The First Warren Report:   Robert Penn Warren authored All the King’s Men, a bigot style Southern novel offering an historical fiction and myth embellishing a legend huckstered by friend and foe that took advantage of Huey Long, defamed his actual legacy and created a larger than truth imagery and narrative that re-created Huey Long for history in a series of films produced for insidious Hollywood purposes.

The Second Warren Report:   JFK’s murder converted to historical fiction in a major play by Pentagon Disney, Reagan and the  Beatles.

The Third Warren Report  (Elizabeth):   Found out for the AIDS attack and semiotic system in which Reagan positions himself in Oswald symbols while confirming premeditation in the murder of JFK, Reagan frames himself as the man who didn’t know, staged a shooting on himself Wizard of Hollywood style, had me there with his attorney, claimed he was taken advantage of like Huey Long and announced to victims, “Avenge ME!  Avenge ME!” against helpless, tormented naive bystanders for the glee he unleashed in deranged criminal savagery.

   We have become an overly duplicitous society  The use of double fantasy to wash away the memory of what really has been done, a plastic reality, from plastic musicians, has contaminated the sea of meaning with fraud that sell tickets.   The absence of informed primary sources has gone beyond fake news to lawful totalitarian invention.

     The hidden history of the war machine put together by Eno-Euros from Michel Foucault to Youssou N’dour is one they planned to never allow heard, lying ferociously about how I was brutally kidnapped and gassed in a place called Kings Estate (KE) to allow sexual vivisection, torture and rape by Administration of Higher Evil.