Did anyone happen to notice the Disney violins of sorrow, gift from Sgt. Reagan’s Real World to all those who endured the monstrosity?   I’ve gotten surveillance in recent days, small wonder what with how I have been used as an “interface” for multiple homicides. A union caste syndicate surrounding John Lennon have  committed them. My research shows they have been masquerading as defending AIDS victims by tribute settle-ances, when actually behind the crime. How can they get away with just doing  this to me, calling me their “gizmo” (V.A. Min. Hanley of Winterton). They used a nerve agent on me, they mame me deff. They chemically castrated me. I have right and obligation to explain to people to the best of my ability what  I think is really going on, so that’s what I have done. It wasn’t against your interest although I’m sure you hate to know.

      While they were fostering the delusion that the deaf boy was out to hurt n’you, they were openly making a bid for broadcast of theft of the whole machine, while making a mockery of the victims while  promoting stigma, as though being destroyed should be seen as a mark of excellence. They did this to prove Americans Not-Sees.

      When Britain humiliated the United States this way, admittedly with our enemy within on high, it was like a dare, a taunt, we dare you to try and re-establish jurisdiction over your own country by non-violence, democratic processes.   Double dare you.

      Although a runt, when I was still very small they categorically chose me by the same mental processes that they went about using and demarcating their targeting of JFK.  Then they demanded dissociation from liberalism while forcing us by the AIDS attack to live down their vicious, maniacal allegations. It was symbolic. What this means is that Steve Langer’s commentary that they were not sorry for anything that they did only that it had to be me renders the whole story line about my character completely superfluous.  It was categorical. I was birthed as the child of a humanist. The rest was voice overs. Lewis Lapham saw what was in it for New York. He is just an agitator for the very wealthy. His precocious little charges like Rusted Root waving the Jolly Roger of old injun grudge are in love with themselves for pulling off the AIDS attack.

       What I think has happened is a result of my experience of inculcated interiors.  I know about the semiotic aspect, so when I saw the 1977 film Grand Auto Theft opens with the letters of the name NANCY MOR/gan and launches into the exact screaming banshee she portrayed while I was hiding the in closet from armed abductors, I recalled that her student teaching days were for a man named Richard Wells and David Demarest, old time Confederate of Granger Morgan.  I recall finding the book when Jeff Thomp/son was living across the street of Mitsui, on my porch, and gas masks out back, who like my father Ryland presented himself as taking a step down in class, did so, too. In those days the only other Jeffs around were Jeff Kennedy and Task, the witness to the night time was wounded by the eerie shooting of D.T.

          We see the laugh of the gutter passing the Princeton encrypted function of Jimmy Sniffy Lube, and recall the water balloon exploding burst in my face throw by the Wattermakers with the words, “Idea has struck the mind!”