North Korea has done Donald Trump a favor by threatening to start World War III. The United States Government's diversion in the Middle East only forestalled confrontation in the courts of AIDS Nuremberg regarding the AIDS attack which is regarded as a fait accompli because of the confederacy found in Obama and the NAACP. This letter is extremely rare because it finally breaks the ice on a topic that no one has raised at all; as rare as the truth about AIDS is in abstract, knowledge that it was an attack does exist here and there, suppressed and kept down though it may be; there is actually nowhere anything about Ultrahigh brainwave sonar, and the reason I have been slow to raise it are the medical stakes in a case of murder by prescription that led to diabetes. The iron hammer of psychiatry has wolves at the poet's door.

As a rare eyewitness to the AIDS attack, whose very name was used by the Empire of Beatles' media, the fact of the meaning behind acid rock's misuse of my name and subjection since 1994 to voices of sonar has the catastrophic effect of empowering Pentagon Disney by canceling out everything I saw under the rubrics of paranoid schizophrenia, all despite the brazen fact that Peter Gabriel advertised this plan on a song he used to both feature, deny and humiliate me called "That Voice Again" in 1985 on the record SO. I wasn't asked and I wasn't compensated. After achieving Honors Department status at my school, I did demonstrate my peacefulness and ability sufficiently that I can now take a chance at seeing this satire of injustice get worse by raising the issue of synthesizer'd schizophrenic experience as part of Peter Gabriel's "Experience Park" alibi program with NASA depicting the AIDS war game in 1988 on Mt. Desert Island as an Experience Park meant to build empathy, which it categorically was not. I write this letter to help you understand what they are getting away with. I know because I worked in libraries for years, have met the heavyweights of our society, and do research professionally. I also was tortured and mobbed with abuses, so I see into the character of the brainwashing eye.

How do we add: Ultrahigh sonar to the categorical list already breaking at the seams?

I. The Kennedy Assassination

II. The AIDS War Game

III. The Confiscation of the Script by Green Party Villains

IV. The Media Empire of the Beatles

V. AIDS Nuremberg

VI. Ultrahigh?

What about the War on Drugs? Human Trafficking? The European Union? China's Emergence as a Superpower? Where do you put the obituary of a deaf poet slaughtered in the bathrooms of a public college? Have you ever heard the expression, "they don't even know what hit them?" That is the very prescription of the Kennedy Assassination, and the capture of a very public mind, a person of historic position and dignity, while still a child, by an enemy this hostile, was not only planned, but Thos. Gordon of Harvard Social Anthropology and CMU Robotic bragged of the utility in the hostage being disgraced to the recruiting of the women to the side of Kennedy's killers, in no uncertain terms, as a parable of victory, kicking the last liberal in the face like a dog.

It isn't just that we stood for it, we stand with it, it is now what we stand for, and so this letter, an uneasy one, has only the value of making record of that fact so that if there is an end to it by war of annihilation of the human race you can say to yourself how peculiar that issues so trivial could be so paramount.

In asking the question: Is there a place in Academics for discussion of Ultrahigh, the first most logical reference point is science fiction. True we can find open discussion in schizophrenic psychology and so on, but that's not my point. It's tiresome to relegate a catastrophe to the status of a ruse, which is how the British have gotten away with stealing the better part of our lives. Our rotten media is so bad that Trump got elected just by saying how bad it was, and we voted for the man who made it worst, as though it is a fitting protest against them. This is bad news.

The Democratic Party is now the Party of Ronald Reagan and they are going for my throat through pernicious computer science methods of stalking Japanese Adult Cinema voyayas necessary to my health care as a diabetic in social isolation finally given a prescription for viagara a blood pressure supplement. Degrading a person by home invasion is just the beginning. Naturally, I would rather not raise an issue that challenges my place in the Honors Department, but to fail would miss the direction not only of the Kennedy Assassination but the empowerment in Seattle of the forces of Duterte, the Filipino dacoit who gunned down one of their Mayors, because contempt for the United States is brewing, and has been passed around in places like Pittsburgh. The assassination of JFK was a foreign hit as much as a race crowd's barn burner in the South. We will see this get worse, I predict, but not because of this letter. This letter is an intelligence gathering. It is in respect for you. My grandfather was a copy editor at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, my father was Chair of Philosophy of Education at the University of Pittsburgh. They didn't do this to me so you would escape them, quite the contrary.

I am trying to save the 235 dollars that will be necessary to keep online. If I fail, it will go down. I am not asking for donations, but you might want to download parts that seem vital to you, if you this concerns you. I have a great deal more left to say and considered starting a second site to simplify access. Unfortunately raising an additional 175 dollars may prove too serious of a barrier. Again, I am not asking donations, simply giving you my word that I have done my level best, and would wish I had done more.