The film titled:  Xiu Xiu the Sent Down Girl was Chinese and managed to be so illustrative of the crying shame visited on early adolescents in places like Seattle that Chinese authorities said for reasons of taste it mustn’t be shown.   The banned film status therefore helped American authorities who have no such power nor such taste to shrug it off as somehow a criticism of China. Essentially it was the world of Donald Trump, as mythic a cartoon as poor old Adolf, showing the manner in which his partnership with Oliver Stone, particularly in so far as tinkling glasses with Putin, has made the entire USA into Xiu Xiu, who mistook a seemingly simple gesture of kindness and was raided for her entire world.   They use fragmentation psychology to create a fusion weapon of victim fights controlled by enemy sociologists borne in the occupy of Texas Corrections by neo-Nazis on both sides of the bars working in a secret union arrival. Organizationally the idea of a prison strike, which was uploaded by NAACP confederates in on the AIDS attack to trump the victim ledger with brutal open mic bullies, appears to have originated in British strategy. Humanity took a holiday under the iron wing of murder descending from the sky with the gnashing fangs of Ringo Starr.   The way Pittsburgh underworld leader Dr. Ralph Proctor brooded over the election of Trump, staying home and refusing to teach, you’d think he had nothing to do with it.

       The atrocity of Kennedy’s murder (we now know from the AIDS scroll whose authors continue to laugh at a government who cannot even keep the idea of democracy straight, much less balance the books or protect the rivers) which took on Biblical proportions under the attack, was also designed by British intelligence to announce the secret by a method where the more we learn the less we know.   This is one reason their perpetrators bang on to speak in layman’s tongue (because they factually do not except in rumor-mongering powerhouse publications of gargantuan, unchecked slanders advancing torture and program control). The reality is deep intelligence at UW, illegal war games from Oxford, and the sorcerer’s funding of off the record Death Row as a convenience for their pirate bunkmates in office.   The rabid generate sophisticated presentations that announce the plan to punish AIDS by AIDS with my face as the acid mask. The atrocity is their masterpiece and their notion of congress is propertizing. Just as Oswald has been shown by research into the psychological program of the assassin confederacy to have been a voodoo doll of Kennedy, killed for communism and so on, Seattle has elevated Chief Weird Turd to preside over the ransom of a sacrificial queerball.

         In Seattle’s shark union, mobilizing in defense of the aggressor, a number of reprobate puny-nesses have taken the land of opportunity to grandstand their putative grudges, caustically manufacturing a straw political entity, flesh and blood effigy, to test their power by demanding licky chops obedience to their presentation by identity fraud, cherry picking what little they have to work with while lying about everything at the paper shredder.  Seattle takes the form of goblins toothing that I want to use the situation to my personal advantage as though I have the right to any sort of self-definition at all, an idea that sets them howling in the most curdling gyrations. Woe is me, they moan, while creating a false sponsor allegation to let anyone but the innocent go free. They made up lies, gave them credibility by fraud, enforced the rumor and executed revenge for the assassin lobby.  Defiance by reckless abandon is so commonplace in The Stranger Newspaper precinct that you would think they would notice and be concerned about a flow-charted path for escapism set up as an anti-Christian demonstration project in devil entrapment for military cauterization of toxicology, but like everyone else, for the Seattle Fourth Estate the rise of Axis America is their big totem project. Like Dr. Ralph Proctor, their ally in Pittsburgh, Capitol Hill society is precisely the reason why the light on the blackout never gave way to a backlash against Donald Trump.  They couldn’t stand the truth and wanted the AIDS attackers to pull it off. They have a playstation where this outcome empowers them.

        It is very difficult for a reader with only a short letter to fathom the interrogation by insane means that Warhol Museum has computer central text concerning playing out their dictat that juvenile delinquency was at work.  Not the killers themselves, those were only the piano players. The murderer authored the text as a story, sneering that unless the story plays out to the end they will never know how it would have turned out, an argument analogous to stating that if they hadn’t killed JFK we wouldn’t have the JFK mystery game, and they want to finish assassination by HIV infection for recreational entertainment.  They have come close, they are doing a dance of death by circling and yammering while among the threats to our society by those who released AIDS whom Seattle is allowing to masquerade as representing the victims, is nuclear atrocity. Again, gangs like the Stranger cuzzle snug and warm in denial, boners empowered by deceit. The British filth want to tell AIDS as a Book of Job about love for the Beatles no matter the tribulation, kowtow to rubbish dementia.

