The mystery of the AIDS attack is now solved but the schools continue to refuse to focus on the questions this disturbing issue raises. Our children realize that we are not protecting them from the prospect of global extinction, and that we have given up trying. AIDS was very clearly presented as a war between realists and idealists which the idealists could never hope to win. The British and their West German State Police operation in America have demanded that we forgive and give thanks to Kennedy's assassins, who rescued us from the folly of our tiresome prattle about good works against armed lust in a dying world. Most of the off-campus intellectuals who follow the program realize that a statue of Frank Zappa in Prague, testifying to his friendship with, and relevance to Vaclav Havel is a Vladamir Lenin style totem in opposition to the historic relevance of deaf Jeannie's rape shortly after the Olga Havel Foundation sent me an encomium for my eulogy about Mrs. Havel. Zappa is more an aristocratic right-wing politician that anyone who follows him admits, although they demonstrate the proof of this fact by the tack of refusing to answer questions and by regressing into sophomoric infantilism and fraternal evasion whenever asked a simple and direct question. The Zappas uploaded spin control through endless gyrations of malice and make believe. In the sense that the generation of AIDS was betrayed and our society has moved on, they succeeded, but an essay like this one has a chance of disturbing the self-importance of those who think they did the right thing.

Let's look again at the Pittsburgh college administration situation. Congressman Jim McDermott said of Peter Gabriel's alibi for the Mt. Desert Island AIDS war game that it wasn't a Scared Straight Program. Gabriel called it an “Experience Park” and leered that it was meant to build empathy for the afflicted by torturing someone he held responsible with terror of infection. McDermott said that Scared Straight Programs have to be cleared by Congress and this deranged fantasm never was. This straightens out the position of the schools at least in so far as their cover operation. School Administration is criminally enlisted in an illegal operation that presents itself as a Ku Klux Klan lesson in alliance with a Black Power fist. They were punishing sex, and we are reminded and assured that punishment of sex is never about punishment of sex rather it is about protecting people from sex. There's nothing suspicious in the timing, the consequences, the illegality or the theme. AIDS after all was new, so they were being spontaneous and inventive, they say. The evidence of premeditation, well, there’s nothing suspicious about their attempts to have it destroyed.

With nobody seeming to realize that all this stuff from New York City media about protecting the victims is advocacy for the criminally insane Administration who released the virus to rub our faces in it, their closing argument is the most interesting of all: that if they had released AIDS they wouldn't be making it so obvious and rubbing our faces in it, yet that is exactly what they are doing and have been doing all along, that is the whole point, the endless evasions of holocaust denial put on trial before a judge and jury of the truly guilty. The screaming hilarity of it to the perpetrator group at Carnegie Mellon, who rode high on theater of absurd, is so satisfying that it has reached the point that some of them are hoping they do get caught for the humiliation it will inflict on people they hate, tiresome people the Zappas have always dumped on for time immemorial, what they take as lackluster educators in the dungeons of public schools, insulting them, though they have proven indispensable allies.

So a good deal of this is much simpler than you imagine. AIDS was a weapon of sexual humiliation. The career of Judith DeJongh on Mt. Desert Island was to pull together sexual humiliation of an earmarked guinea pig to sell the Reagans' program with the help of The Beatles represented in hangdog by Peter Gabriel and his sidekick Amanda Harcourt. AIDS was a revenge crime by Adolf Hitler, but it enjoyed the slimy gratitude of the USA who have said in no uncertain terms: Thank you for taking care of that for us, now mind our ingratitude while we look for a way to fight back without having to take responsibility.

