Mac Crary <>

      In Allentown there was a Gurdjieff group called Northeon Forest.   Zell, the man who knew in advance about AIDS and set up the testing war game and entrapment program on Mt. Desert Island with the Society for Human Ecology, was in contact there with Walt Hoderewski who Fripp of King Crimson introduced to me at Claymont in West Virginia, run by Pierre Elliott, one of the Idiots in Paris with Gurdjieff.   Northeon was run by Paul Beidler.  Both seem to have known JG Bennett although Beidler complained about "airs of superiority" from the Claymont crowd, I guess meaning Hoderewski.   When Peter Gabriel penned the alibi for Mt. Desert Island as an experience park, or scared straight program, which is a cover up story, they burned down the Jackson Labs, a multi-million dollar loss for that island.   From there they set up things like 911 you can see Galas outside the WTC at with the anthrax.  Her namesake DIA was working with Spin Magazine's owner at Suid Powell and NY Voodoo.  Dia of Der Mond's circle at Temple called me there where I was living with Lou Leto, apparently Obama's leader of Afghan Army operations now during his term, on Dec. 8, 1980.  Diamonda now works through Warhol with Ono. This crowd convinced Proctor that Mt. Desert Island was scared straight and part of a military put on to settle the emotions of AIDS related anger by inflicting phobia.  What this means is that the control behind the AIDS attack is also leading the resistance (see my gold box left with you when I departed).   How they hid this was Yojimbo.  They killed Heinz then Diana and JFK, but it was the same agency hitting both sides, take that you, take that you, now settle down.   With Pitt, where the manufacturer of the nerve agent used on me, Wattenmaker is protected, Primo Levi met with Bayer and forgave them for Zyklon B.  Their team set me up with Alpana on April 16, 1986 so that the faction of the NAACP at CCAC whose sexual attack on me with Rosa Clemente involved pizza delivery of a virgin named Rosa was the work of Dia and Gabriel, Dennis Hennessey remembers.  They announced that Alpana allowed the Black Man to call dibs on the trophy of the script named Midori Goto, the Klondike, Trump spoil of a Japanese virgin in Hitler's revenge who I mistakenly thought would want to protect the young.  Instead, she claims to be the voice of Warhol.  Tom Ammons of CCAC science had as a hireling a man named Don Kahler (don't call her) who locked me in a house from the inside with a man named Kasper who brutally tortured and gassed me as a child when the Pitmans (like Quarrymen) kidnapped me horribly.   While I was homeless from seizures caused by CCAC's attack with Rosa, they were stalking me in seizures claiming I was hiding a juvenile delinquency.  I finally remembered in screams of agony being kidnapped in the snow after to go to school and gassed.  To punish me for trying to get help the military chemically castrated me through a cardiologist whose father owned the drinking establishment where Mancine, like Manson cinema, named in the script as DD (4/4) the day King was killed, was a regular.  This was navigated by Shawn Brooks who took over Rosa when she was finished me and worked her good in gratitude.   Yojimbo is the operating standard of British Labor in their program of settlance, but Lennon pulled a Houdini.  I found the evidence.  It's in the gold box.  Kasper was a Spirit Foundation plot by the friends of Hitler led by King Edward like DeMille who Dulles put in charge of Radio Free Europe.  See the article "Film Follows Finance" in the 1925 Saturday Evening Post by Edward G. something.  Two Virgins Pussyball (DD wasn't one, Rosa was the first) over Midori was clocked by Trump and Ringo the AIDS attack.   Ringo is the high command of Moxy.

   Posvar at Pitt wrote Reagan's FEMA plan.  He had me at Falk Medical Library as a clerk in 1984 when the Warhols and Gabriel started writing to me about "the treason of succulent machines" and drowning out the AIDS issue with South African liberation, but while they worked out the deal to end Apartheid for Geffen and Obama, I learned some other facts, like that HIV came from the LAV lambs brain virus.   The gang from Warhol who gassed me in Kings Estate (a heavenly place) and sent the holocaust letters of Gail Carolyn Burstyn (whose church illness of a name is a homophone for Christian armaggedon) also worked through WQED with Ark/Artek, which Ammons co-owns, whose architect built the India Parliament and Salk Labor with Louis Kahn, then locked me in a house from the inside with a man who attacked me blindside for the British in King Crimson's vivisection "observation" the paranoia/poison Schizoid album about "death seed" that they worked on with Wattenmaker at Pitt and at UWash where they are holding me now.