     The Fourth Estate’s big project was Axis America but it came with the poisonous web of tribute to John Lennon, who they claim was assassinated for having fun.   This is clever manipulation of victim sympathy, all thought out to use them as a fifth column for the killers themselves. The idea is so simple that it just gets denied.   UW and Bill Gates have a long history of partnership in creating the psychology behind the science of holy war. Bill Gates whittled away at our Post Office dignities and laws, putting human effigies on stamps when they were forbidden and now there’s a foreign image on a U.S. Postal Stamp.  They had no business putting Lennon on a stamp. This confederacy had me in D.C. for the shooting of James Brady. The man who gave me two Hitler stamps the night before, from when Germany allowed living political effigies on stamps in service to dictators, was named John Currant. The idea of having a superwave weird current of mania as the primal scream cure for the abomination was written in advance to be secured and unfolded from the Axis Occupy.

          The dicky wavers at the Stranger like to hum that despite their best efforts Donald Trump won when, in reality, all of their might went into making him possible.   In fact, it is perfectly obvious from the partnership of Youssou N’dour with Will Zell Broome, eugenicist shown to have had prior knowledge of the AIDS attack, that the groupies being promoted as step’n fetchit for Penis Gabriel cream in their dreams of a future Trump Africa, placating by yammer the exterminated with false empathy like the tongue in cheek swain, ‘Get ‘em out by Friday,” syphilizing their one hand snaps.  Be my guest, Atlas, they lisp. One thing that makes them happy is the evidence that shows American ideas about Civil Rights cannot be proven.

          George Bush, whose secret name is Pedro Cuntheadro, had a party, a barnburner going in Pittsburgh.  What Trump’s man Jaime Carbonell did with Clinton in manufactured extrusion of the rabbit tape from Jimmy Qweewee was confirmation of power in mind control, that preyed off of years of neurological brutality inflicted on a waif by his own mother and mysterians like the Rabbinical ventriloquist Taube, the acid screamers of Guerilla Theater at the YIKC (nevermind what that one means).  Imagine looking into a human’s eyes on the street and saying to yourself, I can make that puppet say anything I want and it will never know it was me. What is more they used this cockpit of natural language puppet making through neurological trauma to extrude and construct a new sorcerer’s idea of American rule, one in which symbolic mayhem trumps representative government and the vomit of child hostages is just funny..   The ACLU had it all indexed out to defend the Axis behind confidentiality without tears, masquerading as a Union prank, rendering prognosis to the race dialectic smoke screen, calling the white suck for a liar. It triggers denial far and wide without you having to do anything. By the success of British manipulation of the AIDS attack JFK’s brief term of office was found out for a production department’s deception about the nature of America’s victory.  The famous newspaper reading Dewey Defeats Truman might as well have read just as derisively Truman Beats Hitler. Our progressive media went from cheering Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King to being errand boys for George Lucas and Yoko Ono and they masquerade that this is the closest continuer theorem. Zappa’s fame demonstrated amply that Seattle public love nothing better than someone who lies to them while openly looking down on them.

       Although all of that will do well enough in what orients the subject, the primary mission of this letter is to address the oral infection that it is reasonable to fear Gov. Jay Inslee inflicted experimentally as damage therapy for Warhol’s syphilitics.   We’ve heard from UW psychology before: You will be free from your anguish and agony when you cease to hate the exterminators and love sacred Kosper, the KKK agent of the NAACP who pummeled the queerbait blindside in grade school, embrace in forgiveness eternal, as you have been told to groove before the British swivel hips in their divine comedy of kiddie rape, mutilation, ripper homicide and totem totality.   You need do nothing, they will read your curdling blood for art logo-rapine. According to the magic circle, which Colaizzo dubbed The Magic 300, if JFK had lived he would have never fit through the needle’s eye of public sex sleuthing. His murder saved us the pain, oh the pain, of the African spitballs in store from the Xala (Karma) Department of Durrenmatt’s widow. The presence of logical plotters dictating the forms of correctness for race reasons said that the white they blindsided with their friendly prison strikers in the KKK was neither honest nor friendly.   Attacking it in the right to bear children, to hear and play music, to have a loved one, to dream and live and breath free, they scowled that only their airline tickets had value and that they would demolish all hope as representation of the mean. Then they snivelled sissy when it cried. To say these lewd ravagers cannot be trusted is an understatement so monstrous the mind is shattered by its utterance being necessary.

