A long way down the alley that can be seen from the iron door of what was once The Nixon Theater off Liberty Avenue in the City of Pittsburgh, where I went to the Broadway Musical HAIR in 1970 as a nine year old, taken by my adversary Penny, a partner of Robert Fripp in the AIDS attack, can be seen Trinity Episcopal Church whose insignia is a triangular celtic knot giving picture local to the form of regurge the coward Fripp came marketeering from the Gurdiev kluk in the name of Maximile Kolbe and Sean Strub.  This slanderer, groomed to spit gyrations during enormity had his little showboat Cerebus sanctified all heavenly.  What a masculine little prick that congenital tinkerbell turned out to be.


      Faced with the truth about the AIDS attack, Robert Fripp is the type would say, "yeah, and I'd do it again." Liberals have to find their courage and start addressing this problem for the vermin behind it and all they've revealed; such as the fact that squalid parochial charmers like Fripp virulently are opposed to legitimate sex education in schools and are so opposed because of their opium war styled double game and control of military subculture arrangements for human trafficking all the way up to the top, like the Two Virgins Pussyball war game clocked to the infamy by the faction of Midori Goto I discovered in Pittsburgh, Seattle and Maine. It is easier when the merchandise is kept in the dark. Fripp is a classic case of a barking pumpkin: the guilty man pointing fingers.


      In the Woody Allen film:  What’s Up Tiger Lily a detective story was captioned with sinister misleads that Allen found somehow mirthful.  While our media sets the Woody style captions and lip-syncs to their distortions of news, the semiotic issues buried by HitlerReagan’s team are being found, despite the princely prancing of the soothsayer.