Kennedy and his electorate believed the deceptively simple idea that FDR had won the war.    From this we are forced to negotiate a series of parallel stories that developed at the fork of the road in Dallas.  It’s not that it can be set right but we are faced with lost history very analogous to the situation in Russia. A grueling enterprise of false witness has fallen on us from above.   It refuses to recognize our laws. Yet its face, hiding their true alliance, seems much friendlier than the despicable truth, and has created a generational phenomenon I call Comfort Journalism.   They scarcely even hide that the Kennedy assassination was regarded as a security option.

     How simple what they did is in some ways.   Inviting you into a discussion of the simplicities I do not propose to beguile you with the idea that it is all this simple, but what you can take away from how simple a part of it is will serve to establish a foundation of discovery against which relief all the rest takes vivid image where before there were only shadows.   It involves a mindset of counter-imagination. It involves a habit of cartooning the distinguished, and attacking those who carefully protect the flock. It arrives seemingly effortlessly in the form of a symbol shown to me as a child: a striptease pen. This is the carousel club where Jack Ruby worked. The son of an advisor to Gov. Milton Shapp whose father mysteriously appeared on my father’s deathbed book about Gov. George Leader, now working at SONY  showed me this pen and his neighbor, Jeff Kennedy, sang in my ear, “Oh, I went to St. James Place and saw her lying there, so strip, so bare.” It is the taunt of the parochial sadist behind the AIDS attack.

       It is the authority behind the Marriage Coupon kept secretly for the very poor in the United States of America by Blue Ribbon Corruption Unions who allow Disney celebrities to use gang rape as personal protection services when posturing as protecting themselves from Pussyball debt, the central concept of U.S. Government under Obama during the AIDS attack.  The balance of power is entirely in favor of those who claimed discovery of their own script.

    The way it works is this:  They sent illicit sex tapes to Coretta King about Dr. King’s ladies of the road.   She didn’t castigate J. Edgar Hoover for violating his rights. It affected their marriage.  Therefore, the assassins grunted, does that not prove that marriage bonds are sacred? Dr. King lit the fuse by his jibe about the content of our characters.  They attacked JFK post-mortem on grounds of character. They implanted a nerve agent that led me to seizures of near fatal severity after attacking me in the marriage bonds, see they jumped down, see!  See! Live by the sword die by the sword. They announced a Golden Rule of Pussyball. By sexual slurring they triumphed in the AIDS attack. The fact that they were adult military brutally holding slave a child impresses no one, and that is what I followed to Mt. Desert Island.

      What they are saying is a violent fraud.  The murderer even announced his agency by the name Greg Starsinic.  The grind of their terrible corruption is clear in Starburst tang and Carrie Gister.    This leads to a problem in public digest, methods of educating those who may rather not be found collaborators in Hitler’s revenge.    

       The brutal animals responsible dared to use shaming; despite this they won with the hypocrisy of the victims and an intellectual vanguard who refused to identify, played dumb about, and ignored expansive and obvious themes.   Which brings us directly back to FDR’s failed victory. The press seemed to mock our beliefs with the headline: Dewey Defeats Truman, not understanding what Hitler’s forces in the Reagan machine were really implying. As we returned to normality, an invisible crash took place on the level of knowledge.   Normality was being eyed by fluxus intellectuals, who flipped “We have nothing to fear but fear itself,” into “don’t be afraid to be afraid,” not because it had any meaning other than to promote fright as an art, but because it was the opposite of FDR, cold and hateful with cunning. Anyone who questioned the new gospel written by Kennedy’s killers was worse than a traitor, they were unhip.   

       Techniques for establishing public digest can also help identify the criminals in the section.   For example, the nomiker junta clearly includes Angrist. Anger and the wrist, driven to suicide, one of the fascinations of the Jewish ringleader Oliver Stone.   This is an example of the sociolinguist artistry of the nomiker junta at work coding their explanation. A primary mission of the sponsored military intelligence in our universities is to conform with this code system in adopting manuscripts for publication and assigning roles to the participants in the section.   Lapham of Broadway is a family of the CIA, he cousin a lawyer for sponsored billings. Comfort Journalism also favors the killers in the rock music business who commissioned a capital crime from Capitol records.

      How do tinkerbell rockers go butch?   The little monsters prance around imagining themselves the loveslave objects of cries from feminists, “Oh, Mr. Wayne!” off the sets of cowboy films.   At school such little monsters control and direct collegiate national organizations falling in line justifying past rejection platforms of the parochial twat interesting in seeing the humanist screaming from nerve agents being tested for the wall builders.   They poison, knock, monitor and then deny it was trickery. And you say you care about children, you say you care about schools, right? You are willing to put that on the public record against your crimes in all transparency!

         I don't know how to reach you, but I do know from years and years of fighting them why it is so hard. They work with a giant pornographic institution who hired socio-linguists to operate the language of counter-testimony in their interest. They play on all the normalization codes of the investigators and justify themselves as promoting entertainment without coercion, while hiding their role in trafficking and demented defense of the traffickers. It is impossible to manuver around them or escape. It is pure, collosal, criminally insane, social control. Even the evidence of severe brain trauma from torture incurred in childhood, medical evidence of brutal torture, real and undeniable, could not get the judges in chamber to stop laughing as the assassins described bukkake'ing me as a nine year old in my sleep.

    FDR saw hope that if France granted Prince Sihanouk independence he could work with Ho Chi Minh, anticipating people like JFK and Martin Luther King to bring the world out of the terrible Axis attempt, only to be burned in legacy by HitlerReagan and The Rolling Stones.