JFK’s assassination was a teaching tool in what we know of now as the Texas Schoolbook.  The lesson was meant to be well taken:  you want to be idealistic, that’s fine, we accept your sacrifice.  We’ll save the world (for ourselves) by destroying you.   They aren’t laughing at you, they are laughing with you.  They, too are idealistic, in their own way.   There is a difference between lost, eradicated history and that which is purely obscure.   

     In those days it was still possible to believe that media would tell you what they knew but media withheld the truth as an investment in future gains.  This got worse in Pittsburgh when the blackwhites at the V.A. mongered a squeeze play for looting of the AIDS scroll written by a Reagan-Warhol museum mafia with the help of Neva Corporation in Japan (pornography) and Yoko Ono about the whole corrupt song and dance they made of our post-Kennedy society through mystery and heavy mentals.   I, for example, was the very promising son of a Philosophy Chair from the Peace Corps who was radio room Lieutenant of Bush’s ship in the Navy.  Bush and the Japanese followed him as the voice of liberalism and mutilated me.  Oliver Stone was among those laughing his ass off while I spent ten years homeless and screaming in seizures from a neuroplasia they impacted in a brutal Manson ordeal at the hands of the Mancines from Neva cinema and then detonated trying to kill me as a trophy to present Midori Goto in a revenge turnaround game, the reason Oswald’s spy identification is dated for Pearl Harbor.   

     DeNiro and Bayer put Green Party hustlers from the V.A., Miles Labia set up the Beehive to make clear that whoever can destroy the earth controls it.  Getting Agent Orange victims to work for Bayerlitsch-Neva and Israeli intelligence in Pittsburgh “constructing a persona” of me as prey was clocked to Black pedagogy during the AIDS attack in our colleges and universities.  They were told to sit out the X-termination while given free license to hardsell the tears of the past in slavery studies, while working in secret to brutally damage a compensatory hostage in tribute to a pornography guild that offered them sexual elect options for cooperation, an Ark of colors compensation of a higher brand of racial integratio.   The mummy lives element came from Penis Gabriel in Avon Spa working with HAIR, “breathe deep while you sleep,” while they gassed me in hostage comatonia” singing “Kuku cocoon have I come to too soon for you,” to make clear what they would have done if I had understood anything they used brain damage to knock out.  Meanwhile they were code naming agents for Leni Reifenstahl and her allies old Duzzledorf to subject me through Black Studies to pedophile blackmail by murder terror actions for trying to get help.

     The fact that Miles Kirshner and Edgar Snyder worked together (Lisa Miles and Erin Snyder) on the cover up operation that castrated me and justified Mt. Desert Island by lying about how I was brutally, brutally kidnapped, tortured and gassed by a confederacy of the blackwhites makes a laugh of the idea that it is over-reaching to point out that the garage I was held in and tortured was on Snively which is a cipher of Sny-evil (der devil).   The Jews worked with Hitler on their revenge attack following Lyndon Johnson’s prescription that it was better to have him in the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in, and this fact was part of the corruption that had King Felix pitch a perfect game after I fled Seattle with Ichiro Suzuki, one of the apprentices of Neva guild on my tail justifying the AIDS two virgins war game as perfect to the plan to promote Obama and black grievance as the rightful successor to true grievance, while the undeserving, AIDS victims, cheered their own killers, because Yoko Ono told them to, compensating themselves on some symbolic innocents that Mt. Desert Island authorities called giving them cowhooves to chew on rather than see them bite the truly guilty, fact.  All of this was a representation of the Victor Frankl elements in the Texas Schoolbook.

     In Seattle it is the confused ones you want to help and befriend they are much nicer than the self-convinced tunnel vision obsessors who carouse the streets as cultural gestapo policing what people talking to themselves are saying.   One of the assassins in Pittsburgh used to talk about it seeming like a tractor ran over someone’s face, while horrible pro-Israeli crones were snickering, if you try to help the AIDS victims they will only turn on you because you don’t have it, do you.  Do you want it?  Is that your problem, meddler?

    Do not forget that this is all true and that I made Honors after the girl they brutally raped for helping me taught me sign language.  I am quite right about all of it.