Cold comfort comes in every disguise.  Thanks to George Orwell we know that Tolstoy had it in for Shakespeare, because Orwell made an issue of the obscure fact in his well-known writings.   Although Orwell outcranks Tolstoy in his rebuttal, he makes some good points, too, and such a face off is fine reading, even when it sinks to an academic tabloid affair, but it seems to me Tolstoy’s key point more than survives the exchange.   

     Tolstoy claimed that Germany recognized a fellow barbarian in Shakespeare and began brainwashing people to find him jocular and true.   Long ago, when I read the moment, “unseams him from the tummy to the chops,” I realized that Shakespeare was a sadistic buffoon and stopped reading him, rather than stomach the revulsions of schaedenfreude I rightly associate with his script.   The question I propose to address is how Shakespearean stagecraft emerged with the authoritarian hegemony that arrived on the fell nightmare wings of democratic hegemony’s assassination in 1963, D.T. We are being guided to obey this as a universal mission of trust in Hitler’s second chance.

        There is a major dispute about my presentation material.   One professor says that it is over the heads of my readers.  An enemy psychiatrist insists that it is evidence of dangerous paranoia.   The criminals at work in psychiatry make no secret at all of exploiting and promoting their own pro-military bias.   Having been severely worked over, and irreversibly injured, by their practices, I am not amused. It seems to me however that it is also safe to say that if my digest is over the heads of my readers, their safe assumption to understanding what has been done to me may also be actually outside the range of the logic, but it’s worth beginning there.

       We are talking about a situation within the United States of America, which, supposedly, is a society of laws and legal norms.   To get around these legal standards, our society has created a body politic willing to allow this to happen. Hillary Clinton’s book title will suffice to describe this eerie situation:  It Takes a Village. We are led to assume that Our Commonwealth, guided by high principles of understanding pulls together and creates benevolent empire, in other words is still practicing democracy.   Despite this, we have also been told by former President James Earl Ray, I mean Jimmy Carter, that we live in a Plutocracy. Both Democratic leaders are being disingenuous. We are living under an authoritarian hegemony masquerading as a spiritual hegemony, and voiding the Bill of Rights.

       Pause a moment to consider the Birth Certificate issue of Barack Obama that also stands in the way of Arnold Schwarzenegger.   We know that the CIA could forge a birth certificate with ease and no problem. We are assured they did no such thing. That’s fine, I believe them, but what evidence they did is this:  the Bill of Rights resembles the Hippocratic Oath. Despite this, Obama used entrapment, destruction of evidence, cruel and unusual means, to laughably claim that it was an eye for an eye to brutally frame an innocent person and commit racial sacrificialism in the name of American solidarity about AIDS.   Even if you consider for a moment the idea that Biblical Law applies to this crusade, and that the racial entrapment issue that was cooked up by a whore house sit-in gang every bit as capable of killing King with scorn as LBJ and his allies were of killing JFK in rivalry, you should pause before you just assume that Roberto Clemente would in point of reality validate the rape of a deaf girl with Downs Syndrome volunteering at Mercy Hospital.  It isn’t so, just because Black Lives Matters thinks it is.

     I knew Charles Biggs when I was young and understand how watchful men off the assembly lines came to google eyes the pussyball prize in a country of sanctioned human trafficking, but if you check the facts you will see that they badly damaged me to forcibly incriminate me and think they are winning by outrageous home invasion practices.  This is a village that has no village shame.