        In completely scorning the representation that is being offered by Penis Gabriel for Mt. Desert Island, I am aware that there is something to be said for Black psychology which is a euphemism for strategic violation of civil rights as a form of educational warfare in the status quo by agreement of those who feel such understanding is necessary to prevent abstraction, detachment and abuse.   If there weren’t something to be said for it the Clintons would not have succeeded in making it such an effective cover story. Locking someone up who is in severe neurological trauma is a little bit more nightmarish an ordeal however than simply putting someone through a scared straight weekend over drunk driving. The absurd ruthless fantasy that African sorcery was the military fringe appropriation of the AIDS attack franchise is a hustler whitewash for Reagan and Ringo united by bikers.   Because African art does in fact reveal a way of looking at the world all around us for spiritual images that impress with enchantment and power, it was possible for white savages to lace our entire malltopia with the Moxyland of an African bizarre through the litter of caustic gaslighter written tagger lettering and symbols conveyance of the demolition. What you don’t understand you cannot see, and what you do see but don’t understand will only haunt you.

         That the ravagers hum their thoughts of true manhood is boiling oil poured on the sycophants.   The haters howl that emotion should never rule a man, while they devastate a child with a nerve agent for an exampling of the liberal wee wee who cries like a sissy.   The crime is eccentric and lavish, and wears the mask of the greater good, a reckoning with UW cerebrals engaging in the horrible malpractice of sociology. Sociology malpractice is absolutely root to the entire malicious enterprise and it is underwritten by the paradox of extremism that howls and yammers that if the Beatles cannot do whatever they want to anyone they want to then the world is not just and should be destroyed.   To deny that they are God incarnate just won’t do. Their actions are entirely bald-faced hypocrisy that dare not speak its name which couldn’t be more effective in crowd control, announcing that ripper murder is a little levity for the pilgrims of plague mass. The spirituality has been studied. The Dark Ages were not unknown to Da Vinci in the age of the Medici. Holy Toledo, as they say in Ohio.

        The stupids responsible are accustomed to deference.   You have run out of the frying pan and into the fire where they benevolently offer to alleviate the burns with a little praise that will make Xiu Xiu’s head swell up on cue.   At storytime we are told that hanging a ralph is the opposite of hanging a louie. To do right is to turn left. This will be rewarded by the race queen that the neuro-golem jones’d for in its pale white abridgement of taste imitating the great food stamp swipe.   If Jimi Hendrix were here today he would shake with the right hand of his sacred wipe. The eccentrics have all sorts of language idioms to fulfill the mission by.

       So Jay Inslee photos himself with Rondy Tagg’s old music student at Fulton and Commdr. Cho puts out the pretzel of a student eating something distasteful for Tive’s old collection of GRIT newspapers hiding the semiotics of 1963 and telling the queerbait in code to brace itself and grit its teeth.   The history of poison crimes by the government towards the lapper who dissed Leslie is appalling, beginning with the death toxin they used to orchestrate screams for their race glee while they uploaded the concept of micro-aggression for political correctness routines from the Zappas. The special details of the secret war all come from the same retinue with the same strategy of lead feeds.   They have in mind unveiling the very specific images of the kill in Dealey Plaza for the uplift of all and everything set to the tune of a barometer play by the tea kettle wizards all made Kosher corner by Dallas and sense.

       It is a remarkable performance in assuring their audience that you cannot win by supporting them, because from the day that Joan Baez began to hide her hand behind the name of Gail Burstyn, I thought I was marching on the right side of the movement.   Yet when Jim Pellis took me into Frick Park to show me the altar of sacrifice he was doing the work of Baez in partnership with Donaldo Gulligan (DG) who said to validate the script rather than warn as they set up the island of Pedro Cuntheadro. Donaldo and P-Brain had in mind lampooning JFK by the spectral imagery shown from the car where a silhouetted and ghostlike image of the holocaust can be seen in Dallas alongside of Allen Dulles and a furious looking Sicilian.   All together now in Two Virgins pimp collection.

        Marcus Crowley burned the egg of the crow fly at the Black Panther Postal Union of Robert Redford for the prison strike of the CIA, yes indeed, offering the Irish idiot a Shetland Pony from Bewitched as a showpiece of Cameroonian bondage equity in the split pea soup section.   The too good little movie star would serve for the poachers of learning.