A very Administrative and simple work of change took place with the silencing of JFK.  The foundations for a theory of public understanding were removed.  Understanding about what?   Understanding about educational processes outside a win-or-lose construct.  The killers discounted notions of mutual benefit.  JFK was killed in an adjunct, coda or epilogue of WW2 in an espionage relation that viewed it as war crime payment for the atomic blast against Japan, who had a close, abiding friend in King Edward.   Adolf Hitler who was with Eichmann in Argentina that day believed deeply in the win-or-lose mentality which he called his political philosophy of natural realism, one where Hollywood reels of dream unfold like magic from the Imperial Wizard of Oz.   The David Rockefeller and Paul McCartney braintrust of show business alternative that they beamed down or uploaded with the AIDS attack is meant to induce and in some ways answer neoliberal desperation.  The criminality of the enterprise was cartooned by its author as a sick jest disguised for a hoax endorsed by American militias.   With that paragraph you have already surmounted the greatest threat we ever faced, the fatalization of magnanimity and the rendering of a Manson victim into fugitive status from HitlerReagan by the spite and malice from the slanders of black American syphilitics, hiding their hate crimes in race solidarity.   

      It is not my precinct to justify the historic grudges of Sherman Alexie and Aaron Dixon, crowd operators in the dour scene of Seattle feministas, nor how they interpreted this as a mandate allowing Rev. Harold T. Lewis and Rusted Root to turn over sadistic and purposefully mistranslated texts to Branch-Davidians in their mayhem of hooligan atrocity, nor overseer their cusp with Schugar Bear and Mike Seate in defense of Skinhead Army.   I am only concerned with how what was done to me illustrates the sickening plan of premeditation in the AIDS attack, and the roster of arguments all set up in advance for shock jock radio interrogation.   These local dacoits were the X-termination committee at work in Reagan’s plot.   My condition was an intended outcome.  The murder of liberals was authorized for therapy by the King Estate and the gift of language presented by books titled for example:  “Plausible Denial,” were included in Reagan’s Publisher’s Project on a dare.  Who’s going to call them on it?  Obama?  Complicity was moneybagged by those sure of their mountebanks in the peculiar institution of higher learning.   The long trusted assumption held over from the JFK era that the printing press could safeguard our ethics by showing where we have been misled has proven empty.  This assumption appears to have been targeted, meaning JFK’s death was meant to demoralize the assumption of press usefulness to a fair society.

       There seems to be a partnership of convenience between the orthodoxy of power and Rockefeller’s practices which contain an eerie tactical derision towards public safety.   Looking at the language design illustrated by the present impasse and acceptance ultimatum encoded in the phrase Put/in the Rod/man we see how Rockefeller/McCartney constructed an international tabloid of sniveling brilliants behind the power illuminati curtain of godheads on beyond queerbait.  Getting these figurings squared away yields at least one insight valuable to the future.  Whether we are hostage, prisoner or peacemakers protecting dignities, social progress depends on respect not even being a consideration when it comes to our dealings with the AIDS attack combine.  Outcasting is a mandate of personal sympathy.  Those who in any way support them should be shunned.   In other words the strutting of black grievance can and must be shut down as an emergency response over what they pulled.  They have the usual vicious dogs and the holy microphone of race rebuke but in the spirit where it matters, Oprah Winfrey has lost.

       However you view personal meritocracy, the clowniacs of Ayn Rand in their mad clamber to get ahead and abuse someone innocent for spite is worthy only of outcasting.  You work hard, you deserve your education and entitlements, you have achievements to your name, don’t mistake a derisive gang of Los Vegas Collective psychotics playing thuggy tycoon from Hollywood for a legitimate lesson plan.   Trace their murder and mayhem, instead.  Where there is no other law, outcast them in your soul.   Is this reasoning?  No!  It is White Reasoning, they will yammer, gnashing their teeth in favor of the KKK over the pale white liberal thing they have prone and traumatized for bounty licky chops, led by Colin Powell and King Crimson, all kissy lick for HitlerReagan.

        History books can be strange but also revealing.  Coupled with the language signifiers of the cult invested in the crime who set up a barricade by mas/querading as assassination researchers playing Warmer/Colder in what seems to have been for them delicious sadism, we see what purpose occured in how they made themselves at home, comfortable on the front lines of debate, plotting to sell their Texas Schoolbook with Ringo Starr, by minstrel ears set to the chords of melancholy.  From the debut of Liverpool behind the sniper’s grass emerged Crowley’s Moonchild in the phenomic mutation of DeMohrenschildt.  Fluxus also echoed in HitlerReagan cinema during The Incredible Two Headed Transplant in the line, “Now I gotta teach this moron how to walk.”   Just as Roe was a metonym for Marilyn Monroe, abortion was a stand-in for Hitler’s jingos of old about The First Great Lie told by November criminals.   In a sick joke, it’s best to know who is laughing.  Hitler promoted Leslie Katz and the Attilla psychology where real rape triumphed in the name of chivalry simply by attaching a Bowie-ian sexual preference psychology to sophomore slander campaigns at CMU saying that queerbait frowned and the monster was he.

       Military gaslighting is codified to hypocritize inconsistencies between language registers concerning confiding, consultation, interpretation of duty and severity levels in breaches of presumed decorum, evoking sports to demoralize rather than rally those who do not endorse academics as a battlefield where the eunuchs of learning failed to chant better dead than community college.

      Federal syphilis isn’t pretty.  It gets low.   Fake News from The Rockefeller Times (NYT) doesn’t teach you that Bayer. First beamed down into the books of East India Company as the prefix of Bayerlitsch, meaning Bavaria(n Illuminati), even as we learned that W.H.O. wanted the Press caught was Prescott Bush investing in Bayer X-termination enzymes with Hitler as adjunct of United Fruit and Narcotics Company, the boa constrictor in Dallas that silenced JFK.  Who watches the watchmen?  Why the CIA do and above all conscience is the brainwave of the neuroguardsmen.  The special division of queers at the CIA thought it all through and tossed you a cowhoove to chew.  In the laughter/defeat Sherman Alexie’s are tears of a cannibal at the feast.  Oh, Penis Wayne!

      Fukey dey.