Although it is common for someone to be searching for understanding, Pittsburgh is a situation that does not want to be understood.  They are so worked over and dangerous with what they call black psychology the idea horrifies them. It’s tedious. The violence of their well-financed criminal insanity works much better keeping people interested.  Indeed the master storyteller is the Wizard of Oz. Maybe it is just a weakness in me who has found so little understanding about being serially molested by them that I try to describe what really happened. Admittedly it isn’t really my job but American politicians are like women, that’s just how they behave, you can’t depend on them.   The Sixties idealism was defeated and now they just want to be safe. I can think of descriptive images but I’m not in the mood to laugh.

      Probably the most revolting thing about the alliance worked out between Pittsburgh and Seattle is how sophisticated they are, layers upon layers of cultural tactics all grouped around infamous slanders and denial preying on innocent people targeted as a sport.  I’ve beaten down the word syphilitic ascribing description to their three-headed dog. My goal today is a little more mendacious: just to educate, to sum up reply to an absolutely legitimate: WTF? Bodies have never just been strewn this way before in systematized execution that I have ever read and more keep coming as they bestow upon us a new chapter.

      The specific, telltale, unreal, mind-dissolving rubbish being broadcast as family preservation by Major League Baseball is so ghastly with pure evil and chicanery that it is jaw dropping.  It is the first thing I would gladly announce over the radio microphone to a packed lying cage crowded by these prancing, posturing, facelying cowards.They are trying to hide their end of the story which began and ends (so far as their self worth as they perform surrounded by landmarks of their cold blooded premeditation) with the fraud of hidden discovery, no, no, not true authorship, they gunboat with bloodcurdling death vows.

      Yet they are high performance, super-paid corporate types who hammer out text on letter-headed stationary by which authorities prove their own importance, so it isn’t just Dracula bellowing and hiding behind a ski mask as their dacoits so often make it out.  Malediction they call therapy because they are closet blood drinkers.

        The tragedy of this war game left as a legacy by King Edward to enthrall with the totality behind the murder of JFK exists in large measure because of the desire on the part of undesirable overachievers, overlooked Major Generals and boy scouts, to acquire attention from a crowd they imagine to equal their achievements, but there’s always some liberal in the way of their cold reason, choking them with the smoke and mirrors of naive fantasy, contradicting General Electric and the nuclear family refrigerator with brainless wiz-kid ideas left stale from Upton Sinclair about iron tent city communes.   It calls for a cultural genocide of Liberalism. Lies will serve hypocrisy best by being announced as the law, a secret, higher brand, known as pussyball. Contrary to their drama club manufacture, the name Arnberg didn’t just materialize, nor the Greek habit of bride snatching in the name of Francisca. It was California cashiering the text of the Texas Schoolbook for HitlerReagan and Elizabeth Taylor in the name of Yoko Ono, big winner in Neva Corporation’s murder of JFK. It was designer corporatism from the high office of the Governor of Washington attacking me in Pittsburgh, to fulfill her charge of lying about the pussyball clocked to mass murder.

        In their system Ichiro said let Lennon be the hero and Jimmy be the follower and made sick in homage to the martyr of the sickest.   At Safeco Stadium they vociferously condemn alcohol to minors; then by sneak (hiding the evidence of neurological injuries making Jimmy a robot or trauma) they condone adults super-intoxicating the golem by war beatings and kidnapping in stolen cars, going so far as to write academic papers about their group project, encrypting the middle name Macryland with the creole of Crayola and prescribing me a Social Security number beginning 1984, the year they stationed me in the secret FEMA Medical Library doing Retrospective Conversion their way for the incoming of the unsightly act.   By this, they smile, announce Lennon, go in peace, for all is just as it has been written. The smokehouse codes of human trafficking hold indomitable dominion, glowering behind the reasonableness of their false assurances to parents as they look down from the booth of pornographic enterprise headquarters at Major League Pussyball.

        The fact that the vivisection is premeditatively given the initialism A.D. for post-humous collection of the queerbait’s life work by the killers, shows that the Truman Show film was an extremely vicious satire from the Hollywood Manson Experiment, the sociology of gangs like Pink Floyd, Tavistock and Laurel Canyon, which they like to call Pepperland.   The Elders Project based on leveraged catering to Temple University’s afro-egological resurrection of Secret Societies is transparently the opposite of transparency, yet they continue to craft misattributing blame in a Royal Ennui Game, Lennon, Princess Di, Tupac, to the bridge dummy in Ringo Starr’s game of Shark.

      The situation is the reciprocal and opposite of fixing a hole where it really doesn’t matter if they’re wrong they’re right.   It doesn’t matter whether Lennon was killed the result is the same as if he had faked it: to empower mass murderers. The Na-Gadep were too busy justifying pirated child pornography to care they were catering to King’s killers, in posturing with the cynical chivalry of child traffickers hawking mutilationism as a curiosity shop, over the Venus Fly Trap of De De/NEVA and AIDS, which they found terribly entertaining.

       The expression "take it for a sign" is un-American, a primitive German swastika pretext belli corroding free speech as gifting the right to strike down innocents.  Yet do it they are right out of school.