It is not my place to resolve the contradictions existing between the perpetrators, nor to answer the totality of their stupidity in calling a ferocious hate crime morally right while setting up shop in academia.   When Clare Boothe Luce, the brains behind LIFE Magazine, announced of herself, “I am a fascist!” we have reason to believe she meant to say just that, and about New York City’s extravagant occult the same. Is Tacoma Community College criminally insane?   In my view, at present, no, being military friendly means being aware that the rules of self-government are often attacked for reasons that are unfriendly. It is the right question under the circumstances, however.

     American High Command purposefully excluded JFK allowing him to perform for us on a special task of their choosing.  He was used for a Winchell Mahoney, the talking dummy, to illustrate by a cruel Marxist machine developed by Intelligence Services, for use in a game of Protest Taxes or Die, a signifier of the weak and dissembling liberal playboy, soft on Kruschev, on a shenanigan of peace.  Maj. Gen. Thos. Lane comes right out with it denouncing Kennedy in his book, War for the World, a pitch against what he calls the evil peace of the flesh, evoked by the deceiver in times when only peace of the spirit is possible through the sword.  In this understanding the graphic of Dealey Plaza’s roads, like a peace symbol, is a pitchfork, and true to the mania of The British Crown, they are announcing a fork in the road.

       The AIDS book was authored to be certified extra-judicially as a justified interrogation of a generation’s wayward values.  This required a scapegoat who they described through defacement and lies, then said it was required by Draft Laws of an illegal nature.   The eccentric logic was supposedly in earnest and injury widespread enough in the attack to allow them manufacture of a special symbol. Instead of a symbolic victim of AIDS the assassins created a voodoo object as a non-victim of AIDS in a glass booth of quarantine, erected for race mania, after a grueling and piteous ordeal of terror and murder in a sex and death cult ordeal.

      The planning predated the 60’s by a long shot.   The costumes of popular culture they put on in the psychedelic era of Nazism was a considered production sequence.   Martin Luther King was left in a pool of blood for the screaming arrival of King Crimson on the astral jets of Love’s bloodless field.   They deafened me in tandem with seduction by a Luce type jailbait laughing with the fascism of her juvenile vagina from Boeing 12. The crime schemata was a Black and white brainstorm, a barnburner from the Christian military.  Martin Luther King was also role-born, selected, and role-raised. He was good at it. The plotters were gratified in their best hopes. He sold for them inescapability from the Texas Schoolbook which includes a scientific method test of sincerity posed as a do-or-die.   King gave a brilliant performance of the New Testament by prescription of High Command’s ingenuity for the great play of the AIDS apocalypse with American pencraft from World of Ash (Greg Karl).

      The alliance of Don Ostro and Ralph Proctor was designed to mis-school a white child by brutal hegemony and call subservient terror by the name of recreation in a CIA safehouse and announce thereby an African Secret Law:  enforced by the African cinema show of Xala, spitball wads drenching the corrupted bureaucrat, that has a counter-occurence in the mysticism of the Islamicist Suhwardi, whose protegees allowed scabies infestation to laugh at the flesh.  AIDS was announced by Foucault and Sean Strub as a suicide bomb with meta-mathematical metaphors. Proctor saw glory in the disturbing idea that for an African man being childless means the same as being dead, why not play that, these thinkers mused, against the desire to stab and stab with HIV the golem on the rack?

      According to the assassins around Catholic Worker (Eirene, Chad and Marcus) the circumstances surrounding deviation from the Honors Code of collegiate marriage law are irrelevant.  Yet their control scenario also lays bare the fact that their offensive interrogation of their mutilation victim is a psychotic defense against exposure for atrocity. Their litany follows an Infidel Code, and limns strategic passages through their sick never-ending seance intended to mandate measuring up to the AIDS attack, sincerity posed as a do-or-die.

       Totalitarian syphilitics are a form of mathematical schizophrenic psychosis rendered law.  There’s nothing worse than a common error or fallacy made sacred. The Beatles have fraudulently accused JFK post-mortem of playing a game of whiplash with his death in Dealey Plaza.  They have faulted my magnanimity when they are the ones playing a spoilers’ game for keeps. Either you believe Seattle Queers from Paratex are as absolutely vicious and evil as Eno has made them out to be or you realize that attempts to help their peers was the number one cause of death, goaded on by those who kept the secret of the attack, prove you love me style, like horses running to the burning barn.  Tragically, a fact spurned by SeaQuees, I am one of the most historic figures from the era in Pittsburgh known to have pleaded wtih Gays to acknowledge it was a weapon and to protect each other rather than single out new victims for Hollywood’s line and pursue demands for high risk hazing as mandated by suicide bombers.

       Art does not explain this case.

       Competence has become the watchword at school, but it’s a wry confabulation on the level of being a demand against challenging what they did.  The racket and mire of fraud, manufacture, lies, libels, smears, mishandling and destroying of evidence that went on in Dealey Plaza and again in Pittsburgh makes a mockery of the sanctimony behind hair-splitting scrutiny from above.   Competence is a selective mandate and if it is gratified for them that is a signal to smash the playing board. Wallowing in hate, the black confederates accuse their traumatized object of getting by mistake alley on being cute. Who is talking cute?  Obama is the oo! Oo! Me! Oo! Oo! Me! Guy in class who knows the answers: we bomb them with drones, we deny their rights on a religious predicate, we cash in the race card as a Prince of Diamonds, and not as a joker. What I said yesterday about Roberto Clemente’s disappearance and what it truly means may bring out the ogre in Edgar Martinez but it is absolutely true.  These criminals we are coddling by fulfilling their terrible idea of a planet plan are fulfilling nightmares for us from their black hole of hate. Not one of the dazzling brilliants is Toussaint L’Overture who recognized defeat in hate mania. Further the use of Roberto Clemente’s name for the opposite of its meaning, like the use of my letter to Katz for the opposite of its meaning, is said to make sense only by seeing Lennon’s spirit as a fuzzbuster to be used against investigation into the AIDS attack for what it was.  Nobody seems to see why Kennedy can be compared to Serpico even when you learn that Clemente’s name was Drafted to represent Adolf Hitler. The hypocrisy of naming practices never comes out when they demand I self-dirty by the name of queerbait in return for my life, leaving them howling as they extrude testimony of being bukkake’d at the age of nine as I slept and woke up shocked and in tears.

       The rabid call it Art because they want the money.

       The Black Christian confederates tied the knot of the underworld with a trick against consensual lovemaking during evil hour that they are playing out as a will to power in which U.S. Constitutional Law is summarily voided.   They attack it like the Khmer Rouge walloping Dith Pran for not wanting to die of starvation, while double fantasy from Pentagon Disney’s seance spoon allows them to have their cake and eat it thrice.