The violent pervert Ringo Starr combined the names Greg Karl, leader of the Guttersnipes who tortured me and planted the Texas Schoolbook, with his own name and arsenic when deriving the CMU agent Greg Starsinic.   Then baritone vocalist Donaldo Gulligan stepped in for Trump and Galas, who were already partners of Burstyn, selling Gulligan's Mt. Desert Island, saying the justification was valid.   

      Using Wattenmaker's nerve agent and drama club profiling of the acting nerve agent on James Crary, Ming Na Wen developed the script (Tom O'Connor sat in the hall of a rooming house with the cupboards open, lying on the floor talking into a personal phone while taking me on an errand of copying floor plans in the office of a very wry looking Jewish man), to give Greek to the situation they were developing while saying I shudda known the letter they planted were significant.  So what if they proved I was tortured and deliberately deafened?  Important people want to have some fun upon your head!

      Wen worked the Wattenmaker brain injury into grueling suffering while spitting at me about my character flaw, while Ringo provided international cartooning of the injury sneering that if anyone took pity on me they should take pity on the murderers who tortured and assassinated me.  By this wheel, the elimination of such threats as JFK became their joke, Wen's friend Oliver Stone made a money to cash in, and forgiveness all part of Elizabeth Taylor's wheel of time.

      How can one have remorse for a man who they say threatened to rape Leslie ! (ie. the very opposite of what my letter really said).  Well-luh, said the Seattle Queers in favor of the release of AIDS, cheering "the joke's on you" slogan of Obama, we'll just have to see about that.  Promoting the murderers who kidnapped and tortured me, raping my deaf advocate and advertising it from the New York Times, with permission of the school, they drove me into homelessness, taunted me with the abandonment of my fiancé, brutally raped my deaf advocate, a girl who is legally a child, banned me from Seattle Central College when I told the labor union that they were plotting to kill an innocent person, ripper murdered Shannon Harps and demanded a threat from me for cessation of years of brutality and threats to inject with HIV, made in writing before 911, in which those who released AIDS (recall that Dia of Der Mond called me when living with Army Intelligence at Temple U. to announce the Lennon double illusion campaign) were cheered  by Seattle Queers, who obliged the Omojanary threat by ripper murdering Shannon Harps, to PROVE that I had threatened someone, demanding that I threat or death, so I dressed in my pajamas, sat in my room safely, far away from anyone and sent my friend Owen Riley the way I felt when they smashed me in a face with a basketball, a sort of shaking of my fist in words, to ask him for anger management, and the murderers arrived IN GLEE to take me into custody, laughing, "See!  See! We were right all along!  The pale white thing is capable of a threat!  Hahahahaha"

       This they call psychiatry.