     You should be aware that the FEMA/Pitt/WQED attorney team for Disney (Pentagon Disney)'s explanation for Mt. Desert Island (an illusion machine) had me in D.C. the night before Reagan claims he was shot.  He came outside and waved to me.  I was on the train stop in Philly when he was saying things like, "All in all I'd rather be in Philadolphia".  Their brochure reads, "there's no such thing as objective reality only what the jury believes," and his SS agent on hand was named Unrue.

     The Administrations use the words heartfelt and empathy these days as part of the sensitivity quotient expected from the soul murdered cyborgs in flat effect from the murder of prophets and digital disconnect, but you probably wonder in passing with these comments what this all means for a person who knew in passing once for a college-related student/worker at the school, and I do have trouble with self-representation even here, where I let myself follow my muse away into studies, and being deaf nobody bothers with me much, so I'm alone otherwise to rock against rock.   

       In Tacoma, the same situation holds, Warhol people and the union supporting them at turns I am sure wonder how they got away with such a tragedy.   I know how.  Tim Kaine speaks for Reagan.  Richard is so enamored of himself that when he rapes a person who is already disabled he thinks they should consider themselves blessed for his attentions, and it works, it holds together, because Trump simply says he is going to protect the rich by power and humiliate anyone who thinks they can contract or negotiate with wealth based on ideas.

       A person like me, they tattoo'd with 1984 as the very first numbers on my Social Security Card (fact) and follow me with a Bernie Goetz structure from the NAACP in the AIDS attack called the Jericho Project.  Goetz said:  you don't look so bad, and fired some more bullets into his victims.  Jericho poisoned me in the mouth when I got here and gave me the medicine I need to try and chase it off, will take months, my teeth turned black, and so on, but they get on the bus, plop down next to me and pull out bags of other meds to make their threats, and UW is behind it, the sociology of Rosa Clemente, whose gang used Roberto's name to rape my deaf advocate in Pittsburgh for teaching me sign.

      My mother Nancy Moore, a namesake of Strom Thurmond's wife, exhibited terrifying anger when I tried to talk what was happening as a child.  I took to hiding in my towel closet on the top shelf at home.   Emily, my English teacher at CCAC, remembers that when I talked about it in a story a black ROTC student said angrily, "Don't say like Anne Frank!"   But Chris Frank, who helped make off with Rosa, my fiance, was our neighbor, and Brecher used to gurgle when he thought something was fine, "Top shelf!"

        Father was radio room for Bush in the Navy and wrote Humanizing the School, but we had a painting of three Hitler-looking nuns on the wall, I have a picture still, and the first issue of Humanist Magazine is Jan. 1964 with a bi-sected JFK on the cover.    CCAC and Warhol (CMU rather) were making pornographic films of me and calling it psychiatry to protect their investment in the pedo-cinema they held me in semi-coma after brutal kidnappings as a child, cleverly playing the race card for themselves when ganging up from the KKK (who all the attackers were in childhood) with the Black Panthers and Jericho now.  The idea Spike Lee put into spin about Richard "he got game" and their way of using doubles, isn't got, or found as they claimed, they wrote game and based it on forgiving the killers (Kasper/Caspar/Adolf, Weinberger lived on Mt. Desert Island, a gory scene of eugenics) for the poison buddy system call up.   They say that Augustine preferred saving the evil to working with the good, which explains the Bob Hope double in the film about an evil lookalike of Hope named Augustine with the punch line, "Auch der lieber, it's Augustine!"   King Edward was sent by Churchill to Argentina to help Hitler escape and Oswald Mosley, a contact of Gen. Walker in Dallas, struck to avenge Suez in Dallas for the program.