Exploring the criminally insane mind of the Government of the United States of America involves what George Will once described as one man’s psychodrama.   Certain specific acts sufficiently capture the tone and mania into which our fall from dignity and meaning has been conscripted over the span of fifty years in which the curse of the surviving Axis ascended as a triumphant enemy within with the knowing cooperation of the NAACP, promised their share of the spoils.   Those who do not privilege legendary black social grievance are out. One of these singular, abominable acts was the sacrificial ripper homicide by forces assembled with the help of Seattle Art Museum by the Warhol syndicate of Shannon Harps. The crime bore the stamp of the entire personality of Barack Obama. It took place as I remember in 2011 of Seattle Capitol Hill outside Sound Mental Health where a park in her memory now stands.   It was attended by what some might allude to as orchestral maneuvers in the dark. I had a bagel knife, I had been poisoned in the heart and near castrated chemically. A tube from the postal union came to my apartment in Chinatown with information about a worse heart injury big enough for my bagel knife. The message from the Secret Service was clear, get rid of it. Then they illustrated the malingering question why. They ripper murdered Shannon outside the recovery center known as Emerald House, who have confiscated a number of my paintings.   Thus they demonstrated what they claim is a shadow that lurks in the heart of all men. They called her murder their therapy program. This derisive situation by the criminally insane mind of the Government of the United States of America did not evolve overnight. They used this perverted illustration to render a non-verbal argument concerning their justification for the AIDS war game shown to have been planned by the attackers behind the AIDS attack on Mt. Desert Island. Obama has long leered that the war game, in which I was trafficked for sexual blackmail and black market films made by the Warhol operation, was to prevent me from hurting somebody.   You aren’t supposed to make sense of non-verbal arguments, you are just supposed to agree. Somebody from Israel, filled with hatred towards me as an American boy, called me the Walrus, and the Warhol people got furious, no one should be honored by such a designation, they exclaimed. Although I was the target of the ripper murder’s message, they chose a bystander whose insignia’s were relevant to their dossier, and avoided direct confrontation because part of their thinking process, coming from the brilliants of the Seattle Left was to nullify the relevance of the individual, an important facet of their statement. You will notice that the offices I send this message to will drown out the screams with total silence.  It is part of their banking poetry.

         Rather than deviate from the normal standard of assumptions about the situation, let me lament that the license these killers have won for their strangler operations from offices like The Stranger Newspaper, who wholeheartedly endorsed the murder of Ms. Harps, allow a note regarding how these criminals accomplished their divine license.  They claim that John Lennon’s presumed death renders their actions holy war. This can never be questioned. Obama’s financer, David Geffen, is defending the Israeli women who called me the walrus in the script they wrote about Lennon’s war game: Two Virgins. Although most of my work is attempt to show that Reagan and Lennon recruited me as a witness who can testify that they worked together and staged the shootings on themselves as a James Bond style hoodwink in double fantasy production from Pentagon Disney, most people think that weakens my position and a more temperate position would be to question how John Lennon could be construed as a symbol for a ripper murder attack on a young woman?   In a way, I don’t suppose it matters if you choose the lesser variety of dissent concerning the sadistic and contemptible Draft of Lennon into sadistic massacre. The interesting thing remains that no one is protesting.

         One of the goals of the United States Government has been to enslave me to the claim that the obvious truth of my testimony is evidence of schizophrenia.   This gives them a great victory by a large margin over the factual history of the AIDS attack and grants them the license of a number of new weapons, not least the tools of blackout in newspapers, which is where this letter obviously belongs.   It has gone on so long and involved so many folds and crevices of brain matter that the banking community have full time agents working on the theft of the art statement through the shrewd use of one man enslaved to illegal interrogation by the use of armed slanders.  Armed slanders mean they issue challenges and if I don’t answer someone else dies. This is a chapter of their ongoing storytelling narrative which they claim makes them the heroes of the AIDS attack, and although the pimps in Seattle agree, the evidence is clear: The strategy is from the authors of the AIDS attack.  One thing that is a laugh for all sides on which to agree, Police are the last thing they have to worry about. After all, the remaining Beatles support them. Peter Gabriel personally wrote the alibi for Mt. Desert Island, calling it an Experience Park, sort of like murdering Shannon Harps is an empathy building exercise, too.

