The Strawberry Traveller

       It is my contention that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, although spiritually an occupied zone, has certifiably published and received on the lowest levels, full disclosure regarding the certain and verifiable sympatico between the loathsome murder of President Kennedy and the AIDS attack for which the killers have granted themselves, from on high, full asylum by nuclear trump.   When Hollywood created the Warren Report by closing the doors of perception this way they opened them to conceptual art from Pentagon Disney, a fact that explains the matter so succinctly.   Divulgence from the Pres. Trump JFK file dump of 2018 including the comment, “Looked just like Rubin,” finalizes all end to doubt.  It is now a matter of providing digest and access for those conscripted by duty to the Kennedy brothers.

        The Red Scare, which was adroitly fueled by Hollywood, occurred during restructuring of relations with former Axis powers.   A critique in the impasse in higher learning brought me from Pitt, where the Texas Schoolbook was found, to Tacoma Community College, outside Seattle, where the bully system of the Union had long arms reach.   In a class concerning American Film and Foreign Policy, I have been assigned texts by Horowitz and Quart.  Both of these books provide narration and analysis intended to maintain darkness.  My work is not likely to be evaluated properly.   Even pulling a C will be high testament to my patience in this course.  The showcase of films has some tonic, it caters directly to an accepted norm that has stepped on reality.

       John Lennon’s role is not easy to accept, but when you find the text affirming that Yoko Ono was made beneficiary of the AIDS attack and its premises for Hitler as Hidden Imam of the Invisible Empire, draconian king, code named:  KCasper, you begin to realize that the Genghis Khan muse in vibrant Paganini’s like “blew his mind out in a car,” and “if looks could kill it would have been us instead of him,” take away the delusion element of the bloody racing glove and replace them with the delusion-mongering of Palace media from Pentagon-Disney, now promoted as welching a deal to doublecross the Kennedy brothers in the name of Yoko Ono in tribute to villainy.   They evaluated themselves brilliantly, muttering, oh I see, the godless forces of hippydom were found out as puppets of the pornography syndicate, they shrewdly backed child mutilation pornography rings as a sublime tonic from Lennon’s spirit, and by forgiveness as an ultimatum teamed up with the Clintons reasoning that health care is stabilizing and redemptive to the newly enlightened.

        Stumbling upon the secret of the 60’s this way is made out as a holocaustal empire’s joke of the day, demanding Kennedy’s loyalists throw in the towel for the greater good.  Hollywood’s control of American propaganda is the star player in the political philosophy behind the AIDS attack myriad.   There may have been a hidden truth to the shrink’s line who fulminated story about Mark David Chapman for the New York Times in stating that he thought he was killing himself, but it requires studying the language fulcrums in fluxus linguistics to articulate.

        A provisional climate has developed on our sidewalks of America concerning the battleground of the Civil Rights Movement’s attack on our safety pledges and human rights.   It would have been a lot more edifying, for example, to have been told by a Black Panther dacoit my diploma is “just a scrap of paper” if they had been willing to listen to street scholarship in the raw.  This is where my concern about Sonny Liston’s chronic appearance in National Police Gazette who advertised their awareness of Hitler’s escape comes from, the fact that Blacks in the AIDS planning cult watched me from birth for the conscription into a private prison, first by pussyball stalking, and then a private prison of the mind plays out in the hidden monitoring by a secret warden from schools of classified administration, leaving autograph of the Devil.  Even fascists sell hope.  Forging ahead by the bruised ego technique that creates individual players of grudge in their hostile alliance, they have shrouded the investigation in the uses of satire and sales of historical fiction.