN RECOGNITION, just the sort of Stalinist backbite you come to expect from the Seattle LEFT who police the streets for Black attache of the South African Secret Service Aaron Dixon.   The University of Washington were certain co-authors of the Kennedy assassination. It has been confirmed. They were a satellite station meeting in advance with Lyndon Johnson and Richard Karl. A Masterpiece of HATE has been ordained as our secret history during a sleeping sickness of digital disconnect.

Billed as revenge by Riback’s keep your mouth shut squadron, the assassins put on a new play of masquerading the murder of Nia and knifing of Tifa as revenge for the Pittsburgh ghouls, which included Blacks, in the murder of Alina Sheykhet over Tupac Shakur, about circumstances I in fact reported to police which included black veterans on the Steelers agency.   Mike Seate, playing wear your horns proudly, from the inside circle of Kyra Schon and Gail Burstyn, mobilized Black Lives Matters to defend the AIDS attackers in their race grievance masquerade, alleging the whole thing was because I was a dictator wearing my horns in shame, accusing Reagan of wearing American horns in shame (real men wear antlers) when Rosa attacked me in a diabolical nerve agent promoting cheers among Rusted Root riff raff for the AIDS attackers when they launched 911 with that lout Bono’s blowhard blessing, kissy the boot of King Edward you British dacoit.

This letter is address the warmongering that comes specifically out of Pittsburgh.  The Black fascists there got exactly what they wanted in the blowback for Alina Sheykhet in Oakland.   What appears to have motivated the cover story going around and the murder of Nia and shattering injury to her sister Tifa.  The inability to reason with America political forces does nto excuse the obligation to define them and to describe them. I went straight to police with information about Tupac and discussed with my black colleagues my decision to marry Rosa, in both cases those I was indoctrinated to trust my trust was betrayed.   Just because our putrid university administration are morbidly excusing the violence as a Reagan defense team war game and encouraging it as a deal with the South African Secret Service does not thereby render their mockery sociology. The barbarism is not in secret sympatico with Our Commonwealth. They do not wish to be understood, therefore one should bang on and on defending them as Yoko Ono’s sacred lies, right?   They tell you not to overthink which means not to discriminate when you are being tricked. You are to REMAIN oblivious to their blindfold.

Mt. Desert Island was for real.  Penis Gabriel the star ripper hatter of the Blackout from South Africa and kingpin behind the Moxyland double cross, is lying.   Let’s not go over the arson at the Jackson labs, that might give away the loper’s sacred backblade, let’s not follow the treacher tracks to Nein Eleven.   To understand the root principle of Unify and Conquer is perfectly easy without much thought looking at Nein Eleven. The white nazi from the South African Army who warned me at the Downtown Emergency Service Center in advance in the presence of a conspicuously British Royal was, like the Tupac warning, accompanied by a black agent who ran head first into the wall knocking himself out.  The South African Secret Service contraption is unmistakably bi-racial while legislating false ideas from occupied media for the blackout from blowhards of fraud like Herr Bono. Therefore they say, don’t overthink, do not dare to understand, don’t dare not to be drawn into the race war cover story.