Despite enforced professional denial provided by Pennsylvania and Washington Bar Associations and surreal viciousness from the Obamas, the gang sign of the AIDS attackers isn't lost on prison and street gangs and never was, they picked right up on it when not in co-authorship to begin with, which many are, as a result psychiatric services have little work on their hands picking off what remaining few may protest.  The intelligence that some of the volunteers in the attack took the suicide virus to position them as insurmountable victim shot-callers was answered with callous derision and so what by the queer stupids who have been induced to sneer that acceptance is their only task, and violence a form of medicine.  Their Taliban of deadly threats they decree a moral calculus, taken wholesale from the killers, with Mick Jagger pointing his thuggish finger, finish with him, and be done.

       From the odious arrange several facets are directly tangible, consummate with prisonization of our civil sector, slave labors (demanded for trying to snitch) as a form of penitence by the assassins, for whom victim culture has no end of pornographic admiration.  For example, the Pitman/hit men lived on Rural Road; rural environments are common places for prisons; although enforced by slaughtering sadism on a child blindside, their narrative was to be taken for simple hyena behavior allowing Pittsburgh children to say, it's because you was scared they did that, a fallacy, but nothing matters less to Pittsburgh.  They knew the prison language and code of pseudo-chivalry that allowed the King Family to integrate successfully with the killers, by advising of a higher law at work.  Calling me queerbait, and hailing from Warrendale and New Castle, the alliance played out with Kronenbitter, signifying the Warren Commission, Dale Abel (as in Cain slew Abel) and the New Castle they are building with the help of Israelis like Ed Eisen and his Japanese partner Robert Lee; led by a bitter crone of the Crown from K ronin, with the patience of the 47 Ronin hard at work on the vengeance of Shiono.

       007 killed JFK.  This is perfectly obvious from the Texas Schoolbook.  Not only was Oswald coined for Oswald Mosley of Liverpool, whose maniacs proceeded to lie on the table about every last detail, but James K. attacked James C, in KC bondage for a James Bond of the hooligan British Empire despoiling us for the Kingdom Come in the name of Hitler's friend Edward VIII, and yet for all his mess, Steve Hawking still gives us 100 years at best from his lights.  If that's the best the Military-Intelligence quarter can offer, a few astronauts in silent running, I think we should haul the money out of their machinery and start planting trees for the ongoing creation.