While the Police Department talks about what a cruel humiliation has been inflicted on James Crary, the British find very strange things funny.   The script titled: I am the Walrus, a victorious script written by those who circulated the rumor that the Vietnam Veterans were being called baby-killers by irresponsible people in order to take revenge, targeted my right to have children in a systematic abortion enterprise, deafening me as symbolic of the silent scream, and putting me through compulsory miseducation as a victim of child trafficking which the British again issued a summons of denial.   The program of intense interrogation of a mind deadened by impacted neuroplastic trauma is vital to British intelligence who want authorization to depict the crime as justified for their man in The White House. Central to this intelligence operation is the script’s claim I cudda saved John Lennon.

       Amusing to the British in other words is the evidence that their gang from Temple University, protected by Peter Gabriel’s machine, Will Zell, Gail Burstyn and Bill Wheeler were involved in contracting for a child which they killed after being born symbolically.   Amusing because Midori Goto, the secret starlet of the Neva Corporation’s sex script concerning the butchery that leads to understanding about the murders of Dr. King and JFK, “I love Sira Siran” was spray-painted on my garage in 1966, presented her achievement through conspicuous consumption of superwave consumer goods and presented her affections to the hitman of the team who blindsided, kidnapped and tortured me, her friends at Warhol not being satisfied even after they raped my deaf Korean advocate.  They ripper murdered a girl in Seattle and have demanded I die of HIV infection as punishment for cudda saved John Lennon, ignoring the evidence that those who wrote the script released the virus, the Gabriel/Warhol team sell this murderous campaign as a masterpiece, the death of Kennedy as just following established procedure, much amusing to them.

         So Gabriel proclaimed a Judgement and Gubernatorial challenge last night demanding I admit to recognizing the language style of a girl who was interested in me but who, by law of dare, was too young to name, when I was too young to name, demanding her name because he has said his African lobby will kill over any attempt to hide from their ruthless interrogation on behalf of infanticide and their lobby to protect the perpetrators by naming me the evil one.

        The girl would chase me down the street screaming at me in front of crossing guards, and frequently fought her way out of corners on Black Street where racial tensions were high.  She was far from the type to allow a little boy to have sex with her without consent. Further, her game was to provide the refrain for the script, after I was brutally indoctrinated to pleasure without responsibility by Don Ostro, who had custody of me through violent hostage, oh I could get pregnant and you would be responsible.  When she screwed me both Val Ostro and Don Ostro left the room so we could be alone. Don Ostro was adult, Val Ostro was in his fifties. Val signifies valentine and Ostro is a British war code for secret. Don Ostro is like King Crimson in its signifier and this means they were marketing up Sex (Val) Secret (Ostro).

       This harks back to the occult Christianity that King Crimson represent, the Permission to Do Evil mentality or Praise of Folly of Erasmus.  This team of crime used Dr. King’s murder as a statement about The Force that George Lucas promotes by his D.C. King Statue, the force of power used to exterminate the bad one, found as a script in the house of Lucarelli.  The demand for reply is part of the production operation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation who wrote the script using me as an item of bondage by Federal Communication, to entertain the victims of AIDS as a secret production by Warhol.

       SO by Penis Gabriel was an algorithm of information control, the permitted angle that I was crying over Leslie Katz, still a virgin, that they say necessitated being used as an AIDS war game guinea pig on Mt. Desert Island, renounced by my fiance who they also hired, while their driver nearly killed school children at Kelly School, for a man who laughed in my face, “You like King Crimson?  Hahaha. THEY DON’T LIKE YOU HAHAHAHAHA.”

         The psychopath Gail Burstyn, working for the British, sent me what they say I should have understood.  They were children who were cultivated carefully as local munchkins by Chomsky and Donald Gruber’s milieu, which signifies Donald Schlicklgruber, Hitler’s real last name, introducing themselves by the name of Kasper with blindside attacks and writing the Church Ill plot in the name of Gay Ill and the words, “Hi, remember me?”    Her letters spoke of Interview with a Vampire and Briefing for a Descent into Hell, as I was kidnapped in full view of Fulton Elementary. The British paid off the local church, and NAACP to allow them to perform. Shawn Brooks in fact was the agent who they used to sell attacking me by hired fiance in an impacted neurological injury they have poisoned me with.

       The slay of innocent people is underwritten at UW by the Government of Jay Inslay, chosen by the CIA local for innocent slay.   To this ends the British scream and seeth, no one is innocent, cudda saved John Lennon but was in love with a woman with whom he wanted to have children.  He must serve the greater slay as slave.

         By this script, a contract on America, they are politicizing my right to exist.   Their basis is their doctrine, espoused by Lennon, of pleasure without responsibility.  They say it led to serial abortion thus I am the Walrus, their magnate Oliver Stone termed psychologically consistent, and they want to use their radars to make sure I detect the direction of the mentality in their aggressive pornography on the market, sneering it is within me, the enemy within, a pseudonym for Burstyn, the name of the Exorcist woman.

         The most loathsome man I think I ever knew, Paul Runco of Advanced Materials and Devices, called this “cooking turkey” and his lowlifes attaches like Oliver Stone snicker, “How long you gonna last, queerbait,” until the siege lights of the nature of reality.    They organized paranormal retaliation.

         The Herrington girl was paired up with Byington in the script of Ringo Starr about what they called, “Nobuko’s stupid code of what girls should do and boys should do.”  Buy her a ring, byington herrington. Ben Byington and Ken Ferri had actual pistols and were working with Colucci and someone named Randy who demanded I strip naked and I refused.  Boy did they ever take it out of me for resisting them. Ringo’s cult at Warhol know all the sophisticated language prompts meant to communicate that she was hesitant and that I cajoled.   Starr and Pitman the men who brutally gassed me have all but burned the school down sneering that pimp protection in the AIDS attack comes first. I was homeless for years. Further the game signifier of red hair in a klukker red line known as Tang which is taste coded into Starburst candy as a symbol of Starr and Burstyn, just as Nordstrom signifies the Pitt machine union of Chancellor Nordenberg and Nancy Moore, my mother’s name, but also the name of the wife of Strom Thurmond, author of None Dare Call it Treason.

         Such are the wonder wizardry of counter-intelligence from the British promoting the guilty in the AIDS attack.   The Catholic Church pedophile syndicates Pennsylvania is constantly fighting used scientists of political scandal for their special operation on Jimmy Creary, contending that I should have to convince their arch murderers on high in a slide rule of homework for cutters.