The fact that the University of Washington’s Sociology Department is criminally insane and beneath contempt hardly deserves to be proven.   It is illegal in the United States of America to Draft a disabled person, much less use them for an Illegal and deranged War Game. The murderers received Teamster support from New York and Pittsburgh and this, they allege, fulfills the necessary explanation.  Meanwhile, out of the other side of their forked tongues, the Seattle Mariners announce loud and clear that anyone giving alcohol to children is commiting a crime and Tacoma Community College circulates the legal position that a child is too young to give informed consent, all of which is being used to justify torture, blindside attacks on a child, hostage taking, and both Police and Congress are enthralled by the reasoning.

     Here is the  reasoning: The sexual violence against a child was organized.  This is proven. Schools do not permit sexual discussion, therefore the organized pedophile Gestapo were, accordingly to UW Administration, providing public services.   Look briefly at the syndicate arrangement. The attack was by Kasper, the name of Reagan’s war partner, near Terri Villa Pizza Shop. A man working with Karl named Colucci took me to see a man named Randy who asked me to strip for pictures.  When I refused, things turned very nasty in that circle. Wait, didn’t Caspar get replaced by Carlucci, the new war partner of Reagan?

       Midori Goto, working with violent pedophile hostage cinema, used John Lennon’s name to sell a suicide mission and ultimatum.   They forged my name on documents. Here is where FBI goes wild with delight. The murderers tortured me and left me comatose internally with a neuroplastic head trauma, but, meanwhile, superficially, they left parts of the brain working well enough that I could spout the confusions I learned in a public school, allowing the mental hotwirers to strangle the neuroplasm by intellectual challenges and draining false witness gyrations.  So why at the NAACP supporting this criminally insane mission? They say, at best, therapy for their dour hatreds.

     Take a moment to look at the United States for a minute loyally.   The innocent are entitled to presumption of innocence. Even the guilty are until they stand fair trial.   Okay, along come Black psychopaths eager to use the dialogue about Law Enforcement’s duty to protect anyone presumed innocent who is under attack to justify torture and slander.  They announce that the right to a presumption of innocence is a white privilege that should be abolished. This helps them strut about forceful change. Change to what? The idea of being inclusive in the first principles of justice and law enforcement cannot be infringed.   Once you do that you have subverted what you would hope to change.

     Now how do these brilliants arrive at what must be done once they have destroyed the only thing worth preserving in Our Commonwealth, being the grounds for progress and trust?   You would never believe it: By the Silver Screen, a movie theater jam packed with wolves on high barking, “nigger, kike, faggot” to entertain the morons who accept grades from UW.   This is reality. The Silver Screen was foundationally built on an Erasmus praise of folly twisting what James Garfield tried to do in his Inaugural Address. Silver became a sarcastic symbol for white racists, just as Pussyball was used by the NAACP to support their alliance in the AIDS attack.  All of the bantering stupidities in defense of “nigger, kike, faggot” on the silver screen in the name of UW Sociological doctrine, the progress of the fittest, is an enforcement of the AIDS attack plot, all of it is.  For enough money Blacks will call the South African Police honorary brothers, best friends, White Panthers.

       The Foreign Performance has called itself EMPATHY BUILDING.   In other words, demanding mass suicide allegiance. The gibberish of their war crime is written into the very fiber of their textbooks, pronouncing elegant wind to the effect that mother's suffering must answer the cries of the bereaved child and that by having one's own broken heart drowned out alone does one learn true wisdom.   What makes sense, in all matters human, is striving for rapport between people based on law and Commonwealth values.   Rapport means some degree of balanced understanding. Where is the Empathy in mutilating a child because they are white and saying good riddance to the Civil Rights we supposedly were marching to extend for all people?  

       Don’t ask, because nothing they will tell is anything but a lie.  They announced from the very beginning they were unconcerned and unaffected, complaining that anyone would want to try and save lives.  UW is a catastrophic farce.  Don't expect me to go there.