Everybody knows the New York, Pittsburgh and Seattle FBI are committed to weaponizing slander for Peter Gabriel in order to process a multi-million dollar heist by the British in a case of mass murder franchise where the dependent variable is whether you are a liberal.  They brutally tortured me after claiming to be from Amnesty International. The murderers generated catcalls after contracting for loose morals, in a case of trauma torture, while pursuing their prey with hired snipes and snitches making a joke of a premeditated AIDS testing case by sneering that the victim should die as a messiah, and it was all prior scripted.   The assassins who made a mockery of the AIDS attack were led by Ringo Starr and Tony Levin, playing up their names against the evidence. British bigotry won the AIDS war.

      Wiring around failure to warn then saying their speak for the dispossessed, the murderers announced from within the traffic of students by school officials that terror from torture was proof of rape.  To do this they welded the mind of the golem shut with a nerve agent and then taunted it into seizures. Chemical castration and rape of a tutor to punish her for trying to help me and for calling them the liars they obviously are, is too high a price to pay for a teacher’s racial malice.

        Trump and Gabriel did this by a ripper hatter’s razor fetish, based on John Stockwell’s claim that profit for being born liberal and attractive was an insult to the African Secret Service behind the theme of the plan’s execution.   The idea that a perpetrator could be a Magistrate of the Change for whom the entire decision is based on his own buccaneer is extremely deranged legal philosophy.

       Much of the venom in this matter comes from Yoko Ono whose hit team singled me out, and may have even contracted my mother for sociological birthing as assistant to the production team.   She is working for the NEVA Japanese pornographic institution who sent in the Pitmans from Rural Road, a title of a theme in their productions, laughing at victimization, and vowing to kill over a penny as they did being ripper hatters in Seattle.   Ono comes from Japan’s movement in Vichy Vietnam, allies of Hitler in World War Two who created Aung San’s Burma. Burma and the Opium traffic that led to the heroin epidemic after the murder of Kennedy was the British style. Lennon’s team got rid of the rivals like Kennedy and King then staged his own disappearance so that the murderers not only would have total impunity in AIDS, now acting in his name, but so that the case can never be solved.   Starr continued to shoot up the town, bringing down JFK, jr. as part of British Labor’s barrier of blood to cheer Midori Goto’s contempt for Jimmy Creary. The trick is the perfect method of pacification while generating some extra war crimes on behalf of the real killers.  Pittsburgh has thugs who will battle someone for peanuts, the British rabid have added celebrity hysteria and sexual privileges to the broth.

          Humanism as a school was created for the operation to rob me of my birthright of the simple joys of being an American.   Sex in the 60’s was always a delusion of liberation to empower the AIDS attack planned for the 80’s. When falsely accused the FBI came and said to me, “how’s that you’re safe.”  I wasn’t. They continued to bang on with lies to stall for Hollywood hit teams to collect the morass of information slewed into the slum of our values for clean up time, now they sneer in the cooing whispers of false lovers to forgive, forgive Wheeler who publicly spoke of sacrificing a child of mine, forgive Zell, his classmate with prior knowledge of AIDS, forgive Penis Gabriel, who orchestrated their war crimes and penned their fraudulent alibi.   It will be just like starting over for the wheelers.