The dream of slick left wing catcallers like Queer Seattle and the Black Panthers, the type who jeered Dr. King from the margins, is to forge a constituency of victims to catapult their violent legend into prominence by terror of non-violent, law-abiding egoism like mine. Queer Seattle have such syphilis that they threaten innocent people with AIDS as a demand for silence about their confederacy with those who started AIDS. It is in print. They failed to destroy all the evidence, and the Zappas have salivated themselves thirsty dripping venom all over this fact. They rippered a woman to death as a symbol of their refusal to answer questions directly or in any way allow the truth about Mt. Desert Island be aired in local newspapers like The Stranger, a front of suicide fiction for the cult of deception. Not only did they threaten HIV infection as a punishment for trying to warn and protect victims, they generate transvestite harassment as shop detective abuse and case detail as aggression for simply writing historic review. If you help us we will be offended they rant. These sicko extremist attacks may resemble in some ways the Islamofascist attacks on Charlie Hebdo Magazine in France, but you do have to remember that Charlie Hebdo has never told the truth about AIDS, and Gail Burstyn’s letters from Woods Hole originated in the same region as Noam Chomsky's Z Magazine where John Kennedy, Jr.'s plane came down. The politics of the old Ramparts Magazine crowd and their alliance with Hollywood is just what it looks like: Israeli kids getting even for the extermination camps. That is the hidden mercenary agenda of Oliver Stone, captain moneybag of the movie clique.

America, in other words, was humiliated by our allies and so what? Thos. Gordon of Harvard Social-Anthro. said that the humiliation as a child of a political symbol would rally the troops to the side of those who did the humiliating. Faced with the fact that AIDS was a weapon of sexual humiliation, the stupid Queers gyrated rather than acknowledge that pursuit of the sources doing the humiliating was intelligent deep cover investigation. Instead, following ripper hatters like Ringo Starr who gloat in the Sinatra machine's perfection of dirty tricks to humiliate rivals and rob them of their dreams, the stupid Queers went along with an eerie entertainment program designed by Amanda Harcourt and Yoko Ono that admitted from the beginning being "unconcerned and unaffected by AIDS" in partnership with those who released the virus, because it played up on the idea that their dead had their dreams stolen from them, too, and this, brayed the West Germans, was symbolized by the disappearance of John Lennon. Neat!

All of which was scripted in Pittsburgh. Adolf Hitler's secret weapon were bitter Black boys. Midori Goto, his Ambassador said, we can humiliate the deaf white suck simply by doing to him as he does to us. They creamed that a maniacal entrapment operation into a scarlet letter Louie Louie justified them. Arranged by Abira Ali for the program of her white rioter classmate Will Zell on Mt. Desert Island Abira’s alibi gave Muhammed Ali, summoned by Yoko Ono and Ralph Proctor of WQED, his alibi of Two Virgins Pussyball being therapy, a game of chicken, for Reagan and Koop. This really happened, a Romeo and Juliet Liar's Club fable from Ming Na Wen and Pentagon Disney over Midori “Go/to” shown clocked to the attack that had Trump laughing with glee over Spike ole Lee’s 911 as a symbol of patriotism.

The answer of Black Confederates to my take on my father Ryland’s book titled: Humanizing the School, was to represent me as a statistic.

AIDS was always an attack of sexual humiliation. Alliance with the sexual humiliators was always alliance with the predators behind it. Using psychiatry as a domination machine was just one of the State Police ideas that Zappa organized, asking a victim of targetting, serial mutilation and thrill kill headhunting, "are you saying you have AIDS?" in answer to questions about Gail Gail Carolyn Burstyn, claiming that such accusation and poison crime (when they got the wrong answer) was empathy building. The slander was violent and the terror unforgiveable, but if you wash they will be offended.

The mind of Zappa and Ringo Starr, even though they admit the tryst with the killers by agent names like Greg Starsinic, finds them mauling mouth with lies, circumventing questions, despicable with assurances, we love you man, claiming infallible truth-sense of all things while they promote laughing box distortions for applause machine rockers in alliance with creepy gurus of the sort who killed Buddy Holly. Their ripper hatter Robert Fripp has no conception of anything but distortion, he plays every turbulence he mongers through unreliable timbre generators and leers that it is sacred reality, for pity's sake. Inventing a jest to put on trial, played to court in a cut and paste technique of escalation dominance permitting no defense, he cloaks apparitions of the villians in the guise of hero and calls it triumph of the pure.

What a way to lose World War Two to King Edward VIII.