originally written as The Academics of Abomination

I. Is Hard Copy of Torture a Psychiatric Disturbance?


       After my diagnosis with diabetes, I became a statistic and my life bled from my hands.  I was already deaf and had been chemically castrated in an illegal war game by sadists in the United States Government operating out of my school, after being lured to a Gurdjieff cult by Robert Fripp of King Crimson.   My family and peers betrayed me, my life was destroyed and I am dying young.  Their last act of malice has been to severely punish me for testifying.  Among other acts of travesty, my deaf advocate was attacked and raped, while the children in my family were threatened after a sinister ripper homicide attack outside the clubhouse where I took refuge in trauma for over a decade.  The obvious fact that I am dealing with the criminally insane has done no good ever in securing any sort of institutional recognition concerning the horrible phenomenon of this catastrophic ordeal.

        Although I obey the laws of the land, and never deviate in this habit of citizenship, respect for our institutions isn't even a consideration anymore.  Throughout the entire society horrendous syphilis of thinking is being cheered and rooted for in the declaration against the peace that allowing brutal serial mutilation represents, a sinister, backwards unionized army at work.  It's fruitless to say look at both sides when it is already established that is not going to happen.  It simply does not work that way when it comes to the Beatles.  Their media IS Empire.  Museums, political organization, police, everything in school, politicians and every rat on the corner are psychologically terminated with extreme prejudice with respect to their judgment when it comes to the gestapo of Big Brother music.  So pleading fair play is totally pointless.  I am dealing with the criminally insane.

       The murderers are quite specific in their enterprise, counter-allegations and abnormal, illegal processes.  It is also perfectly obvious the magnitude of their felonies.  In this foundational essay I will go over the frantic rhapsodies of their pen hand, a rabid animal named Peter J. Sinfield, whose cowardly, cowardly lies have led to such horrible tragedy, not only for me, but for the British rabid responsible, that my mind is shattered attempting to understand how a monster that evil could be allowed to jeopardize the sanity and welfare of the human race in an apocalypse war game designed by the British in a bid for control of the American Empire.  Loathsome and crawling in through the open door for Saudi finance in Pittsburgh at the Carnegie Mellon central, this psychopathic killer hangdogs in the disgrace of his own public pseudo-reasoning.  As humiliating as it is to have to dignify his trashy, base, depraved pseudo-logical style, there is no other way to address what he is doing than to explain by what force of deceit he managed to wangle it into a Federal sale.

The sad fact is that real assassination and character assassination is the tie that binds the murder of JFK to the AIDS attack.


Mark Lane: A Sacred Cow

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     This post is about my research into theKennedy assassination but it's in off-topic for the grim reason that it is regarded as too esoteric for anyone but the most open-minded to bother reading.  For a variety of reasons Mark Lane is one of the sacred cows of conspiracy theory work in research concerning the structuralist approach surrounding the Kennedy assassination.  To be upfront about my initial doubts about this seemingly tall, trustworthy Saruman the White, I have long noted elsewhere that mission operatives use names that match their roles.  Mark Lane penetrates the gist of the war/on report/ers but only in the sense that it leads to a warmer/colder game to Gail Brrrstyn, the Reagan-Lennon pen name on the Texas Schoolbook.  Kennedy was taken down a mark/ed lane to thepit of H/id/ELL.

       Haki R. Madhubuti puts together half of the puzzle in his book:  Black Men:  Obsolete, Single, Dangerous?  For one thing his book from 1991, still timely, opens with a quote from Donald Trump; 2) he makes clear he does not buy the alibi that Reagan was dumb, he refers to him accurately and stubbornly as brilliant at his war plans3) Just before igniting a no holds barred fusillade at the whitewash existing about AIDS, he mentions Jonestown as a behavioral study in mass suicide.   Not only did the church culture around the Mt. Desert Island Two Virgins AIDS testing war game have ties to Jonestown where the Graham Foundation (beloved to Queen Elizabeth whose Lord Secretary's son in law was Peter Gabriel who wrote the alibi for Mt. Desert) sought to claim the land for Jesus, in a book where Franklin refers to "Hitler" as "Lazarus" for being back from the dead, which he greets with tears of joy (no joke) but Mark (Mark Mark Twain) Lane was in Jonestown when a Frisco cop, bellyaching of confusion from a crump of bad food, shot Harvey Milk in a script where the sister of NEVA and Mark/man/Cine called MarkMark (in the NEVA Corporation script about gassing me in King Estate, her name was De De and is scripted as a correlative to the murder of Dr. King see http://texasschoolbook.weebly.com  on 4/4) DD's slogan was "Don't cry over spilt milk", a nice little capture of Wecht, Stone and Gabriel's claim that queerbait was hunting a virgin, justifying torture of a deeply impacted neurotrauma (Helter Skelter), in defense of Gail Burstyn by the NAACPers who went along with it for spoils and brush off failure to warn, a deal from DeKlerk.

       I repeat that stigma about Kennedy philandering and carousing (particularly with Mon/Roe, whose namesake Marilyn Mueller of 444 Dearborn, Chicago came from the culture of Bible Fellowship at Pitt) underlies the tone of Britain in theAIDS onslaught, the parochial slurs.  We are dealing with a sophisticated parable penned by Hollywood, parochial savages and the criminally insane as a getaway text, the Texas Schoolbook supposedly "found art" by suspicious people like Adolf Grunbaum of Cologne 1920's on a tip(at)pit(t).  Lane's Plausible Denial thew me off track of this, but I now believe his role was to convince of a plot, decorate the time capsule and wave goodbye at the curtain call.

      He may not be a hero at all, but the worst of the worst.  When my father was in Ecuador the only film in English around was Mark of the Devil.  WhileI look forward to hearing Lone Nutters humanizing Jonestown and defending Manson from association with Henry (Roe) Wade, after all, if you hink about it Unrue, Roe wasn't exactly a Tate crime, it should be duly noted that Xala, a Senegalese story which is the standard of contempt for libertinage in Africa, appeared with Burstyn's script along with a seven foot tall Black hero courtesy Leni Leni stahling for film rights, while Queen Elizabeth defended Gail Burstyn with a Senegalese accusation directed at victims of terror and assassination.

        Meanwhile, Dave Reitzes, defending Cyril Wecht from Jimmuh Creary's schizophrenia, protected Pitt pussyballers in declaring that an impacted neuroplasm originating in a spectro-chemical at a Wilkinsburg lab on beyond Kelly School where Cyril Wecht playsed Dr. Frankenstein in younger days, was genetic schizophrenia at the tomb of my dead father, his body graffiti'd by the Post Gazette with green slime from Mt. Beatty.


Mac Crary was born Oct. 20, 1960 in the City of Pittsburgh.  The Social Security card he was signed up for by a gang who deafened him purposefully begins with the numbers:  1984.  He is a victim of a serial mutilation and vivisection program by the University of Pittsburgh and their allies in King Crimson, a crooked British rock music gang.