Littl' Jimmuh Quee'bait was always terribly and easily frightened after suffering near lethal blindside attack in grade school.   There are many ways to put the Federal exploitation that claimed it was allowed that I should be used for an intellectual property mine to dig out the memories for excavation by mind control.   The British came up with a word for my guilt, "whinging."  In other words, if sudden attack caused me to flinch, it proved me, they claimed, guilty of a one-stroke "defiant trespass" during consensual sex, a libel that could not be disproved, announcing that denying it compounded guilt, therefore they GIT to rape deaf Jeannie, slasher Shannon Harps, and torture me to prove that I am rebellious.  Having shown thusly by Parochial Ball that virginity proved rape, despite the denial of their trophy spoil, they commenced firing.