         The mind behind this operation is relentless but I will make an attempt to chart how the situation evolved and the craven character behind it.   I know how hard it is to read but it is a hundred times more tiring to write. Nobody has ever paid me as a slave to illegal homework, and if it wasn’t the CIA, why did John Stockwell, their notorious agent at large follow me to Allentown on my birthday many years ago?    A lot of this problem evolves from certain syphilitic absolutes among Weaponheads, and a key player in Pittsburgh was Scott Riback, an Israeli agent from the Federal Establishment at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law that produced the Federal Emergency Management Agency Directive for Reagan and orchestrated a celebration of MK-Ultra for the Beatles’ Sale of Hate through Pentagon Disney, particularly some actions jointly undertaken by Ming Na Wen, who did voice overs for Disney and whom I dated, with the NAACP at MisterRogers’ Neighborhood called WQED.   The QE in that alignment does in fact secretly stand for the Crown of England. This is their turkey shoot.

         Riback had a little backwater story going while I was growing up being told with the help of the Parker Brothers and Tive of SONY.   They called it The Nature of Reality. I grew up in a Jewish Holocaust Survivor Community where I was brutally taken hostage by violent criminals and horribly gassed.  The Israelis and Post Gazette newspaper knew and they knew I had severe head injuries and residual trauma. Framing me for things like armed robbery (it didn’t work of course) they taunted me openly into a groundswell of derision about my rights to freedom of speech, traumatizing me further by showing me Riback’s Family’s nuclear documents.   Imagine freedom of speech now, dogeyes, they laughed, sending in a Bannon type named James W. Child from Reagan’s Iceland Debate team to corner me with the impingement that failure to fight back is immoral. They were, in other words, taunting me into a showdown with letters they had planted in my closet, which is what Geo. Will meant by one man’s psychodrama.   The criminally insane in the United States Government hold indomitable dominion.

          Meanwhile, back at the NAACP, they had a gurgle.  We can hire an attack prostitute with the help of SONY and milk the queerbait’s brains.    Why? Because it’s there. Seattle was giggly with glee at the thought of using a pale white deaf patsy for the production of secret sex tapes.    There are attending issues. For example, why didn’t they arrest Gail Carolyn Burstyn, the onomatapoeiac name on the script? She writes of releasing the revenge germ and then going to the front to mislead.  One of her agents, Sean Strub, was summoned to the Dakota by the attackers and served as a suicide bomber in the production company from Pitt and the U.S. Army working with King Crimson on tribal settlements.  Strub, like his partner Dolly Meieren, from the Shiono Klan in Pittsburgh, whose vengeance is behind all this, for Axis America, pretended sympathy with the AIDS victims to win their trust and mislead them. Further, Duvall, of the Pittsburgh college the NAACP used, who is black, said he knew all about the plan behind the AIDS attack and supported it.  So it wasn’t just because it was there, it was because they planned to do it.

      Pittsburgh NAACP and the Seattle Green Party, who set up the free clinics in advance, worked together with the Axis as a new privileged sect of understudies.   These factions have tier rage. They are furious that they have been denied the fruits of high privilege and are gunning the masses in the name of supporting the masses, for franchise.   The stereotype of the white man served those who hated the American victory in World War Two. Axis America crawled from the ashes of the Axis defeat when Kennedyism became too dangerous.   They arrived by way of Asian intellectual mercenaries working with Gail Burstyn denouncing the white partriach. What did it matter that Jimmy Creary was attacked blindside by armed KKK confederates?   The black man has more to gain from the conversion of the KKK than the pale white suck sissy. Further, the black man pulled prong at the merchandise and had an earmarked white slave to blame in settlement.   Yoko Ono just pulled the strings and cackled.

