Although the sight of Seattle cheering their own assassins shows the military genius of The Beatles and will go down in history as the ugliest use of hallucination-based Pavlovian training imaginable, this is the lesson as an occult fact proven by every evidentiary particular which escaped their paper-shredding spree.   It was a dirty trick but a lot of acid was spilled in the 80’s about naivete. Dirty tricks are regarded as self-preservation in many union activities about which asking them to come clean is a waste of time. History, however, isn’t at the mercy of organized tampering and fraud.

      Bullies have made sheep of newsmen in all this and the response to all this piracy is a very sad one, the press are dressing up in wolves’ clothing announcing themselves to be true patriots.  Publications like Hustler steam up a lot of ballyhoo (pronounced: baal Lee who) about freedom of expression to mask their glorification of dirty tricks.

       The idea that the truth is much too simple is willful abuse of power.  The game of the attackers is the saw about the best defense being a good offense and that is the game they are playing.  To deny it is a power play. Maintaining equanimity in the face of really harrowing mean-ness takes work. It’s not an easy picture to write about.

       Dissent exists in a behavioral model here that has a non-violent conscription, no problem with that, but what gets left out is that they resent lawful dissent so much that they rigged against non-violence detonating what they claim was justified neurological warfare against the enemy within.  Thos. Gordon, one of their less popular, but clear-headed agents, described their angle as being out to “get your goat.” For Neva Corporation to be involved in a political action describing sexual license as the work of the devil betrays the cynicism in all of it. The conspicuous cruelty directed at their own neurological tampering shows that the purpose is to manufacture a threat.  Humiliating non-violence is icing on the cake for them, oh you won’t mind if we do, then, you saint, and so on.

         Specific complexities that they have mastered in their presentation, Our Commonwealth has not mastered, and they have been successful in reading attempts to keep people informed as agitating.   Known agents working with New York Government Harcourt, Ferguson and Rudy represent a scheme to demand reconciliation on the terms that cede power to the attackers. That this is a peculiar catering to the KKK exonerating violence towards a helpless white, deaf, liberal child which makes the support Gabriel enjoys among black people very confusing.  This confusion is strategic. It allows them to tune the instruments of their insider lobby, which is inclusive, to a song of deadly betrayal and the ancient lyric of: do you want to be next?

      Conformity is really the prerogative at work in rock and roll no matter what they call it.  Ye who breaketh their dance rhythm shalt not be favored. This fact is addressed in a novel from South Africa called Moxyland which is just metaphoric enough to be both useful and too late, giving the aspect of a laugh in the face from the old Apartheid crowd dressing up their war crime in moral suasion.   The British have the most leverage in rock, however you may regard their brutal attack, torture and deafening of me, once gone a sense and potential is not regained. They cleverly called this prepayment on the fake death of Lennon in which I had no role, whatever Pittsburgh mayhem may have been capable of, being Warhol’s hometown.   Of course, the Seattle syndicate, like Aaron Dixon, are much too immature to make their bogus and vicious claims out in the open. Provocation for them is exposing them. The law restricts their violence only insofar as they are permitted to pose as the law. Clearly their goal is not honorable democratic process.

      The educated reader faces many hurdles in learning about the sophistication of the criminal syndicate calling themselves a government right now.  They are obviously sadistic of bent working in places like academics while congregating with underworld tag teams, most overtly wired up to the Keanu Reeves types in Geffen Corporation, but Spike Lee tips his hand, too.  It’s not easy to understand without the mug file of what befell me as a juvenile hostage in DeNiro’s Pittsburgh while Trump was still keeping a very low profile. The Blacks involved wanted a black President, a picture on the wall at Sal’s, and victory in pussyball.  Spike Lee uses Cartieri types (acknowledgement to D.T.) whose game was the same as Aaron Dixon, taunt and taunt and taunt, until someone returns the gesture, then claim you were wronged. Cartieri attacked me violently after giving me the finger until I gave it back. Dixon wants to make a grab on my work by saying I had no right to name his game, as he sends me message after message, George Wallace-style.   He is one of many public favors I gladly stay away from, he might consider returning the favor. What has become of the United States that we have to make a special pleading about our first liberties? Of course I don’t wish harm on him. I just don’t want anything to do with him or The Beatles agenda.

         The Texas Pretexts at work allow the other greasy side of the affair, the shrill and conspicuously pre-conceived cunning in the paradigm of their sex object exchange ballet, artful if you admire eugenics and believe that road rage justifies extreme measures in population control.    Before we lighten up a little from this dis-spiriting motion picture, it seems like a good idea to delve into some of the avenues that really need looking into. The execution in Dealey Plaza was an undisguised act of pimp collection for which the Carousel Club set the terms of the wheel of fortune reminiscent of the poetry and morality you find among Aleister Crowley’s devotees.  Neva Collection Services were part of the point of how I was slaved. The racial explanation of getting even in service to an alliance with the KKK by the NAACP is a tip off about the reasoning behind it and how the illusion of race feuding tunes their message to an ultimatum delivered by terror. Peter Gabriel in fact not only circulates a theorem of purging the shadows of the collective mind by sacrificial victimization crimes, but also announces as a sort of special doctrine the idea that fear is the source of our society’s violence.  This somehow in his mind allows him to create and foment deadly terror trying to get someone’s goat.

        While they may not bother with niceties when it comes to me, the old Catch 22 number is really their strong card.   Acid rock has a lot of Hollywood wizardry up their sleeve and if you name their gaslighting techniques you are ripe for a 302.