Black Lives Matters is a brand name accepted in America for the usual NAACP quislings of the AIDS attack group.  They are honorary American, bona fide as Quaker Oats. They pout on cue then grin to play settle-ances for the Brass.   They are part of an ongoing political operation of the Democratic Party of extreme fraud for extreme ends. One of their slogans now is:  All Lives Don’t Matter Until Black Lives Matter. That’s nothing new. Vietnamese lives never mattered to Black G.I.’s. Yemen lives don’t matter to the NAACP.  When Shirley Chisholm opposed the war in Vietnam she spelled out perfectly clearly in her book that it was due to the loss of funds to New York Head Start programs and had nothing to do with concern for them.   She said so very bluntly. The way the world is set up to protect New York City’s crafty elite someone is going to get squashed and they just want Black Power to have a big piece of the action. It’s futile to turn to Black people for ethical guidance and moral leadership.   They have already completely betrayed the AIDS generation. From the historical record the Black woman who tried to kill Dr. King may have been party to the actual kill machine that succeeded in the end.

     William Raspberry formed an alliance with Will Zell Broome on Mt. Desert Island and beyond.  As carefully as the American Confederacy have tried to hide the fact of their war crime, the evidence shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that Mt. Desert Island was part of a premeditated AIDS X-termination program that the Clinton Family put on to help the Reagan Administration upload Obama as proof of their maniacal genius.  The United States is now a puppet state of Kennedy’s assassins from the Cold War Era who spirited Adolf Hitler to Argentina. Donald Trump and Donald Gruber, the latter of whom abused me personally as a child, and whose last name is 50 cents of Schlicklgruber (Hitler's maiden name), is part of the same drug slavery ticket who have made it terribly frightening and dangerous to try and talk to people online, bringing in killers and felonious traffickers from all over the world to combat freedom of speech in Seattle.

      The British are very impressed with themselves for pulling off the AIDS attack in broad daylight.  It was described imagistically throughout their publication history. They attacked me as a historic American from Plymouth Meeting as a way to violate the national enigma in the name of hatred for us.   Peter Gabriel’s gang in Pittsburgh impacted a neuroplasm, tortured me, sent a brainwave yammer through it for biological intimidation, raped my nervous system into seizures, libelled me as hiding an offense, and seered through their wound the ongoing violence of the brainwave sonar he advertised as:  That Voice Again. There’s not an American left. No honest American philosopher would justify a foreign power invading the brain itself as part of an X-termination program. To call such an act of war a violation of Civil Rights is so miniscule that Britain thinks it’s art.

        You might notice if you did the research that  the Branch-Davidian faction in Pittsburgh worked with Black Livers Matters on the murder of Alina Sheykhet, and while this is characterized by their supports as just another messy aspect of a profound and good social movement who decided to stick up for Tupac Shakur, the truth is that Wm. Raspberry’s alliance with Will Zell was an alliance by Black Power with White Nazism in a partnership over the AIDS attack, a shake of battle hands.   The murders are not just idle speculation in blood. They are a stalement package created by British Labor working both sides of the aisle to confuse. This is called Yojimbo warfare and the Clintons have worked with Trump, Ringo Starr and Yoko Ono to manufacture this confusion since this X-termination program began. It was part of the PRECONSTRUCTION of the AIDS attack.

          The Black Power syndicate at Carnegie Mellon didn’t even try to hide their disgraceful alliance with the White Nazis behind the AIDS attack.  Bobby Seale’s faction put right in their paper an endorsement of the plot to weaponize AIDS as an ultimatum from those who planned and released it in the first place with the image:  “Let’s have a barbecue.”