         Ringo Starr’s violently mentally ill obsession with me has long been obvious.   He sees it as a moral Western. Democratic sentiments from nations and dissidents considered on the outs by America can be a strange source of friction for the rubrics of our society.  Imprisoned Kurd leaders are a good example of how NATO only very selectively supports Democratic sentiment. Silence and attitude barriers in fact create so much friction it can cause burnout, leaving to ideologues the problem of fixing complicated social machinery they know nothing about, giving a hammer to a monkey and turning him loose on Ferraris.   Either you believe, as I do, that Ringo Starr was in on the AIDS attack, or you credit the terrible damage he has done to priceless materials and persons as the ridiculous story of spiritual purification he claims it is, a soul reader’s prison riot, to believe the NAACP warrriors! Warriors! By their explanation, the arsons and bombings of what they call, Operation:  Medicine Man, are a grant to those they gruntingly rape to the therapy of being allowed to squeal like a pig.

           They are exceedingly particular at the bank about the details of this one man’s psychodrama.     The screams of therapy are provisional, and subordinate to sensitivity training in an environment of lethal hate.   Caligula has risen.

         The big plan for the big, big money was created by Bush and Reagan with the help of Gen. Edwin Walker and Oswald Mosley in Liverpool where the Confederate Secret Service used to meet.   Oswald was given the middle nick James in an I.D. dated AH, and I was birthed at the tip of Pitt six months from Hitler’s birthday for a script rendered by ONI with the help of my father and mother, the former Bush’s radio room clerk at sea.   It was laughed at for counterfeit, when in reality Confederate. They gave me the Soc. Sec. number beginning 1984, the year FEMA stationed me for the unfolding war operation in a Medical Library after snuffing my father for his pains. The indexicalities greeted my birth like a black man named Nathan who followed me in secret throughout the hostage ordeal I underwent.   I was given King of the Golden River about a prized white boy treated like Cinderella by John Ruskin while cribbed in a place called The Ruskin. They took pictures of me after I could walk in a place called Storybook Forest. Nathan and Forest were indexed to the inclusive idea of blacks getting their fair share after the ordeal. The mind of the queerbait would be the ultimate target as the real enemy within myuh.

         We learned early that the spirit world has been correct.  I was a jinx. I dropped a goldfish I won as a child, and a ship in the bottle.  Soon I was to blame for not getting homework candy and as the man who cudda saved John Lennon.   The priceless art object of Hitler’s revenge plays out to this day as one man pleading for his life against illegal execution by the criminally insane of the United States Government.    I have been and am being stalked by a murderer who chemically castrated an already deaf and severely traumatized man, and the claim of this foreign mercenary, Sir Paul McCartney, is that he needs me to die as a statement of solidarity with students who sat on their hands and did nothing during the holocaust so they could get good grades.  Die a hero, queerbait, Reagan laughed, so I can respect n’you.

          We’ll treat you real, real bad, said the criminal sociologists in King Crimson, until someone squeaks empathy and thereby prove our point.   Martha Gellhorn even announced in 1990 in a letter to me that the British were unconcerned and unaffected by AIDS. They did however all along have blacks.  Joey Young was introduced to me by a gang of vivisectionists who called him Ku-Guy. I was instructed to take all Kennedy 1964 half dollars to Ku Guy’s mom who hoarded them.  The Crown had done this before using sexual blackmail on children, so what with the Beatles’ fetish of obese Italian women, they had no problem sending the signals through Lapham’s layout board at HARPERS.   They called Neva Corporation voiceovers a confession from a man regurgitating sonic environment from hostage when a child scared to death from traumacose neuroplasia, squeezing it and openly cackling of milking the brains by extrusion so they could enslave the crazy Pilgrim’s testimony about mass murder by calling it schizophrenia.

         Make the fat lady sing.  DD and the NAACP have a lot more to sell from Giant Eagle.